Frazzled-unfrazzled…When your connection to Source fails

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When your connection to Source failsMy health has turned to the worse in the past week or so.

I am experiencing almost unceasing pain, occasionally unbearable.

I don’t know what is hurting. And surprisingly Source isn’t helping. Why?

Give me a chance to explain how I got to the answer, instead of just giving it to you straight.

I have been promoting the Full Bach Profile and the 48 matching Bach Energies. I’ll talk about those later… but for now just know that is what I am doing.

The Bach energies are tools for the Inner Authority course.

Inner Authority is a course where we clear all our preconceptions, and the past from our space so we can feel the body’s guidance as it was meant to be…

unfrazzledThe past intrudes on the Original Design and prevents us from seeing the guidance clearly. The past intrudes in the form of emotions, that cover up the guiding feelings.

My job is to connect to the individual and check them against the 48 Bach Energies, that is the Full Bach Profile.

And to my utter dismay I have been inconsistent and inaccurate. So if you have ordered your Bach profile in the past week: I may have to remeasure it for you.

Why am I inaccurate suddenly? Because of the abdominal pain I am experiencing it is very hard for me to connect to Source and to stay connected. The pain pulls me out of the connection.

And that is the answer to why Source doesn’t seem to help me with diagnosing the cause of my pain: I am not connected.

Now that I know that, I can be connected, although it is taking me ‘jumping’ into the connection every second or so, consciously.

I just muscletested my own health measurements, and I could do it, although the whole process took 3-4 times longer compared to when I have no pain to distract my attention.

Emotions, like pain, also distract the attention, and make it impossible for one to connect.

By the time I learned to connect, the past was cleared enough that I could connect, and stay connected sometimes for the entire day.

But for the past week, it seems, I was too busy hurting to be connected consistently enough to be able to trust my muscletesting.

Now, other than getting results from me, why should this be interesting and maybe even important for you to know?

unfrazzledBecause the past, emotions, reactions, pain, discomfort can completely rob you of your connection to your source, to your inner guidance system, or everything that is good about you.

It’s one thing to feel good when nothing is going on… and it is quite another to be the eye of the storm and be calm, collected, and feel good.

It is one thing to attack the meanings from the past intellectually, and it is quite another thing to go the energetic round.

You can do it two ways:

  • 1. consume the Heaven on Earth regularly… it is the 48 Bach Energies infused in water… Your body can’t resist it. After a few years of that you’ll notice, that you are less reactive, you are altogether calmer and happier. Is it worth doing it? Yes. Is it painless? Mostly. It is almost an unnoticeable process… this is why most people discount it because it is so below their conscious awareness. But it works, over time.
  • 2. The other method is what we are working with now, the individual Bach Energies that cover the whole range of the reactive human emotions.

You listen to the audio that has the exact energetic signature or the emotional reaction… and it weakens of extinguishes the emotion and it’s underlying meaning.

It’s emotionally painful, report some of my students. The more Bach Energies you have in your full Bach Profile, the longer it will take.

Is it worth it?

If what you want is being unfrazzled, intelligent, and able to do what you need to do without emotions pulling you back, stopping you, or sabotage you, they yeah. It is also a lot faster than the remedy method. But, of course, more involved.

I did the Heaven on Earth method… this new method is too new… a few weeks old only.

I used to consume the Heaven on Earth both as a remedy in all my water, and also as an audio… it is still playing in the background: it is part of the Effortless Abundance Activator… given that emotions can completely fail your efforts if you want abundance… that is why I included it in the Effortless Abundance Activator.

If you want your full Bach profile and the 48 Bach Energies… go to yesterday’s post… the link is there.

If you want the Heaven on Earth… either the remedy or the audio that you can use to create your own remedy… the buy button is right here… But one caveat: because of the Covid b.s. I ran out of the Heaven on Earth bottle labels… I only have the Sleep Rescue labels… so if you buy, the label will say: Sleep Rescue or Rescue your Sleep…

what’s inside is the 48 Bach Energies infused in energized water and a splash of vodka to keep the water from going stale.

You can buy the remedy and the audio if you want in the second shopping cart, or buy just the audio. Your choice.

The remedy is shipped first class mail in a padded envelope. It is made freshly, the morning of the shipping… and I fill the bottle, add the energy… everything. No employees. It is now also working in Canada… so if you are a Canadian… you are back in luck.

Get your Bach audio or remedy
PS: I am noticing that people are already irritated… and irritable.

If you have children, a husband, a parent, if you are a teacher, or work… being irritated or irritable is how to destroy your results, your love, your relationship… and just know that every emotion you attribute to what is happening has nothing to do with what’s happening: they are all from the past.

So ultimately what the Bach Energies do is: they empty your past… so you can be present.

Not what other people do to teach you, right? Of course if you like to meditate, the Bach Energy process matches it, fits with it beautifully. I live meditatively, contemplatively, so it works for me… But the rigid meditation techniques don’t work for me.

If I were a beginner, and maybe I’ll try it still, I would close my eyes, sit in a comfortable position, and play a Bach energy in my headphones. And allow my mind to go to the past…

I did something similar yesterday, and I went back and remembered things I had not remembered 20-30-50 years… Things I buried because I was ashamed. But yesterday I saw that what happened is what happened. What I did is what I did… nothing wrong. It was wonderful.

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