Inner Authority… What is it? A superpower?

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Inner Authority is superpowerInner Authority… What is it? A superpower?

Or is it fake certainty? Is it even something that can be taught? Activated?

In this article I’ll give you a few ways Inner Authority can work, and Inner Authority could change your life… if you had it.


You have it… but it is like a superpower that you don’t even know you have, because no one has taught you how to use it.

Inner Authority is, overall, an experience, an experience of what you feel without it being made foggy or false by words.

It is wordless.

But all you have been experiencing is the words… so you, currently have no access to the superpower.

To get access to this superpower you already have, you need to learn to feel before you speak, feel before you jump the gun so you get the guidance instead of the good idea you learned from other people who also had no access to their Inner Authority.

It can be your superpower if practiced enough… by making you always be in the eye of the storm and not at the edges where the storm, the turbulence is trying to break you or sweep you away.

Here is what normally happens…

I was reading something… and something propelled me… I just jumped up, ran to my bedroom, and jumped under the cover…

I tried to breath deeply, but the breath was blocked… and what was blocking it was fear… then it was bigger, the breath, but it was still blocked… and what was blocking it was terror… and so it went… six times… the seventh blockage is still there… but just before it was the feeling that I am all alone…

I guess I couldn’t break through that one… maybe it would have taken me to the feeling that I am one with the universe, with all of it… or who knows what. I have never been there.

I am trying to reconstruct the six layers of fear… one was utter hopelessness…

This exercise is one of the exercises you’ll learn to practice in the Inner Authority course.

I am hesitant to call it a course, because I am not teaching anything in it. Instead I guide you to experiences that are designed to cause self-knowledge, to cause knowing others, being able to stand in the eye of the storm, whereas now you are being thrown about by the same storm.

Me running to my bed and under the cover was an example of being thrown about by the storm… Something triggered me, and I HAD TO run away.

But what I did under the cover was pure Inner Authority: I looked and experienced and saw that it was no big deal, that the layers of feelings that blocked my breath, that forced me to escape were just feelings…

Once I allowed myself time and attention for them, they went away. Now my breath is almost as deep as it can be, muscle test says 99%.

No one would think about me that I am full of fear… because it is not visible. Actually people think I am fearless… because I am able to HAVE my fears, for the most part, and not be thrown about by them, or forced into silence.

But as I have experienced just a few minutes ago, I have all the fears one can experience, or at least most of them. Just like you.

The interesting phenomenon humans have, humans who COMMAND their WORD, is called ‘name it and claim it’

When you can identify the feeling you own it… it doesn’t own you.

The common names people throw about are not the names we give these feelings.

We, in this course, use the 46 names of flowers, 38 of those were given by Edward Bach himself.

The flowers and even the descriptions are only 70% accurate, I checked with Source… I am keeping the names, but change the descriptions to what I am finding with my True Empath senses.

For example Agrimony, according to Dr. Bach would be the symptom of someone who has forced cheerfulness, often inappropriate cheerfulness.

My friend Mike, my Sunday Call partner is like that. Covering everything, with cheerfulness, much like with a sauce… a sauce you put on everything so you don’t have to taste it.

I remember, back in Israel we had a new arrival in the office, Clarissa from Argentina. Beautiful woman, long curly hair the color of the sunset. She brought lunch with her every day and ate it in the office. Salads, no salad dressing. She explained that the salad dressing would cover up the taste of the individual vegetables, and rob her of the experience of what she is eating.

This happened almost 40 years ago… and I still recall it at least once a week: the wisdom of that sentence made a deep impression on me.

In this Inner Authority Experience we’ll do just that: experience all the ingredients in the ‘salad’, so that we can reclaim our power over our inner state, instead of what we have been doing: reacting to the salad dressing, or the sauce.

In non-food terms, the sauce or the salad dressing is like the ‘therefore’ we say… I am afraid therefore I should stop doing what I am doing… Most of what we feel is fear… Or that is what we should feel, but instead we feel the therefore.

  • For example some soulcorrections’ therefore is: I don’t have enough and therefore I should take what others have.
  • Other soulcorrections’ therefore is: I am afraid that I am nothing, therefore I should pretend that I am good and heavenly.
  • Yet other soulcorrections’ therefore is: I should just fake it till I make it… but never actually do anything.

It was just one session… and the results are already unexpected.

I have been diagnosing people with muscle testing for their Bach Remedy for about 20 years.

supernatural abilityWhen you muscle test, you actually ask a question. And if the question is skewed, the answer will be also skewed.

