Republished: The Commandment: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself or The Evil Eye We Have

love your neighbor as yourself The Commandment: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Some people are connected, yet they teach Tree of Knowledge stuff.

One such historical figure was Rabbi Akiva Ben Joseph. He was a Rabbinic sage. There is always one rabbinic sage in any generation in an area… he was active in Jerusalem. A rabbinic sage is a thought leader.

Rabbi Akiva was connected to source. He connected deeply and long. But he taught from the knowledge of the world.

He was a tanna, which means “repeat” i.e. repeat what is already known.

That is a thought leader. Thinking is entirely Tree of Knowledge. Thinking, logic, reason. It vibrates at a maximum frequency of 499.

Not bad. Einstein, Newton, and other scientists vibrated there. Even my revered writer/philosopher Ayn Rand vibrated there. Tesla vibrated there. So it is not bad. But it is all Tree of Knowledge.

Our lives got limited, our health was destroyed, our ego tainted on this level or existence, but cannot be “repaired” on this same level of knowledge or thinking or existence.

Returning to Rabbi Akiva: He started late, but became a scholar and had plenty of followers. Depending on who you listen to, 24,000 or 48,000.

He taught the Old Testament. But when there was a plague, all his students died except four. He was devastated and went to the desert to meditate (connect to God to get some answers) and came back repentant. He realized that he taught everything as knowledge, but he forgot to teach the context: love your neighbor as yourself.

What did that mean in his school? It meant that although the students were friendly, they were competitive. It was an honor sought after to be the best, and everybody wanted to be the best, and hated to see another student win.

Loving your neighbor is not a feeling. You love your pet… but that is not the same.

the evil eye of desire for the self alone Allowing your neighbor to become bigger than you, more successful than you, is the love that is the last frontier to go, the last ego-desire to allow you to be.

The evil eye comes from the lack of this love, where you send negative energy to the one that is becoming successful.

The opposite of “loving your neighbor as yourself” is coveting. 1 Coveting what belongs to them. House, wife, success, health, life, even if you can’t see how they “deserved” it, wanting it for yourself is the most basic violation of the “real” commandment: NO desire for the self alone. Anything that belongs to another is not available for you to desire. You need to earn your own.

I have had someone in my life who is like that. How did it happen, how did I attract it to myself , I do not know.

As long as they can call me “My little friend” they are happy. But if I dare becoming bigger, God have mercy on my soul

I have been contemplating removing them (again) from my life.
I have been looking if a capacity to allow another to win could be created and downloaded to this person.

What do you think? What shall I do?

I’d like to ask your thoughts. The person who gives me the best reasoning for their advice will win all my products for free for a year. Is that a deal?

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  1. One is forbidden to desire and plan how one may obtain that which God has given to another.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “Republished: The Commandment: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself or The Evil Eye We Have”

  1. Perhaps this person is in your life as a reminder that you cannot “fix” another without their desire to be changed. This person apparently feels no pain, no regret about wanting you to be “smaller” than he. And, even if you did have an activator to “correct” his “deficiency” would you choose to deny his free will choice to remain as he is? I know what my choice would be because I, too, have a friend whose soul correction is not being addressed. However, I am about “removing the mote” from my eye while accepting him as he is.

  2. The commandment ;Love thy neighbour as thyself’ could possibly read ‘Love thyself as thy neighbour’? If I loved myself more, I wouldn’t put up with half the crap I do and I’d at least treat myself with as much respect or even more than I treat my neighbour.

    This has stirred up a lot in me and I think a lot of it is related to your following article on saying ‘NO’,,, No to someone encroaching on your time and energy and saying more YES to your own.

    I do have a couple of people that I allow to make me feel smaller and less signifigant than them, and as far as I am aware I don’t covet any of their lives except to butt out of mine. And that happens from time to time either voluntarily by them or me making excuses (never a direct ‘no thanks’. I mean, how can you tell someone that they are a condescending asshole when they think they are doing you a great service???

    But on the other hand as soon as I let go or they let go of me for a while, it’s been my experience that another one takes their place, in a different body! And so,,, I am back to square one again,,,
    Never fails to amuse me how I do that,, very annoyed with myself and at the same time dumbfounded how accurately it happens!

    I do have my own abandonment issues with my parents, but not in the extremes that you’ve had with your mum,,,, but then again, I’m probably selective and don’t remember the half of it.

    So, is it any wonder how or why we let ourselves be ‘put down’???

    My suggestion is,,, adopt a grandkid for one hour a week and love them with so much love as if it was yourself…

    So much appreciation for all you bring up on your blogs.

    Thank you.

  3. I would remove them, if I was being humble, but not if I was being anger, or defense. At this moment, it seems to me that one’s intention gives the guidance for what action (if any) to take.

    I would also look to see whether I was getting something out of having them around, and in the process, compromising my integrity.

    When things are unclear, sticky or otherwise not working, I am interested in what exactly is happening between myself and another, and it is not always obvious … I guess this is a lot of the work we do; who am I being that ……? It seems it doesn’t matter what the other is doing, but seeing what I can take responsibility for is what matters…

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