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bad feelingsThe small thinker (who should not buy anything from me anyway) will hate the idea that the results are entirely up to them. The bigger thinker will likely love it.

Bad feelings and Bach energies… what is the connection?

Before you can heal something: you have to feel it. Consciously.

But it feels bad! you cry and you are right. It does.

I have sold thousands of bottles of the sleep remedy and the Heaven on Earth remedy… exact same thing, different indication.

They are the aqueous version of the HOE energy bundle… 44 homeopathic energies infused in coherent water, kept fresh with a splash of vodka.

Let’s look at those 44 energies I call Bach Energies after the lead of the Bach Flower Remedies.

Each energy is the energy of a bad feeling guidance in the body. Stinginess, selfishness, feeling slighted, needy, cowardice, instability, confusion, self-pity, blaming, controlling, lording over others, jealousy, not willing to be responsible, laziness, impatience, inner chattering, evil inclination, etc.

So no, if you expected pleasant feelings… you can get disappointed right about now.

One could say that The Big Bundle and the 44 energies of the Heaven on Earth bundle work very similarly… and they do, in that they wake you up. Wake your consciousness up. Wake your soul up. Wake the spirit up.

And rub it in… what there is to rub in…

Your soulcorrection, your evil inclination, your pettiness, your stinginess, your cowardice.. yeah.

And make you intensely aware of your puny self-interests… and if you are willing: snap you out of it.

I measure in the Starting Point Measurements if you are able and willing to let go of that puny evil self-concern… or not.

Some people prefer to suffer to letting go. 70% of the people who ask for their Starting Point Measurements are not willing to let go, even though they may be able to see that happiness and success is not possible unless they let go most  of their puny self-concern.

I do keep some clients who can’t and won’t… but only as a control group: I can almost guarantee that they won’t grow, won’t change, because the self-concern keeps them dancing around their concern, instead of moving forward. Unless…

And it is not a matter of talent, smarts: not at all. It stands or fails on that one measurement: #37. Can you let go of self-concern?

Now, I am going to run yet a new experiment… The Big Bundle works directly on Consciousness.

What is Consciousness?

If you wanted another word for it, it is like a Witness who can be active and passive… Most people’s Witness is passive… to their own detriment.

We could even say: Consciousness and Conscience, your Inner Guidance towards morality and fairness are the same thing, just a different aspect of the same energy.

If it is dormant or passive in a person, they can commit evil acts without even a little inner conflict…

But by chance and luck I have access to an energy that wakes up consciousness and conscience.

Actually, both the Heaven on Earth bundle and the Big Bundle do that…

So the stronger your evil inclination and self-concern, the more unpleasant and even painful can be the energy as it is attempting to awaken your consciousness and conscience.

I am a pretty good person… but occasionally when I play the victim, or the drama queen, it feels pretty bad.

But how do those energies work?

The Heaven on Earth is based on the same principle as homeopathy: it gives you an energy of the bad thing, illness, symptom, or in our case vice or iniquity, and makes you feel it acutely… so you drop it like a hot potato… at least while the energy is flowing.

Eventually it may teach you to shy away from that vice… if you are willing to let go of your story… The story that justifies your vice.

This is how the Heaven on Earth works… pretty rough in the beginning. About half of the people who bought it had to go through a ‘healing crisis’, myself included. Some get the symptoms immediately, I was like that, and some get it after about a week or 10 days. The bad patch lasts about five days… most people quit after a day of that. The sissy gals and sissy boys.

But if someone can stick with it, they will have some permanent inner change… that few other modalities can cause.

I got rid of my impatience, my forcing nature (vine), my quick resigning nature (Gentian), and the incessant inner chatter that didn’t allow me to sleep (White Chestnut)

I have tried many times to play the audio in my bedroom to disastrous result: I could not sleep… I was all tense, especially in the chest. Fear. Fear of the world. Mimulus. I have been using this energy both as a direct recipient, and when I transmit it… and that inner weeping of the little 2-year old hasn’t diminished… I am weeping as I am writing this.

When someone knows me… they would never imagine that I harbor that abused 2-year old holding me back from bold actions… in every area of my life.

So… back to the experiment: I am not only going to be the ‘leader’ but a participant as well…

I am going to attempt to dislodge that 2-year old and allow it to come out of its hidey hole.


By combining the Big Bundle and the Heaven on Earth.

So what am I selling you? Pain? yeah.

Just like in massage, the good pain is what you feel when the muscle test conscious of it being bunched up, and the tension gets released.

If you can’t handle the pain… don’t get it. Please. You’ll hate it, you’ll hate me…

But if you are willing to take tiny steps, a minute at a time, then two… then three… until you can take it all day… then this is a godsend… granted that it will produce an internal cleanup, a lessening of the bad feelings that torment you, and an increased amount of drive, ambition, production ability…

Judging from the current fiasco of vaccine issues: no, these vices, character flaws, etc. don’t have mutated variants… the only thing that can happen, as it happened to me, is one really really old and stuck issue didn’t manage to surface… because you didn’t use the energies long enough…

As with all the other energy products of mine I don’t offer refunds. The recurring question is: Can I trust you to get me the results?

To which my answer is, without any variation: You can trust me to do what is mine to do, sell products that do what I said they would do… but can I trust you to do what is yours to do?

Everything I sell is co-creative… If you don’t do what is yours to do… then all deals are off.

But if you look, that is true everywhere… not just on my site. The only difference is: I tell you. Upfront. So you can be responsible for what you get…

I am in three coaching programs. And I can really see that my results can be zero or fantastic: the only thing changes is my attitude and what I do… not the coaches or their programs.

So yeah… you can get the results if you do what is yours to do.

Or if you need more good talk… to make a decision, click on the big button below.

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