Integrity: Your rights as a buyer of my energy products

Your rights as a buyer of my energy products

You are buying a copy of my energy audio for your personal use. You can use it yourself, you can even make energy remedies for other people, but you are not allowed to duplicate the audio and give it to anyone else, including your family.

Is this enforceable? No, not by me. But…

Humans are equipped with a very sensitive instrument called conscience. When you knowingly violate other people’s rights, you know, and your conscience will make you miserable, sick, and a failure. No exceptions.

The negative consequences will come instantly or delayed, but they will come, you can be sure of it.

What to do if you have already violated your own sense of what is right, what is decent, what is good?

You need to clean it up. How?

Your best action is to talk to me. I will devise a way for you to restore your inner balance and return to wellness.

Don’t want to talk to me? Afraid of me? Then send me all the monies that you failed to give me when you gave away my intellectual property.

Short on money? Claim poverty? None of them are acceptable excuses for your conscience.

— Can you make money LEGALLY with my energy products? Yes. You are allowed to sell the products created with the energy audios: water or other liquid charged with the Energizer, the HOE, and maybe even the Unclove Bundle… As long as the audio operates in your property.

— Can you refer people to buy stuff from me and get a commission? Yes.

I don’t have a working system set up yet, but if you let me know I will manually track it. If more than one person asks me to do that, I’ll get a software to do the work of keeping track.

How much referral fee, also known as commission will you get? On physical products 2 20%, on downloadable products 50%. On products that require my actual time, consultations: 20%. On muscle testing: 100%. why? because most people that buy muscle testing, also buy something else, so it is an excellent way for me to get a new customer.

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