Want compassion? You need to raise your vibration

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can you have compassion?If you are like me: you want compassion. Especially for your mistakes, your failings. You want understanding. And guess what: it is not easy to come by.

People judge you, like you judge them. People ignore you like you ignore them.

Compassion: you can’t ask for it, you can’t teach it. You can’t mandate it. You’ll find that do-good-ing and pity masquerade as compassion in the world.

But you want to be treated by others as a  person, you want to be treated fairly… but but but…

Compassion is only possible if you can fully place yourself into the other person’s shoes and see that if you had the same gender, the same upbringing, the same history, you would be feeling and doing the exact same things that other person feels and does.

To be able to have compassion for another, you have to consider yourself a person, and you need to have compassion for yourself… See all the past and see that how you are and what you do is an of course… a consequence of your upbringing, your past, your gender, your worldview… And of-course…

To be able to have compassion, you can see, you need high skills, among them being able to write, in your head, that person background… like an actor, or like a movie maker, or a writer.

self-compassionYou have to be interested in the person, you have to see them as a person. And for that you need to see yourself as a person.

And now you see why it is a high vibration skill. Because homo sapiens, the current humanity, views themselves as an object living in a world of objects… and objectified world… that isn’t.

So homo sapiens, whether it is just one person or a group behaves consistent with that worldview.

x-menContrast this with some high vibration people, like Chris Claremont, the Marvel Comic writer, who wrote the X-men stories for 15 years.

His vibration is 450… He sees his audience as people, he saw his mutants as people, as persons… and that resonated with his audience.

While you are viewing yourself as an object, you want to be a person, you want to be treated as a person… and to your chagrin in the world of homo sapiens it is not very likely.

Some of the main issues that cause the low vibration and thus the inability to see personness, an intrinsic value, I measure in your starting point measurements.

Your about-me score, the inverse measure of your humility.
Your disproportionately higher desire than your ambition
And your lack of curiosity

Some people, rare as they may be, authors, can have occasional states very similar to compassion… if and when they had a similar experience as the character they are relating to…

I just finished one of those books by one of those authors, Robert Dugoni, from whom I read every book he has published… In the book ‘Damage Control’ there is a scene where an unusual Hawaiian artist prepares a bag of tea for this woman, and says: drink this tea with one lump of sugar, until it is gone.

She doesn’t know but finds out that the ‘it’ that will be gone is her cancer. Her cancer she never talked about, the cancer this person shouldn’t know about… but obviously he does. How? Why? the Hawaiian artist’s vibration is 500… that is how.

Of course as long as one is anchored to low vibration by the Vine energy, the energy of or-ness, the energy of ‘it is either you OR me’ your vibration will remain low, and your interest in caring will be none… Because inside that paradigm, or-ness, if you care about another person’s interest, you can’t care about your own interest. See it?

With a very few exceptions, and most of them momentary only, humanity’s vibration is 100… survival. Fear.

The low vibration emotions, like all the 48 Bach Energies, are like bra-hooks… until you unhook them all, you are still wearing the bra… I don’t know what men wear that is hooked like a bra… lol.

But if you don’t wear a bra, you have probably struggled with a bra… darn, yet another hook… and the bra wasn’t yours.

Anyway, unless your vibration is 200 or above, your best bet in using the transformative Bach energies to raise your vibration, raise your consciousness, to unhook your ‘bra that keeps you being an object’ is not the audios, but the audios infused in some liquid.

You can order your infused Bach Energies, called Heaven on Earth from me, but you’ll have to order maybe hundreds for you to get to where you really want to be, and that is expensive.

The audio, called HOE long range is your Do it yourself solution.

You play the audio through headphones to a body of water or liquid for a minute or two… The headphones need to be in a position to transfer the vibration directly to the wall of the container… no air in between.

If you are already energizing your water, just add a minute or two after or before you energize your water…

What will you experience?

The energies are ‘homeopathic’ in nature, which means they will feel the same way as the emotion they are designed to neutralize, so they will feel bad.

Greed feels bad. Anger feels bad, Feeling like a victim, feeling like you don’t have enough, feeling jealousy, feeling powerless, etc. all feel bad.

Justifying, arguing, blaming, ranting… yeah, you got it right, they feel bad too. 48 distinct emotions… all feel bad.

You’ll resonate to the energy that you innately have on occasion.

I used to be a drama queen, an victim, resent my fate, arrogant, superior, angry, I am glad I don’t feel that way any more.

Slowly, imperceptibly the Bach Energies I ‘consume’ every single day, have neutralized my tendency to go to those emotions.

Now it is your turn.

Go slow. Go steady. Make it part of your daily habit, just like coffee or tea.

If your vibration is 200 or above… the audios will work for you. The infused energy works faster, by the way, no matter what is your vibration…

To infuse the energy the audio needs to be on a player that can loop the audio. My mobile app can’t. So if that is what you have… you don’t have what it takes to create your own remedy… or to play it in the background and raise your vibration.

Even if you just manage to raise your vibration a few points, the difference is big.

If you remember me saying: vibration is the height from where you observe life, things, including your feelings.

At puny 200 you have already got yourself a little bit above the hubbub and competition of survival, the jungle.

At 200 your experience of danger, fear of annihilation is about half of what it is under 200 vibration.

And if you are at 200… don’t you wish to get higher?

Even if you don’t do any workshops with me, the audios work… Guaranteed. If you use it it works.

Sounds like an AA slogan, doesn’t it?

How do they say? If you work it it works? (There is a popular A.A. slogan: It works if you work it. This is a succinct way of explaining why the Twelve-Step program is so effective.)

Get your Bach Energies

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