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self-sabotage: insisting on being rightSelf-sabotage…

What makes someone procrastinate on doing things that would make a difference for them?

What makes someone not use what they bought?

What makes someone undermine their own efforts? Sabotage themselves?

Why would someone not get the benefits they wanted?

Yesterday I wrote about life scripts.

A life script or pattern is based on a decision someone made around age three… and that decision is the seed level of that script.

That decision is they unconsciously try to prove they are right about… Restlessly gathering evidence to prove that they are right. That they have been right all along.

As one teacher’s metaphor said it best: they have, ever since, walking about in the world with a huge bushel basket to gather evidence that they were right. Live with one real purpose: to prove that that decision was true.

For example if you decided that you are not OK, then you’ll make sure that over 70 plus years gather evidence, manufacture evidence that you are not OK, not lovable, and that is that.

If you decided that you are less because your mom said ‘don’t go out and play, your asthma…’ or whatever, you have been proving that you are less than everyone else, and suffer.

But all the suffering doesn’t make it go away. Doesn’t make you change your spots… just like a leopard can’t.

Except… except I have some clients who have, and so have I.

And my clients and I have done the exact same thing. Want to know what?

Please email me back, and I’ll write an article about it.

I hope you answer… because I want you to have the secret. I do…

Will it cost money? Yes. Some of you may already have half of it… but as it’s been proven: it has three moving parts…

OK, this is how much I am willing to say now… more later.

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