Happiness? Unhappiness? What is underneath of it all?

happiness unhappinessI am going to go off on the Bach energy Vine… yet again. Are you unhappy yet?

But before I do that, let me bore you a little more… and do a little vocabulary lesson.

If you get it, your chances for happiness increase ten-fold. If you don’t… ahem… you know what will happen.

The word occur or occurrence… is misused in the English language… It does NOT mean: happen. Happen is another word…

Occur means: present itself TO someone.

Lots of things can happen, but a lot fewer occur… i.e. the tree falling in the forest happens, but it only occurs if there is an observer.

it didn't occur: wildfire... it happenedExample: it didn’t occur to Bob that throwing away his still smoking cigarette but can cause a wildfire…

Are you ready to quit you are so bored? Blame the occurrence.

Occurrence is personal. It is something happening PLUS your attitude. Your worldview. What you say about what is happening. The meaning.

You are rarely aware of that happening, you are rarely if ever aware that you are collapsing what is happening, i.e. reality, and what you say about it… and consider what is occurring TO YOU as reality.

It isn’t.

Happening vs occurring

Now, we have hardly any control over what is happening, really, but we have control or at least can have control over what we say, what our attitude is. You may have to work on it, but with work and practice you can get good at it.

And when you get good at it… watch out world… here you come… you become unstoppable to the top.

OK… just another few lines and I bring it all home to Vine…

Have you noticed that you notice what you don’t like, what you don’t want, what isn’t the way you want it OCCUR to you more readily than what is working?

If I asked you what is working, you would have to look, and you still wouldn’t see that you are still breathing, you have a place, you have a computer or a mobile phone, you had a bed to sleep in, you probably have eaten today… that is all in the ‘it’s working’ domain.

But if I asked you what isn’t working… you would be passionate about ranting about Covid, about having to wear a mask, about politicians, lazy people, the price of things, or even about yourself being whatever you don’t want to be: undisciplined, or stupid, or lazy, or worthless… or whatever the gosh darn thing you say to yourself.

It is human nature… and as I am starting to see, having a strong VINE energy, my way or the highway, is what robs people of seeing what works, and focusing on what doesn’t meet their expectations… and drive themselves unhappy… Yeah.

Without distinguishing happening from occurring, Vine wins every time.

I am lucky, I managed to distinguish these two in 1987… and magically sky and trees, and beauty, and happiness started to OCCUR first alongside with ugly, or too hot, or no money… and eventually more happiness and beauty OCCURRED… and I became a happier person.

And then, about 10-11 years ago I ‘invented’ the Heaven on Earth. I say invented, but truth be told, it was just innovation… I combined 38 energies into one… 38 energies of the Bach Flower Remedies readily available in health food stores for many decades.

And I generously exposed myself to those energies… I didn’t know, didn’t even suspect that I was getting more willing to be happy every day because Vine was one of the 38. (Today there are 48 Bach energies… that that is another story)

Why did I become happier? How? WTF?


The Vine energy is the energy of the Selfish Gene, the gene that is hellbent to survive itself, so it only pays attention to what is wrong. What isn’t working. What could kill it… Not a happy energy.

I have deer in my backyard. If I asked the deer if it has ever seen beauty, it would say… what is beauty? It can see only what the Selfish Gene wants it to see. What to eat, and what may go wrong.

But humans elevated themselves, at least their hardware, above the level of the deer, and yet humans make an big event out of seeing beauty… even though beauty surrounds us. And things working: ditto.

energized waterYou turn the faucet on… water comes out. You turn the TV on… it is on… So is your computer.

99% of everything works 99% of the time.

Now, confession time: until about a week ago, I still griped and complained about people who rant about how things are… and how they aren’t. Everywhere. Especially in the social platform created by my coaches… I ranted about the ranters… lol

Misery loves company, and ranting, complaining IS misery. And the good little soldiers on the social platform, Social lair, join it the chorus of complaining.

I ranted until yesterday.

I was on a call with my coach… to set up my new email software, and he was complaining, and I was laughing. I found it hilarious that he would complain.

Charly Gordon happyI am almost sure I sounded to him like an imbecile… like Charly in the movie with the same title.

Happiness is seeing beauty, and including what isn’t beautiful…

In my neck of the woods the weather has been very wet, so all the Maple trees lost their leaves. Other trees are still full of green leaves… Shrunken brown leaves aren’t beautiful, but the world is still beautiful in spite of the blemish of the dead leaves. The trees aren’t dead… just the leaves.

I used to be a very unhappy person… and today I am happy 99% of the time.

All because of the distinction: occurring, and the energy Vine.

Now, a little sidenote: If you are a marketer, if you are in business, if your life and income depends on people wanting what you have to offer, you need to know this intimately.

You need to know that humans are a million times more ready to act on eliminating a ‘problem’, than on creating something good.

So when you ‘sell’ yourself, your service, or your product, you need to talk to the unhappy, the Vine part of a person… and ‘hook them’ with what they don’t want, don’t like, would like fixed.

It’s rhetoric. Trump was great at that… If you ask a Trumpist what they want… they may have a vague answer. But if you ask what they want to fix: I hope you have time to listen… because it’s many.

And your clients, employer, are the same. Hell, until you learn the distinction ‘occurrence’ and reduce your Vine with the energy, you are that way too… You can write a book about what you don’t want, and only a few lines, vague lines, of what you do want.

So if you are ready, get the Vine energy… and if you have time at 2 pm my time (8 pm in Europe, 7 pm in Britain and Ireland, 11 am on the West Coast, 10 pm in India) come to a training workshop… It’s not free… But it is a first of its type.

Get trained to become happy
In the shopping cart you have the option to enroll in today’s workshop, or to buy the 48 Bach Energies, or get both.

And if you think that with reading this email you are home free… you have another thing coming.

PS: Here is one of my teachers’, Sean DeSouza’s really short, really good podcast about the surface of this issue. Enjoy.

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