Another way to look at entitlement and entitled creeps

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another way to look at entitled creepsSuperstition is (from Wikipedia) A superstition is a belief or practice typically resulting from ignorance or pseudo science, (a misunderstanding of science or false causality), that is mistakenly attributed to fate or magic, perceived supernatural influence, or fear of that which is unknown. It is commonly applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, charms[disambiguation needed], astrology, fortune telling, phantoms[disambiguation needed], and certain paranormal entities, particularly the belief that future events can be foretold by specific (apparently) unrelated prior events.

Also, the word superstition is often used to refer to a religion not practiced by the majority of a given society regardless of whether the prevailing religion contains alleged superstitions.

superstitionOK. Is Wikipedia 100% true? Normally no… On average the Wikipedia articles have a 60% truth value. On the other hand these above two paragraphs, according to muscle test are 100% true.

So why do I want to talk, suddenly about superstition? Who do I want to ‘knock’ this time? lol…

Actually I don’t think I am going to knock anyone this time… although I can’t promise.

A few years ago I read a book, the 7 Laws Of Magical Thinking, that says that humanity has been helped by thinking magically, i.e. superstitiously, because not knowing things, like the future, like the real cause of things, causes tremendous anxiety. So we, as a species made up, make up sh!t that seems to make order out of chaos.

Words, originally, were ‘invented’ to communicate, but eventually they froze reality and replaced it.

Before those freezing words even humans were able to see what is going on, and adapt their behavior to what they saw would work best… but not nowadays.

One of the ‘results’ of this I see is the energy that got carried over from early childhood: Vine.

Imagine, you spend approximately nine months on the lap of luxury, you get your nutrients and you don’t have any care in the world. You don’t even need to breathe… Even though when you find the environment a little tight, you kick and kick to reposition yourself…

That is already Vine.

Then you are born, and now you are disgruntled. You have to cry for everything… force the humans around to give you what you need, and if you do get what you need, you start imagine that that is the order of things. (Does that remind you of some famous books with the same title, the order of things? lol)

Now, around age three your caretakers consider you big enough to see the world more maturely, and they stop doing everything for you. After all you can walk, talk… and maybe even poop in the potty…

And then the proverbial sh!t hits the fan: your order of things is denied. And you are upset, angry, raving mad… and yet… this new world is not fitting with your worldview.

Your worldview, the order of things according to you, where you get everything given to you.

Your reaction to it, of course, is going to depend on many factors. In my ‘magical thinking’ i.e. superstition, it seems that your soul correction is a pattern that you’ll follow with your reaction to this ‘break in belonging’ or ‘betrayal’ event.

For some, your parents become now the enemy. For others they become someone to beg, please, cajole, manipulate into giving you what you want…Because giving up your worldview, your ‘order of things’ is not available to a 3-year old. So you will make up some more sh!t, and even more sh!t, even if they are, on the long term, ineffective.

You can’t make the world behave like it behaved in your younger years, your years before the incident.

Of course, your worldview is invisible to you… even if everyone tells you how it is, you can’t see it, and even if you do, it is the RIGHT worldview… Goddamit… lol.

You can clearly see that others are like that… they want to force their will on you, they are selfish, they are ENTITLED!!!

But if you were, gasp! NO!!!, honest to yourself, you would see that your behavior to accommodate a worldview alien to you, a learned and largely unwilling behavior, where you have to earn your keep, you have to do things to get something, you have to take instructions from others.

Depending on whether you are a ‘should’ or a ‘shouldn’t’ mainly, you’ll develop manipulative behaviors to still get you what you want… duping others into believing that you are agreeable, and a good little worker bee, or soldier, or employee, or whatever.

What I am saying is that the energy of Vine doesn’t disappear, it just goes underground.

As a teacher I am in the position of authority. And that position gives me a good insight into your strategy to hide your real nature…

And, to dispel your argument, the problem is NOT the Vine… the problem is the worldview that got stuck.

The should.

That you SHOULD continue getting what you got as a tiny infant, because … because what?

This Saturday I am having a workshop of sorts. I have three students already in it. It is to dig deep enough and without judgment or blame to see what EXACTLY was, what exactly is the because… to reveal the STUCK worldview underneath a life that is fundamentally not working in some area.

What area? It is personal. Some people have managed to find self-interest in some work, but not all. Some people have managed to find self-interest in making their health work, but other areas they are not behaving in a way so they could have what they want. They expect the Universe to give them what they want.

If you have been wondering why and how come in spite of your abilities life isn’t working for you, then join us. There is a fee to join.

What should you expect?

I will work mainly with the people I know. So if you are new, or I don’t know well enough, I won’t directly work with you, but you can be present, and observe. If you are able, you’ll be able to see yourself in every participant… and find this session incredibly instructive, or at the minimum useful.

If you have the Vine Bach energy, in preparation for the session you may want to use it… and use it a lot.

What does it feel like? It feels different for everyone. What? Yeah… It feels like you are opposed, you are told what to do, you are forced to do things you don’t want to do, it feels like you are asked to do what you are deadly opposing.

And your job is to feel that way. The Bach Energy will make sure you can and you will.

You may feel angry and stomp around. You may feel resigned. You may feel grief over what could be. You may feel whatever you may feel.

My hunch is that most of you will feel anger. Feel it. And know that it comes from your worldview where you SHOULD get everything you want, and no one should oppose you, deprive you, suppress you, or make you do anything you don’t want to do.

Will that one session set you on a different trajectory? It may. The purpose of the session is to see something you have never seen before…

You will not, I hope, will be able to unsee it.

And then, diligent use of the Vine Bach Energy audio will weaken the delusion that the world should… should do what ever you have been saying it should.

If you look around in the world, or at least in the United States, the division, the argument, the yelling, the name-calling is all about saying that the person’s worldview is that everyone else should agree…

Vine. Stuck at age three level… and not even pretend to have grown up. Forcing their worldview, and railing against everyone with a different worldview…


OK, if this was not enough to encourage you to come to the Saturday workshop, nothing will. You are stuck in your own VINE…

I am OK with that…

You are a lot like some people I talk to regularly, who consider me a strange bug they hold in their palm, a bug it’s worth laughing at, an entertaining bug.

OK, here is the pay button to enroll.

See your worldview in its ‘glory’

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