Cluelessness is a strategy…

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cluelessnessCluelessness is a strategy to avoid having to take responsibility, to avoid owning that your results are your results.

And because it is impossible to heal and eradicate something that’s hidden and ignored, this cluelessness hides what you consider some of your most important excuses for being nasty, hateful, angry, and slothful.

Yesterday I discovered that underneath of everything I have a screaming voice: I don’t want to! Anything… I didn’t expect it to be there. After all I am a producer, hard working, blah blah blah…

And for the surface to be true, I must have a very strong push energy active… when it’s active… otherwise I would be there with all those slackers… and I am not.

But when I wake up in the morning……90% of mornings I wake up regretting that I woke up. I see the ‘I don’t want to’ there, clearly. I see it no matter what the assignment, what the plan, whether it’s for fun and games, or to make a living, I have to sit for many minutes before I can change the context from ‘I don’t want to’ to ‘let’s do this thing’… and to ‘it’s all in a day’s work.’

I have found that the most important measure in a person’s starting point measurements is their integrity number.

If I have such a nasty ‘default context’ for life, I can only imagine what other people are hiding… pretending cluelessness.

What makes the world work, at least in societies, is mutuality.

In every transaction each party needs to get what makes it worth their while, or they will revolt, they will disrupt.

But, of course, there are people, groups, that are completely run by the desire to receive for the self alone.

We live in such a time… where 80% of humanity, 70% of people in America are caught up in being right and be against others…

It is pure desire to receive for the self alone.

I got to this topic in an unexpected way.

When a client fires me…

…or when I fire a client, the relationship doesn’t end for me. I still visit them however I can, through their social media, or through connecting them through empathy.

One of these used-to-be clients has a successful father, while he himself refuses to do anything… almost literally.

The father excels in an area where the son doesn’t want to invest energies… he wants what his father has without the work. I say: he begrudges his father’s success. Envy. This is the first time I saw that… He has been hiding it… and pretend to be clueless about it.

Envy, want what belongs to another, leaving them with nothing is the most frequent attitude that has ‘desire to receive for the self alone’…

It is part and parcel with being human… can’t avoid it, can’t fix it, but can manage it…

Most people hide it… even from themselves.

I have a ‘friend’ who begrudges everything I have, and laughs heartily when I have a problem, trouble, misfortune. other times he hates me heartily… but hides this even from himself.

As a business owner, unless you are clear about the human condition, including your own, you can be an agent of evil.

I am disappointed in my current coaches who cleverly tied me down, so I can’t just quit… it would cost me a whole lot more if I did than paying my monthly dues.

But, I am noticing, I am like maybe everyone: I have my umbilical cord in my hand looking for a place, a group, a person to plug it in with.

I am looking for someone where the energy goes both ways… where I won’t feel used, where I can also make a contribution.

So far I haven’t found anything or anyone. And I have twinges of resentment about the way the world is (Bach energy: Willow). It makes me laugh… Because the world is the way the world is, and people are the way people are. Resenting any of it only makes ME miserable. But, of course, I have used the Bach Energy to handle that… after 60 odd years of suffering.

But it is true that it is easier than ever to feel alone, and unsupported.

It is almost a must for well-being to have a community, however small it is,

Once you clear out your emotional over-reaction, inappropriate responses, however you do it… you can look at your desire to belong as useful guidance. You can start to look at all the possible guides, friends, teachers and get an accurate read if you are going to be served there or not.

And you can feel the guidance: what is worth investing time and energy in, and what isn’t.

This is what I teach in detail in the Inner Authority course… You can get as close as anyone can get without personal attention by using the Bach energy audios to mute or weaken your specific way you react to what you don’t like… Your typical reactions that have made you less successful, less joyful, less enjoying life than you could if you didn’t react.

It is part and parcel with human condition to be reactive, to want only what you want, but it doesn’t serve you.

John WoodenI am reading a book written by famous basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a book about his relationship over almost 50 years with famed basketball coach, John Wooden.

He was very successful… so I am curious of his Bach Profile… 5 Cerato, 11 Elm, 22 Oak, 24 Pine, 32 Vine, 39 Yew

The profile of someone who lived by rules, no freedom whatsoever. Was he a happy person? No, couldn’t be.

Had he had the Bach Energies, could he have gotten more free, fore spontaneous, happier? Hell yes.

John Wooden and KareemWhen someone is cut off from inner guidance, one either lives by some really harsh rules as John Wooden, or like leaf is thrown about by the emotional reactions…

The Bach Energies have the potential to set you free, to be able to hear, feel the guidance so you can start living a life that is fully your own, that allows for your self-expression, and if you wish, for success.

You need to get your full Bach Profile (I muscletest it) and you also need the Bach Energies audios… 48.

You’ll then need to pick the first energy to tackle, and play the audio on loop, as much as you can. The effect is to train your inner self to not react to the feeling, the guidance feeling that is underneath the emotion the Bach Energy matches.

It will take as long as it will take… some can disappear in a few days, some will take a lifetime.

The results are guaranteed if you use them the way they are supposed to use them.

Get your FULL Bach Profile
Until Sunday (tonight) midnight you can use the coupon code BACHWEEK to get a discount on your full Bach profile.

PS: Cluelessness is just one strategy to avoid living in harmony with life. Forcing, rules is another… John Wooden lived like that.

Pretend, live a life of a lie… that is another strategy.

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