Disgust is one of my superpowers. What is your superpower?

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superpowerOne of the questions you can ask yourself frequently is this: what is my superpower?

I could have said: what am I good at?… but that is not what I want to know.

A superpower is that little thing that I add to life that is not expected, and may not be obvious to people, maybe even not to yourself. And that is the reason to ask the question, and ask it often.

I have some students who definitely can’t see their superpower.

One of my superpowers is that I see beauty. I see heart. I see talent. I see goodness. I see things that greatly move me. I am moved to tears.

I don’t see with my eyes… I see with my feelings. I am like a specialized machine: I ‘blinded’ myself so I can see better.

But that is not my superpower…

My superpower is what I do with what I see?

In my courses I teach the foundation of everything I teach, that reality is independent of what you think of say about it… but yet humans live as if what they say is what is happening. Not so.

And this is the foundation of my superpower. I ask questions to clarify, to keep the two domains: what is happening and what is said about it separate.

I am dealing with a duodenal ulcer right now.

First I had nausea… and found that my gallbladder was full of mites… The microscopic mites that live on about two billion people and their life cycle includes a few days in your intestinal track… If they can get through alive, too bad for you.

H.Pylori: causation or correlation?I have found that if your stomach Ph is not acidic enough, then they will survive and multiply.

I asked the question in the years I experimented: is this causation or correlation? And I muscletested it… Causation.

So when I had the nausea and the pain in my gallbladder, I used the Light energy I teach in my self-healing course, on my liver, and pushed out the mites from the gallbladder.

Easy peasy, have done it hundred times before.

But after a few days of the nausea, and this treatment, I am now dealing with a debilitating side and back ache.

Lots of testing I now conclude: it is radiating pain, coming from my duodenum, which is right next to the stomach. I muscletest, and it’s ulcer. I muscletest for H. Pilory… and I have it.

causation or correlationBut, unlike they teach and swear by it, H. Pilory doesn’t cause ulcers… it is correlation… not causation.

So instead of going against the H. pilory with a vengeance, I’ll just use the same energy I used to push the mites into the duodenum, and let the ulcer heal.

An ulcer is a wound in the lining of the insides…

My hunch is that it was caused by the ‘exiled’ mites that wanted traction in the slippery duodenum… and inadvertently created the ulcer.

So instead of wasting my energies on ‘healing’ my back/side pain, instead of wasting my money on killing the bacteria, I am just going to use my time and energy to heal the wound.

So why is this a superpower?

If you look at the state of medicine, or the overall state of science, economy, psychology, etc. What muscletest tells me is that the level of truth is 7% across the board.

They use your money (taxes) to spend on worthless, untrue ‘science’, because 1. they don’t ask the question: is the causation or is this correlation? 2. And even if they ask, they don’t really have a methodology to get an accurate answer.

So there you are, need to feel better, have more energy, have a good live, and the truth level of the advice, the supplements, the teaching, the ‘science’, the doctors’ knowledge, is at best 7%… Meaning: 93% b.s.

superpower that you never usedWhen people work for an outcome, the ambitious 2% of society, it’s not in their self-interest to ask these questions… the grants, the pay, the Nobel Prize won’t care.

So even if they have an inkling that what they are saying is not true, they will skip the question… and keep on doing what makes them money, what makes them famous.

The other 2% that are not motivated by outcome, or not mainly, can’t leave things alone. They are not politically correct, and they are, mostly shunned by the moneymakers. I know because I have been.

I can’t leave things alone… Irritating to many…

I have taught before that your superpower is what is most irritating to other people about you. And because it is irritating to other people, you probably, likely don’t consider it a strength… and never think of capitalizing on it.

superpower you took for grantedI have a student whose unbridled enthusiasm, her ability to excite others, raise their energy is amazing… but I bet it irritates a lot of people… So she never considered that making it into a sharp instrument by polishing it could make her really uniquely successful in life. Instead she tries to do things she has no business of doing: she is piss poor at it.

I have another student whose ability to recognize, enlarge, and exaggerate funny is where he shines. He, instead, wants to learn about everything… and use it for nothing… He could, like the other student, polish and sharpen his superpower into a weapon that finally makes him stand out and win.

I have yet another student who is using his superpower, but is hesitant to make it his ‘weapon of mass destruction ‘, I say it with tongue in cheek. He is intuitive, he feels strongly, and that is HIS superpower: he can advise and guide his clients to health and great fitness by feeling what they need to do and what need to avoid. Instead he does what he things he should do… and never puts his superpower on his flag.

I could continue. Everybody has a superpower that they neglect, poopoo, and try to win with other skills that are not super at all.

I work best and cause the best results with people who are only partially outcome dependent, outward directed. I have just added that measure to the Starting Point Measurements… it will be a great predictor of success in working with me.

Can that number change? Hell yeah. If people start honoring their superpower, and make it their most important tool of success, then the answer is a resounding yes. The first two students above have, currently, 91% and 70% outcome dependence score.

The 70% is already and improvement. Is it causation or correlation? Let me measure: causation says Source.

My other superpower is my ability to step back. Step back and create separation and distance between the thing that is happening and myself… so I can see what’s happening clearer and not be emotionally entangled.

That thing can be even a feeling. A feeling is a feeling… in reality… my emotion about it, on the other hand, is my interpretation to the feeling. So I step back, and see the feeling, and remove the emotion: the result of my interpretation.

Without this superpower my muscletesting would be as inefficient as other people’s… around 50%.

One of the major goals of the Inner Authority Course is developing this ability of stepping back and detaching from all. Really, from all. From what is happening, from what you are saying about it, from what you feel.

This is going to be the key capacity to being able to use the feelings as guidance… If you can’t step back, you’ll continue being ‘guided’ by the emotions, greed, and fear, and wanting to be right… and that, my friend, isn’t guidance. It is the devil’s guidance… what you don’t want.

But there is a fly in the ointment… to be able to step back, you need to clear your past to a manageable level… or you get caught before you can step back…

I have a purely energetic solution to that, that hopefully my Inner Authority students are practicing in earnest… If not… grrrrrr. Be afraid, very afraid… I’ll call you on it on Sunday at our next session of the course.

The energetic solution is using ‘homeopathy’ as an energetic principle.

You need to get your full Bach Profile to know which of all the Bach Energies you need to use.

Get your FULL Bach Profile
Go and get yours… it will be invaluable in becoming complete… and be able to step back. Your muscletesting will start to work. Your feelings will be able to guide you. Invaluable.

Until Sunday midnight you can use the coupon code BACHWEEK to get a discount on your full Bach profile.

You’ll need this even if you are in the Inner Authority course.

PS: yesterday’s link went to the wrong place… oops… my bad.

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