Give your inner wisdom a chance to talk. Then listen

looking outside for guidanceGive your inner wisdom a chance to talk

I have been changing up what I do in my business to find… again… what works.

What do I mean ‘works’?

In business (but my hunch is everywhere in life) things work well for a while and then they don’t.

You may have noticed that when you start taking a supplement, it works like gangbusters. Or when you change your diet: often it makes dramatic improvement, for a little while.

Even carefully muscletested food lists work only for a little while.

Very very few things are able to keep up the dramatic improvement for a long time… and even then other things may spoil the picture.

So yeah, in business things can go to sh!t unless you are flexible, observant, and are willing to experiment, change things up, innovate, and be willing to take hits when your good idea doesn’t work.

What changes is: EVERYTHING…

The nature of reality is: everything changes all the time. And if you are not paying attention it can get really bad real soon.

On the individual scale: sooner than on the scale of a city, county, state, country, continent, global.

And, of course, if a species lives in the bull’s ear, as the Kurds like to say, they don’t notice it… They live in the memory of what was, not in the presence of what is.

They don’t notice the change, and when they do, they try to fix it… And to everyone’s surprise the fix doesn’t work, because the change is not wrong.

Only what is wrong can be fixed…

If a light bulb burns out, it can be fixed, if the problem was the age of the bulb. But if the issue comes from deeper… you may need to find an innovation…

Innovation needs you to not call what’s happening wrong… so you avoid the urge to fix…

Innovation takes into consideration the world’s changing nature… and its most important characteristic is: it is RESPONSIVE, not REACTIVE.

Humanity is becoming more and more reactive, less and less present.

So yesterday when a request for a Starting Point Measurement came in, I looked at the accompanying picture, and saw that maybe the person would be better off paying attention to her health than to her ‘spiritual’ state…

Because a lot of spiritual issues come from unstable health, that is uprooting a stable person and their spiritual state.

You are becoming angry, depressed, impatient, and many other emotional instability issues? More often than not there is a health issue underneath. And the health issues, more often than not can be traced back to some lifestyle changes, like diet, exercise, sleeping habits, and maybe even entertainment. Lifestyle.

I cohabitated with a last year medical student at one time, and he practiced his exam questions with me.

And to my surprise some of those questions had the answer: lifestyle… but never quite clarifying what they meant.

What you do and don’t do, what you expose yourself or not, what you sea, hear, engage with are all lifestyle.

And given that humanity is getting dumber, less innovative, less courageous, less sturdy mentally and emotionally, it would be a great idea to actually take a look at what new and changing habits in lifestyle are to blame and change, if an individual would like to get smarter, more innovative, more courageous, more sturdy mentally and emotionally. And, of course healthier.

Yesterday I went out to walk twice, for the first time in maybe a decade, and the second time it went as well as the first, maybe even better. The pain lasted shorter after I got home.

I also slept better.

I have been an insomniac, and weak forever… I hardly remember any time of my life when I wasn’t.

I started to look what changed recently.

And I found only one thing that I changed: I stopped putting cream to my beverages this past Monday… four days prior.

So I turned to my trusty friend, Source, and asked some questions.

Source said that 50% of my bad health is due to my milk and milk product consumption, not just cow’s milk, but any milk.

So that little lifestyle change doubled my health…

This is not true for everybody… so don’t headlong rush into eliminating milk from your diet… if you do, consider it an experiment, and test your outward expressions of health: can you walk longer, can you lift heavier, can you hold your attention longer, can take bad feelings better? Are you less reactive?

I don’t read a lot of articles because they are shallow and cheap for the most part, but today I read one, and found something interesting that I didn’t expect: your television watching habits can fundamentally alter your personality. They can make you crave fast, quick fixes, impatience, cheap shots at others, blaming, and inability to direct and hold your attention.

Their influence on you can be worse than the worst diet. And I say the same is true about social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, and those short video sites, I don’t remember their names.

And, of course, the news, no matter where you get it.

It is better to get your information from reality, not second hand… Even the weather. Even about the pandemic.

