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entrepreneur or notI know, I know, I stole that subject line… but… it is so funny. It seem out of context but it isn’t… wait and see.

The line is from Brian Kurtz, marketing master, whose message still goes over my head. I have to confess: I am not a ‘real’ marketer, I just have things I can teach, I have things I can sell, and I do the best I can with what I have… but marketing? I still don’t amount there to much. Kindergarten level.

And that means that business, marketing, making money is never my ‘one thing’ to focus on, never my ‘one thing’ I hope I’ll have time to do, just isn’t.

My one thing is…

My one thing is to burrow myself into knowledge that is not available to anyone else, to make sense of it, to come back and talk about it, teach it, maybe even organize it so it becomes part of all-knowledge.

When I ponder what this ‘Source’ is I talk about, I talk to, I get guidance from, I ‘use’ to get high truth value muscle-testing for clients, I most often think that Source is ‘all-knowledge’.

My pointers are: there are a lot of things Source doesn’t know. Another is: I feel that Source needs me to ferret out things I love to ferret out, so it can know it. I am happy to oblige.

So Source is the perfect ‘partner’ for what I want to do, because I am encouraged to do it. Source is not perfect partner for marketing: Source doesn’t care if my stuff sells or not.

That is not Source’s ‘one-thing’ just as libraries don’t care how many people use their books and such: they are only interested in acquiring the stuff.

If I had a human partner who likes to eat and travel and luxury, I would have a hard time doing what I love to do… instead I would be forced to do the stuff I have no aptitude for: marketing.

And if I were allowed to do in that partnership what I love to do, I would be paid bubkes, meaning beans… and that is what I am making now… but the pressure would be much greater.

In today’s world knowledge is not respected, but maybe it never was. So if you are hoarding knowledge thinking it will make you rich: forget about it. Skills like technology, marketing, selling, writing, speaking, video making are going to make you more money… get some skills or stay poor.

But even writing… unless you can sell it, bubkes.

Unless you know marketing more than you know writing, you are sh!t out of luck.

This is why I decided to buy into a ‘group writing project’, a book on entrepreneurship… run by a fellow-participant in the coaching program I rant about… a lot…

Each chapter is written by a different person who paid a thousand dollars, and then the book is edited (for bubkes) and marketed (for big bucks). The promise is that it will become a bestseller.

Who cares, right? But ultimately that is what I paid for: I want to experience what that feels like… even though my chapter may get lost in the shuffle.

One of my coaches says ‘Buyers are liars’ because people buy stuff that they don’t use, books they don’t read. I am guilty of that maybe not as much as the average, but enough to make that pithy statement true.

So if thousands of people buy the book, likely only a few will get to my chapter, and even less will take note of its brilliance… if it will have any.

We’ll see.

how you spend your timeIn the past month I had a different ‘one thing’… getting enough people into my Inner Authority Course… and it didn’t go well.

It will be the best course I have ever created, and yet.

My hunch is: people want the result but don’t want the process.

Why? Because the process is to feel bad feelings. Without feeling them I can’t help you to the result.

One of my students said it best: Unless I can feel the feeling I can’t forego the emotion… and emotions are the culprit, the cause of the quality of your life, singularly.

Not your results, not the amount of money you make or don’t make, not your relationships, not your weight, your physical appearance or illness if you have any, but the emotions.

Everyone has seen and read the meme a thousand and one times, and it has made no difference: they don’t believe it.

The meme? It is not what is happening, but what you say about it that gives you your quality of life.

There are many ways the same thing is said, here are some examples:

  • What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters ~ Epictetus
  • It does NOT matter what happens to you but how YOU REACT to what happens

And the words, the emotions, and the skewed view of reality make you do things that are unproductive, reactive, and go only towards losing. Losing the quality of life, losing autonomy, losing inner authority, losing your personal power.

You see, unless you learn to arrest the thoughts that create the emotions, that give you want you see, give you your reactions, that advice, that meme is as good as useless.

No amount of self-discipline, no amount of godliness, no amount of enlightenment will save you.

In the documentary about Osho’s sex cult you can see that clearly.

For decades he didn’t have anything ruffle his feathers, at least not publicly, but when his assistant, forgot her name, abandoned ship, he became, as a normal untrained human, reactive, angry, vengeful, crying bloody murder.

Soon after he died.

Emotions, reactivity kill.

This is why the first thing we do in the Inner Authority Course is learn to disengage the words…

I have taught this once in the Detached Workshop. We could safely say that the Inner Authority course is Detached Workshop version 2.0, plus Inner Guidance workshop version 1.0…

what do people do?The weird thing is: everyone wants a better life… but everyone looks at the wrong place for it: 90% outside of themselves and only 10% inside.

But, because the inner dynamic is invisible and wicked fast, no one actually knows what is happening, and no one has every tried to disrupt the machine where it can be disrupted… everyone tries to polish apples… i.e. fix the symptoms. Too late… sadly.

Truth be told, when I ran the Detached Workshop in 2016, I myself didn’t know exactly what is the sequence of moves the machine makes. I was close, but not quite close enough.

I had to read the book ‘Words’ by Margoczi nine months after the workshop. And as is always the case it took me many months to completely see how it works on the inside. The invisible dynamics.

Yesterday, as I promised, disabled the payment button for the course… even though if I could I would spoon feed every person I know with what I teach, whether they paid or not.

If there was every any skill that can set humanity free from the self-destruction it is hellbent on… it is the skill I teach in this course.

But, of course, you are either hellbent on self-destructing, or happiness… You cannot have both.

OK, for now you can have the Detached Workshop. It is recorded and it includes the DNA capacity activation of the capacity to step back.

I will decide later when I’ll make the Inner Authority workshop recordings available as a self-study course.

Learn to get out of the way of the emotional reaction
6 types of entrepreneursPS: some clarification: What is the real meaning of entrepreneur?
An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The process of setting up a business is known as entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures.

The same word etymologically:
The study of the etymology of words is a fruitful way to understand the history of social practices, as a reflection of social behavior. Words stem from social practices that change in dynamic interactive processes. Our objective is to present some examples of the etymology of the word “entrepreneur” in French and English. Since a long time ago, French and English people use the same word: “entrepreneur.” The historical roots of the word “entrepreneur” as well as of the verb entreprendre go back to the war vocabulary.

Surrounding a town is indeed compared to an entrepreneurial activity since it is an act that combines strategy, organization, and risk. More recently, the words “entrepreneur” and entreprendre have worn an economic meaning. Thus, the entrepreneur is a person who concludes a contract with a government or a public authority as a goods supplier or to undertake infrastructural investments…

So maybe if we look at what I do this way, I am an entrepreneur… now what?!

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