Your worldview is holding you back. But what is it?

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cracking the entrepreneur codeYour worldview is holding you back

First off: what is worldview? Worldview is how you see things, a set of lenses a set of assumptions that are invisible to you. It is a particular philosophy of life or concept of the world. Maybe even an ideology.

Religion is a worldview.
Democracy is also a worldview
Fascism is also a worldview

You can find two opposing worldviews in the world in how people see themselves and how they see others; this is what this article is about, those two.

One worldview holds that evolution is finished, people are as good or as bad as they will ever get.

That is the dominant worldview in the world today.

In that worldview humans are mostly bad, selfish, self-serving, and stupid. (Much like what your parents probably thought of you and your siblings. No trust.)

From the government’s perspective this worldview means that the government needs to treat you as a child who needs boundaries, structures, who needs to be protected against yourself, who needs everything regulated by setting limitations. All about limitations.

Social movements, inside this system have the same worldview: some groups need to be protected because they are inherently weak. Women, different color skin, different religion, different ethnicity, the proletariat, children, animals, the Rain Forest, etc. All social causes seem needed in this worldview.

The United States’ Constitution made sure that no one can have too much power. It is based on the worldview that people can’t be trusted. That they need to be regulated. That people don’t have common sense… (Your parents didn’t count on your common sense and rightfully so. I should know.)

The second worldview considers both the world and humans in the process of evolution, especially morally, intellectually and ethically.

This second worldview is based on personal responsibility, not regulations. A system of cause and effect… and learning.

I, for long, mistakenly believed myself squarely in this second worldview because my work is to cause human evolution. My worldview is based that human DNA has the higher human hard-coded with 160 spiritual capacities… none activated in 92% of humanity. One of these DNA capacities is the capacity for responsibility, for ownership.

Personal responsibility won’t be available until humanity as a whole moves higher up the evolutionary scale: responsibility itself is not active in 98% of humans. There are humans with even 30-40 DNA capacities active, but not responsibility.

You say you want freedom, but what you really want is to do away with restrictions. But Life itself is full of restrictions.

Freedom is recognizing your limitations and make the most of what you can do, have, and reach. Your job is to experience freedom through recognizing your limitations… whether they are physical, intellectual or systemic.

Albert Einstein wrote, ‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’

But it is not only others that judge you, it is you who judge yourself

You say that you should already know, you should be able to do ANYTHING… even if you have no strength in that area.

My poor, unaccomplished students fall into this category: they want to do what they can’t possibly do, and disdain activities they are superbly suitable for. Weird. To me.

The nature of the world, reality, is that it has frameworks… framework is another word for limitations. You can’t fly unless you have wings. That is a framework issue.

Framework is like the skeleton of an animal… Unless you work inside the frameworks, you won’t succeed, won’t experience a life worth living, you’ll be a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

What is it like to live and do business inside a system that says that you are a little child who needs to be kept safe from yourself?

—People, increasingly, buy into magical thinking, thinking themselves like god… believing they can create wealth with their thoughts alone. Instead of recognizing their limitations, they move sideways to delusions.

—People expect their asses and their noses wiped. They look outside of themselves for the cause, and they rarely become cause. They don’t want to do anything.

—People are overly concerned about being right, their safety, their physical health, longevity, not with what is between their ears, not with getting skills, not with what they can produce, and not with what they see and do.

—People complain and blame a lot… They judge… They are not happy. They look for leaders who confirm that they are victims. Who promise them the world and unites them in their fight against the perceived enemy… other groups. Divided they can be conquered. They can be incited to genocide, and often are.

—People have a narrow and short term view of reality, life. The idea of building something over time is alien to them.

If you are an entrepreneur: these people are your employees, and these people are your customers. And maybe it is you, yourself…

How you do anything is how you do everything… I can watch you playing Freecell and I know how you do everything in your life.

To have high score in Freecell

  • you need to look through wide cone of vision, where you see all eight columns of cards.
  • You need to see the consequences of every action, 2-3-4 steps down the line.
  • Of course you need to refrain from cashing in on every short term win…
  • you need to curb your greed to win. To the degree you do, to the same degree your scores go higher.