This week I realized that Source, when I asked it to duplicate the ‘Bach’ energies, it did that and more.

It corrected the inaccuracies of Dr. Bach… I know, it sound like I am knocking Dr. Bach. I am not.

We humans do everything from the limited perspective of the human mind… and so did Dr. Bach, and so do I… even though I have Source to assist me.

But… but if I ask a skewed question, I get skewed answers. And if I don’t feel, let me say that again FEEL that something is off, I’ll consider my question a good question, and I am screwed.

But if I can feel, if I am willing to feel the guiding feeling ‘buddy, you asked a stupid/skewed question!‘ then I can stop, and ask different questions, until I get to a question that doesn’t come with that guiding ‘stupid’ feeling. Or ‘smart’ feeling, which is the same, but just as misleading.

Many people ask guidance questions and get that bad feeling in the stomach, and they say: it’s a no… while it is probably just a guidance saying: ‘wrong question, ask it differently’.

One of the HUUUGE revelations I got from yesterday’s session is this:

Agrimony is the pretense flower… the pretense energy. It is the pretense that is the sauce… The ‘fake it till you make it‘ energy. The death of great ideas, the death of great plans… because most people with that energy will stop at faking the LOOK of things, not the action of things.

Here are two opposing examples of ‘fake it till you make it’:

  • Troy has a strong Agrimony in his makeup. In fact maybe that is the linchpin of his character. He is ambitious, and his abilities, his knowledge fall short of what he aspires to. So he diligently, disciplinedly builds scaffolding all the way to the goal… and then builds the thing he pretended behind the scaffolding.
  • The other example is many of my students with a 2 in their numerological makeup, their soulcorrection. twenty something, and 32, and 42 for example.

They will fake it, but never build any scaffolding, any knowledge, any skills, any structure to reach the goal, to make what they faked real. Delusional. The only exception that I can see is Bonnie, a 27, who after many years of not doing, has started to do… and build. Congratulations Bonnie.

When whoever invented the slogan ‘Fake it till you make it’ said that, he meant what Troy is doing… not what all the other 2’s are doing… the pretense, no substance, no effort, no nothing.

To think that faking is enough is magical thinking… the age of it is about 5 years old… meaning you got stuck at the emotional and intellectual level of a five year old.

It’s time to grow up, time to smell the coffee, time to become an adult.

But what about the people who have been duped, deceived to think that you are great?

Relax, they don’t think that you are great. Yeah, the only person deceived is yourself.

In the course we’ll practice feeling what Agrimony says (the energy) to disengage the pretense… And just to make sure you understand: unless we really, truly do that, you’ll continue faking… without ever amounting to anything.

You know who you are.

online trainingYou can listen to the demonstrations of some of the moves in the Inner Authority Experience, or if you feel you are ready to take a deep dive, sign up to the course.

The course will be held as an online training, every other Sunday. It starts on Sunday July 18 at noon New York time… .

How many Sundays? At least six… potentially more.

I am interested in the work getting done, not on delivering the content only.

Sign up to the Inner Authority Course

Frequently asked questions:

Can you get the results?

The result is being able to feel what you feel and accurately and astutely identify it as guidance.
Also to be able to tell the difference between a guiding feeling and a ‘therefore’ emotion.

Can you do the course if this is the first program you would be doing with me?

Yes and no. If this is the first program for you, I will need you to attend some ‘remedial’ classes so you learn the difference between reality and ‘personal reality’, that is the minimum requirement… without it you’ll still be confusing feeling with emotion. No extra charge. Even advanced students will benefit from the refresher… so they can also come.

If too many want to participate, I will make this part of the course.

What if you can’t make all the classes?

I record all the classes. The energy transmissions get through the recording unaltered, so you can just do the work through the recording. It’s less fun, but it works.

Can I guarantee the results?

I can’t. I can only guarantee that I’ll do what I can and more so no one is left behind… including you.

How am I going to experience the feelings?

I am a True Empath and also an energy ‘master’… Meaning that I can download, transmit energies that you can get no matter where you are at, if we are connected.

Feelings are energies. Emotions are also energies.

In the program I transmit the individual Bach Energies, the energy of a distinct feeling, guidance feeling, and you’ll learn what it feels like,you learn just to observe it and refrain from saying ‘therefore’.

46 energies… Your conscious mind may not be able to remember, but your body will, your other than conscious mind will…

With enough successful practice you can completely ‘re-engineer’ your reactive nature.

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