Why Shackleton’s famous ad was a lie

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Shackleton-courage-deficiencyA course really begins when you sign up to it

Any course, any journey… A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… says the Chinese proverb. If it doesn’t terrify you, then it will not be significant… then it will be just a walk in the park…

The guidance the Universe has for you is when you embark on something significant. If you have only enthusiasm, if you feel good about it… it means that it is either the wrong course of action, or won’t make a difference for you. Too easy.

Every journey, every course, if it is worth taking, should begin with fear, upset, upheaval, obstacles, and actually starting to feel what is between you and having the results. If a course doesn’t begin for you right away… you still have time to cancel out… I mean it. Why? Because if a course doesn’t terrify you, then it won’t do anything for you. You are just a butterfly tasting the flowers with your feet… you are not in any game, you are not up to anything.

It’s not a fable… If the course is worth taking, you will start experiencing all the obstacles, all the boulders, all that is between you and attaining the results of the course…

Not a pleasant experience, but very useful.

Often, the person, after signing up, sees the light, and can see exactly what they needed that made them sign up in the first place, before the course even begins. It has happened to me several times.

It is the same for everyone, but like with everything: the interpretation of what one says about what they are experiencing will be typical of your soul correction, and also similar or the same as how you relate to every obstacle…

The symptoms are the same… the resulting interpretation will be very different.

—One of my students has been planning to expand her business to a new area. The obstacle is finding a methodology, an instrument that would reliably diagnose  and solve the problem she wants to add to her already successful business.

She has gone through three or four… and just now found one that promises that she has to do nothing, she has to fear nothing, and the dough will just roll in. She is elated. All fear, all trepidation disappeared… she can see herself sitting pretty.

I am leery… She is demonstrating exactly what I am warning about: the path that doesn’t scare you can’t be the right path. She will hate me when she reads this… but I’d rather be hated than let her take a step I can see isn’t right.

—I have a teacher who is trying to write a book, that says that there is no such thing as talent.

Talent is an aptitude for something, and of course there is such a thing.

So why would he want to write a book to tell people that there is no talent?

Because people use that as an excuse to live a stub-standard, boring, limited life.

So where do I stand in the matter of talent?

I prefer to use the words skill and capacities.

You develop skills and you turn on capacities.

To develop a skill you need correct form, good instruction, and a lot and lot of intentional practice, practice that is designed to further your skill.

Most people I deal with have no skills. Even driving a car is not a skill, unless you know what you are doing, and most people don’t. Cooking is not a skill unless you know what you are doing… so we can safely say: skill is doing something to a high degree, consciously.

Mostly I know dabblers…

When a year or two ago I created a program called The Growth Course, it started with finding out what you have going for you.

And to my utter despair the participants had next to nothing going for them, including no intention to develop an activity they did daily into a skill.

—One of the participants was a CPA… Now, that can be an occupation, a way to make money, or it can be a skill… he wasn’t interested in making it a skill. Instead he wanted to be a serial entrepreneur, with no skills whatsoever.

As you attempt to develop a skill, you can cause a capacity to turn on, if the capacity is needed for that skill.

One of the most widely needed and lacking capacity is the capacity of seeing. Seeing what is, richly and accurately.

I have that capacity working for me to 91% degree… Most people don’t even see that there is a need for the sight.

Why? They never actually look.

What turns on the sight capacity is the need to see… and that is triggered by looking.

Once you have the sight capacity open, you can make yourself see more and more things… but each time the trigger is looking.

One of my students opened up her sight capacity over several months, but when it would be life-saving and inconvenient, she is not looking.

And if you look, humanity as a whole is unwilling to look, and even when they look they are unable to actually see. This is what is underneath this fake-news, fake-truth, cult-like division we are experiencing: people are told what to think… and then that is all they can see… they never really look, but even when they look: the sight capacity is not open.

So we are back to secondhanders… to be a firsthander (I know that is not a phrase Ayn Rand used, but it will do in a pinch) so to be a firsthander, you need the sight capacity plus looking at the minimum. Mercilessly, no self-sparing, no illusion, no ideology, simply look, deep, into what is and live your life, do your work. And say what you say from there. Decide from there.

Muscle test says that there are only eight people on the planet who live like that. Firsthanders.

The rest: secondhanders.

That doesn’t mean that only eight people have the sight capacity open in their DNA, by the way. My student, actually many of my students have it open, but they don’t look… Or when they do, they look not in reality, but in their minds, in literature, in the news, and not where the thing they need to see is.

And, of course, the interpretation of what they see needs to be astute…

  1. Capacity to see
  2. Looking
  3. Seeing
  4. Accurate/astute interpretation
  • Some, like the enthusiastic business owner in the first example misinterprets the guidance one way. The lazy and stingy way to live
  • Another person may misinterpret the guidance as a definite ‘don’t go there’ even though it is the right path. The cowardly way to live
  • a third person will be hellbent to please a partner, instead of doing what is good for them. The needy way to live

Interestingly, Source says, seeing and feeling are the same capacity: you have to WANT TO see/feel to see and feel.

If you, INSTEAD, jump to the meaning, the emotion, then you miss the feeling, miss the guidance.

The language of feelings is pressure, movement, vacuum, temperature, pulling, expanding, sharp pain, dull pain, sense of emptiness, position changes (dizziness) and not the words we interpret them with…

In the Inner Authority training course we’ll learn to see, hear, feel, taste, smell with intention.

We’ll train to become firsthanders, to look inside and feel the answers, feel the guidance.

We’ll experience and discuss everything that shows up to prevent us from reaching that level… all cultural, fear-based, self-protecting… Some will succeed, others will have an experience. But everyone will know more about themselves… and everyone will have a choice… they will either choose to see/feel or not…

How? I will turn the capacity of The Sight on for everyone, periodically test it, and turn it back on if it turned off.

No one will have the excuse that they can’t feel, can’t see… They will have to confront themselves in that they don’t want to feel and don’t want to see.

What you’ll feel and see is what you have been lying about, what you have been covering up with pretense. If you can get through that, if you can go beyond your current self-image, then you can become a firsthander… If not, you’ll know why you didn’t.

The famous Shackleton advertising never actually happened, it’s a myth. It’s a myth that intentionally lies about the American spirit, ships made of wood but men made of steel, courage and self-sacrifice. The myth wanted to instill that courage, that self-sacrifice in people’s self-image. But reality trumps myth… every time.

The advertising, supposedly said: Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.

And supposedly 5000 men applied.

But myths don’t make people courageous and self-sacrificing. Americans are still cowardly and selfish. Courage deficiency still rules.

The journey we are embarking on in the Inner Authority training course is a lot like discovering the South Pole, a lot like reaching the South Pole. A journey. Without all the physical dangers… but a journey nevertheless. Because although your physical health won’t be in danger your self-image will be in peril…

I don’t expect 5000 men or women for that matter… I am happy if I can have a course with six committed participants.

Committed? Yeah… Committed to what? Committed to hang in there… Committed to show up. Committed to come to the sessions.

If you will also commit to doing the work… it’s not a requirement… it’s a gift to yourself.

Just, please, don’t commit to the result. It is not entirely in your power to cause that…

And that is where talent comes in… Some other DNA capacity… passion? discipline? valuing? honor? dignity? vision?

I don’t know.

Is it worth going through this training even if you don’t become a firsthander? I say so.

But, of course, I am partial…

If you sign up before Monday morning, you’ll save, because the price is going up. Why? I am starting to see more and more elements I need to add, like DNA capacity activation, so the participants who want to succeed will succeed.

OK, if you are ready, here is the righteous buy button… click it.

Beat the price increase

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