But most importantly: Freecell needs you to remember that every single game can be won… that it is not a game of chance. Just like life. Life deals you cards and all hands can be won. It is how you play that makes you win.

When I watch people play (or do business) they are like the peasant who eats the seeds that would create next year’s harvest… They can’t tolerate the idea of investing any of their time, any of their energy into something that may or may not bring a harvest next year.

They want instant success, instant result, and when it doesn’t come, they are somber, angry, sullen. They hate building.

80% winning score in Freecell translates to playing in a way that is not successful in life. One or all of the requirements for success are missing.

Failures teach you while success leads you to magical thinking.

Success literature is full of magical stories like that… Success can have a lot of causes… there is no guidance in success.

Of course in the restricted worldview all teachers and gurus will only share what worked for them, the successes, not the failures that guided them. They will sell their successes… and you will buy it thinking that their successes will help you. They won’t.

Are they bad people? Muscletesting says: not necessarily. Only 30% know that they are cheating you. The rest: they don’t even know.

As above so below… They don’t think that they can’t think… so they can’t teach you to think. They can tell you how they think… but there is more to thinking. Remember the fish and the squirrel and climbing the trees. We are all different, have different history, education, experiences, and abilities.

Neither the government, nor your teachers or your coaches teach you to think for yourself. Mostly because they can’t think themselves…

Most never learned to think, so how could they teach you?

Did our founding fathers know how to think? Yes… but today it is a rarity to find someone who can think…

When I am on ‘coaching calls’, people never share their thinking, never share their process… I haven’t quite figured out why… Stinginess? Fear of being called stupid? Fear of not being right?

Even if a coach were willing to coach you about your thinking… he or she needs to hear it first to coach you about it, so you withhold it… You don’t want to be told that you are wrong.

In the ‘restricted’ worldview stinginess is the rule. It seems that the most rapacious, the most hungry, the most ruthless-to-take-it-all wins…

Profit is what they can get for themselves at the expense of others while pretending that they consider them… In this view of the world is where people say that rich people, industrialists, entrepreneurs need to ‘give back to the community’. That they created jobs? Livelihood for many? That is not seen.

There are ways to live, to function, to operate anywhere, any time, under any circumstance. But for that thinking, the ability to think needs to be developed. This is why most people perish when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, global warming, ice age, etc. They can’t and won’t think.

What is a vital thing that people, your teachers don’t teach you?

They don’t teach you that without distinctions, without self-awareness, without seeing how you think, without seeing how you see, everything that you learn is largely useless.

Without distinctions, without thinking skills any and all ‘what to do and how to do it’ teaching will fall on untilled earth… won’t, can’t be implemented.

No one teaches you the invisible, no one teaches you that you can and are even supposed to evolve further, personally and as a species.

No one teaches you that your DNA has the roadmap to a higher kind of person, intellectually, morally, ethically, and even practically.

When I look at different countries, even if I don’t see the system, the hierarchy, I can safely assume that the micro and the macro will always match… you can see the worldview of the whole in the detail.

If there are social casts…
Women are second class citizens or slaves or properties…
If different ethnic or religious groups are persecuted…
If different color people considered less…
There are social justice warriors, movements…
If animals are more important than people…
If nature is more important that people…

And if the system is such, then you need to know that you live in a society, you have been educated in a society where you should not naturally have a chance for freedom, for prosperity unless you were born in the right group, the right color, the right gender.

Does it really restrict you, the system?

No. What restricts you is YOUR worldview… you thinking that you can’t, that it’s impossible, that it should be given to you…

A worldview is a worldview… but you can change your ‘mind’… you can learn to look at life differently. You can change your mind on one condition.

What is the condition?

You need to internalize some principles…

Poverty is natural… abundance, prosperity isn’t.

If that is so, then it makes sense to start looking at the people who created prosperity starting from where you are… poverty, or mediocrity.

Do NOT believe the hero stories of marketers… they are stories designed to mislead you, to make you buy their products, more often than not they are lies or exaggerations.

Instead look at groups of people or individuals (biographies).

You can find them in books, in history…

Hank Rearden in Atlas Shrugged is a good example. He worked his way up from complete poverty to industrialist.

