What Is The Difference Between A Highly Intelligent Person And A ‘Normal’ Person? Can Intelligence Be Activated?

unconditional love allows you to break the chains that keep you down, keep you a slave

Does the intelligent person have more brain cells?

The difference is to what degree they use what they have. Or how they use it… or for what…

It is said, that most people use 2-3 percent of their brain. That statement is not entirely true, they use more, but not for thinking.

The rest of the brain is used for fear based negative thoughts. Or to mill water… Ponder stuff that doesn’t matter, fret, worry, explain in your head… yeah, the stuff your mind is busy with.

The difference between a highly intelligent person and the normal person is how much of their brain capacity is available to use for work, for planning, for understanding, discernment, reasoning, problem solving, etc.

It could be said that we live in a castle, but mostly we live in just one or two rooms, the rest of them are not available to us… the doors are locked, or blocked by clutter, or we don’t even notice that they are there.

Activation, activators

Activation or activators are energies that wipe away the clutter, wipe away the blockages, and make more of what you already have available for you. So you can use many rooms in that castle…

One of the basic activators is called “unconditional love.”

As humans, our sense of self, our sense of value, our sense of survival depends on being loved, wanted, and feeling valuable.

We expect the world, our family, our teachers,our friends to provide us with that supportive environment, but unfortunately we get disappointed way too often. Some of us even start our life  not loved, not valued, not wanted.

We want our lives to be witnessed, but people are too busy with their own lives, and we live in quiet desperation hoping that our time will come. That our ship will come in. We hope and yearn that we’ll find our soul mate that will surely pay attention to us.

We want money because it buys us attention. We want to be successful in our chosen endeavor because it buys us significance. We want to look good because it buys us people liking to look at us. But really, what we want is our lives to be witnessed, so we can have an experience of having lived.

For most of us, nothing works, and we live like the walking dead.

break the chain of expecting unconditional love at places where it can't be given The unconditional love activator makes a huge shift in this condition: you learn, on the cellular level, that Source loves you, unconditionally, and that your life is already witnessed. You learn that you matter and you learn not to search for things to do in order to matter, not to ask for mattering in the world because human being is unable to give it to you.

People are unable to give unconditional love, and conditional love is worse than no love. It’s the beginning of slavery. The world where you need to earn the love, day in and day out… even by giving up who you are!

When you find out that you are already loved, unconditionally, exactly the way you are, and exactly the way you aren’t, that you don’t need to change anything, you don’t need to become anything, it is your birthright and it is yours, it is like a new dawn for you.

What that means to you is very dramatic. You’ll unhook yourself from the dependence on other people’s approval.

  • You will stop being a people pleaser.
  • You’ll stop being an overachiever.
  • You’ll stop being a nag, being jealous, being envious, being possessive, being clingy.
  • You’ll stop doing things in order to… to be liked, to get rich, to make friends, to be well-thought-of… etc.
  • You’ll have time and energy for yourself, for what you want to do with your life for you, to please yourself.
  • Even being politically correct becomes less of an obsession. Seekers and other obsessive learners will relax and will find themselves finding the way instead of forcing the way.
  • Temper tantrums, anger bursts, arguments that you must win will slowly disappear. You’ll even drive more evenly, calmly: there is nothing to prove.
  • Agendas weaken, new choices show up.
  • You get, some of you, and more than half of your life back to yourself…

Very significant.

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