The art and science of calling the shots… it is not as simple as it sounds.


Context: A thing or idea is better distinguished by what it is not than by what it is.

Well distinguished vs. poorly distinguished behavior

For example, the 10 commandments (from the Old Testament): some of the commandments are worded just right, you know exactly what to do and what not to do.

For example,

  1. Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. It sounds really great… but what does honoring exactly mean?

    As many answers as many people… not clear.

    It is better distinguished by what isn’t honoring. And for most of you the context will be completely invisible (the part after the colon), the context being: what goes around comes around. Or in the language of vibration: honoring is high vibration… and attracts actions towards you and from you that are also high vibration, instead of the “normal” human stuff of hate, spite, resistance, jealousy, etc. which will kill you on short notice. The commandment simply says that honoring works… it is your self-interest to honor. Don’t honor out of duty: that is not honor. That is hate dressed as love.

  2. The first commandment, you shall not have any other gods before me is clear to me, but it is obviously not clear to billions of Christians. To me it means: connect directly to me, do not have any intermediaries, any objects any tools, anything. Connect directly to me. Not through some person, like Jesus, not through some organization, like a church.
  3. The second commandment, coupled with the first, is clear to me, but obviously not clear to most people… it repeats the first commandment, but says it differently, it says NO THING should come between you and me.

Now, from this, you should see something clear, that distinguishing something is not the easiest thing to do and yet very important.

The other thing you should get is that we walk around in the world

  • as if we knew what we were talking about
  • as if we knew what we were being told

Clarity, brain power and vibration

Which means: we are not clear. We are ambiguous, we are messed up, we are confused, we don’t have the habit of distinguishing, of thinking (thinking about isn’t thinking, it is having thoughts… a mind-machine stuff!) so our chances for happiness, success, fulfillment, good relationships, health are diminished to the degree that we cannot see things for what they really are, which is distinguishing.

You have the brain, but you may not have the tools or the willingness, or the right perspective.

In my experience on the coaching calls, your IQ measured by me 1 needs to be 100 or above for you to be able to use your brainpower to weave yourself through the maze-like process of distinguishing.

legumes puzzle


Here is an example that stumped one of my students: In my caveman diet matching my caveman physiology I am allowed to eat beans, even dry beans, peas, even dry peas, but am not allowed to eat lentils. Why? What is the difference? After all they are all legumes!

Her brain power (IQ+vibration) were high enough to solve the puzzle, but her tools weren’t.

The answer is that beans and peas, that can be eaten from the pods fresh, without cooking, are good for me. But lentils that are not edible, not tasty fresh from the pod are not. 2

Distinguishing… puzzles galore

In my upcoming live course for distinguishing I will only accept students whose IQ+vibration is already above 100… otherwise their inability to keep up and do the work. Which means that if you, as both of the students I am talking about in this article, are under duress and your IQ dropped to 90, won’t be accepted.

You CAN come to the free webinars that I use to work out some teaching methods, after all no one has taught the things I want to teach, maybe ever. So I have no examples to learn from, I need to invent the method.

There will be at least six free webinars, more if needed, and they will build on each other. You can come to one, or you can come to all… you will have access to the replays. Just know, that if your IQ+vibration is below 100, you’ll have a hard time following.

A little bit more about the IQ+vibration: some people have very high brain power but lack the high vibration. I was one of these. I excelled in my studies, even though I was miserable.

Other people may have a very strong connection to the vertical (vibration) but don’t have a very strong and trained brain. They don’t know how to see…

I will measure your vibration and IQ before I admit you to the course that I plan to start in February. But you can come to the free calls, and you can start training your brain, and raising your vibration now.

What will the course do? The course will turn on the light. We all live in dimmed light, with no clarity, with being pulled hither and tither… by all kinds of inclinations and by other people, our mind, monsters, fears, etc. When the light is turned on it will be easier to see what is pulling us, and take back the reins from those and call the shots in our lives.

4-horse carriageWe now live as if we traveled on a 4-horse carriage the has not driver. Everything and anything has more power than us… so it is anyone’s bet where we are going, it is anyone’s bet what will happen next. Our word has no power, because word without the reins is just hot air.

You decide something, and then you don’t do it. You promise and then don’t feel like doing it… etc. You feel and are powerless, at the mercy of the circumstances.

You feel good when the circumstances are good, and bad when the circumstances are bad. You have no substance, you are just a passenger in that 4-horse carriage.

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  1. this IQ is something that you can grow, when your vibration rises. One of my students is normally at 120 IQ, but when she feels under duress, her IQ falls to 90
  2. For brevity I didn’t mention that some beans or bean-like legumes are horrid uncooked, and therefore they are not good for me

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