The best historical example is the Scots in the 18-19th Century. You may want to read the excellent and very readable book, How The Scots Invented The Modern World

It all began by thinking that poverty is not a life sentence…

The Scots, Scotland, was the poorest country in Europe when this story started in the middle of the 18th century. They spoke a language that isolated them from the rest of the world. They had little in terms of natural resources…

David Hume looked where other people don’t look. He looked to see what creates wealth… and he saw that it is possible, it is advisable to learn the habits of groups and nations that have created wealth and prosperity.

He started with the language. Then came habits…

He pinpointed the sharing of ideas. He advised his Scots of the 18th century to learn English. He created a network of free borrowing libraries in every community, big or small…

Reading is access to thinking… The quality of your language mirrors the quality of your thinking.

Many of those new readers continued at higher learning at Scotland’s famous universities in Glasgow and Edinburgh, where you could just show up, they didn’t tell you what classes to take, you took the classes you were curious about…

You see the unrestricted worldview here… they didn’t consider the youth stupid that needed to be told what to learn. There was also no grading. It was natural selection… allowing a person to go by their natural inclination. If it lead to an occupation, good. If it didn’t… also good.

And those people who started out reading the books in the free libraries, participated in exchange of ideas, took classes at the universities. They  became the cause of Scotland’s rise, and eventually to inventions that changed the world, the steam engine, steam boats, etc.

Even before the Industrial Revolution, Scots have been at the forefront of innovation and discovery across a wide range of spheres. Some of the most significant products of Scottish ingenuity include the steam engine, the bicycle, macadamisation, the first practical telephone, television, penicillin and insulin. from Wikipedia

If you use the Scots as a model of changing your own, a group’s, a country’s prosperity, you’ll see that what they were up against is exactly what you or your group is up against: (1) not speaking a common language with their richer neighbors. (2) Having a deterministic view of themselves and life… and a (3) victim mentality that needs to be overcome by reading and self-education. By following one’s curiosity, natural abilities and natural inclination.

No matter who I look at, even if they are somewhat well off, they still have to overcome the same impediments, as if they were handicapped… and don’t be mistaken: your worldview is handicapping you.

Unless you get intensely curious as to what creates wealth… and are willing to abandon what you have been taught, your efforts are not going to produce the results you hope to produce.

This is true for me too…

Unless you get intensely curious of what people want, how they think, your best ideas will not connect with them… and they won’t buy your wares.

This is true for me too…

Unless you pay more attention to what you want than what and who and what regulations block you… you won’t get what you want.

This is true for me too…

If you are a follower of some guru or teacher whose intention is to make you angry, and who continuously whip you into an angry frenzy, you won’t have energy to actually do work… you’ll behave like a victim of governments, of circumstances, and you won’t get what you want.

Anger is a great motivator, but only if it is directed like a jet engine, at what is…

Everything that you are and you do and believe to be true keeps you from moving… not some circumstance that you can blame… like your manipulative guru suggests. If your guru teaches ‘us vs. them’ stay away!

To be able to leave poverty or comfort, you’ll need to change your view about the nature of the world and you in it.

My name is Sophie Benshitta Maven… I am a trained empath, a mindset coach, and a ‘serial entrepreneur’. My purpose in life is to teach people to  live a life they love and live it powerfully… My website is

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Your worldview is holding you back. But what is it?”

  1. Hi Sophie, I agree with your assertion that we are the ones who sabotage ourselves. All of this is due to the mental set and the structure of the society where we live. If we want to evolve as a person or human being we need to brake the chains of our mental set.
    Thank you for that magnificent article. It makes me to continue taking control about, in what direction I want my life to go.
    With regards,

    Martha Barrero

  2. Well, I don’t like that I find myself in the that 1st worldview, but I wanted to share my 2 cents. It’s the deterministic (I’m already finished-stuck; we are already done) worldview that has been seemingly always there. You’ve talked about removing oneself from the environment that keeps the worldview in place, but it kind of seems like I take the worldview with me. It’s like I’ve been conditioned to see the world through whichever means the news of the world, or my community reaches me. Thank you for writing this article and pointing out that intense curiosity is what is needed to rip through the already always worldview.

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