And it’s all lifestyle…

One other thing this article pointed out: if you read or watch people who are strong, and on the side of life, you tend to mirror them, and by contrast (the article talks about reality shows that I have never even seen any) if you watch cheap dramatic or syrupy stuff… they you become that fake, reactive, cheap, dramatic syrupy person… is that what you want?

avatar nickelodeon teaching by proxyOccasionally I feel like watching something… and 99 out of 100 muscle tests only one comes out as somewhat yes…

So I am re-watching stuff I have watched and loved… instead of risking to be immersed into some cheap newish crap. Crap tends to stick to you, and I can’t afford that. Can you?

I have just re-watched the avatar series, the Nickelodeon from ten-fifteen years ago. 10% to accommodate the trashy viewers, 90% to accommodate and inspire the higher minded ones.

Today’s shows have inverted that proportion. It’s like eating trash with some superfood sprinkled on top… Ugh.

Back to my intention to innovate myself out of the hole I am finding myself businesswise:

I have found that 99 out of 100 people who ask for their Starting Point Measurements, have never read any of my articles and don’t intend to.

They will be offended by what I find and unsubscribe from my notification list.

You can probably safely say: they felt themselves way better, spiritually higher than how they really are. Delusional.

So by offering that service to people I am building an army of unhappy people who will spread unhappy word about me. Not good for my business.

That doesn’t diminish the value of the information in the Starting Point Measurements… it is invaluable… but not for delusional people… who are delusional because of their lifestyle choices.

But maybe I can offer to switch their mind to pay attention to their health… and dazzle them with the amount of accuracy and detail they can recognize…

It’s an experiment… and we shall see.

And that is my most important three words to stay innovative: we shall see.

The Inner Authority course, the next ‘big’ course is for people who are willing and able to remain present so they can say: we shall see… because they will look… won’t rush headlong into accepting second-hand truths…

They will test out what works for them… and slowly and gently climb out of the hole they dug themselves in years and decades, unwittingly.

It is possible. Especially if they go on a ‘no-trash’ diet in their daily lives…

I once had a neighbor, a rich girl, who went to a cleansing retreat every June… Spent thousands of dollars and a few weeks there. Lost the fat only to regain it in a few weeks of her unchanged lifestyle or processed food, television, and gossip.

And the same thing is happening to most of my students: they go and re-immerse themselves in the unchanged environment and forget promptly what they found out, who they can be…

Yeah, the results cannot be guaranteed unless you do different between sessions… and that’s that.

Can you do that? Do you have the courage to be different?

In yesterday’s podcast call Bonnie and I discussed to what degree the urge to please other people even without knowing what pleases them can reduce you to a heap of negative emotions.

Thinking you know what is expected of you, knowing what will make others think of you well has destroyed many people to never do well.

The story of the course leader who thought her husband would want her to cook dinner every evening is a good example. When she finally asked her husband what would make her think of her as a good wife, one hot meal a week would be nice, he answered.

Yeah, you don’t know what will make others be happy with you… in fact, most of the things you do for them makes them despise you. And other things they would want you to do, you don’t even consider valuable.

I once had an assistant who didn’t do his job well… and yet he thought I was happy with him because he wrote me happy emails… WTF? But that is you… and if you consider being like that… I cannot really help you.

OK… what now? Right? lol.

I have two more feeling meditations, one tomorrow, and one on Tuesday.

inner wisdomAnd then I’ll start the Inner Authority course in earnest. The sessions will be on Sundays at noon New York time. Every other week. Starting Sunday July 18. 9 am on the West Coast, 6 pm in South Africa, 8 pm in India… etc.

It will go at least six sessions, probably more. Why don’t I know?

My style of courses don’t have a specific agenda of what to teach: they go, fluidly, with what needs to get done, taught, practiced: I am only interested in the results… unlike other teachers who guarantee the information, but none of the results.

I do what I can to produce the result with you. Can I guarantee results? Sadly no. But that doesn’t stop me to give it my all. Even if that takes giving some people private sessions for no additional cost. Whatever it takes.

Anyway… you can take a little sample of what we are going to do in the free feeling meditations… tomorrow and on Tuesday. And also on the recorded ones from last week: already in my mobile app…

  • Inner Authority: be guided by inner wisdom instead of outer political correctness

  • be guided by inner wisdom instead of what other people think is correct
  • give your inner wisdom a chance to talk.

be guided by inner wisdom instead of what other people think is correct
And if your normal is nothing comparable to wisdom: that simply means you have been acting and you have been guided by outer political correctness, what other people thought was correct.

Give your inner wisdom a chance to talk.

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