If you are stuck… why are you stuck? Energetically…

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You are, energetically, stuck because you don’t see. You don’t see because you are not even looking… or if you are, you are looking at what keeps you stuck, what you have seen a thousand times… and it is not even real.

This article will provide an explanation and a remedy that is not just a set of good ideas you can read anywhere… good ideas that don’t work but sound good. Like the whole f-ing self-improvement industry keeps on giving you.

You have low productivity (if you have any productivity at all) because you are in reaction mode.

What? Read on…

Most people, likely you, fall apart when there is any tension, or urgency… you start to hurry… and hurry is NOT doing things fast, hurry is trying to do things fast… but you never built up to fast.

People who have a life worth writing about take ownership of their lives… in this context, it means that they set up ‘urgency’ situations, or tension… and produce under that created situation.

I am in a hurry 1% of my life, and do things fast but not in a hurry 70% of my life…

You need to build up to speed, you need to build up to spinning many plates, you need to build up to working long hours without a single mistake or complaint.

You won’t be able to go from zero to 100 in one swell swoop.

Another mistake I’ve noticed is being campaign oriented.

When you do the quivers of clarity process in earnest, you’ll know what is your most important thing to do, that doing it will make everything work better, and occasionally make doing other things unnecessary.

If you are one of my students, your ONE THING is to build yourself up. Not your business, not your relationship, not your studies, NO. yourself.

If you don’t put that as your one thing, then you’ll notice eventually, when it’s inconvenient, or when the school years starts, or when you are launching a business, or when you don’t feel well… that is what is going to drop out.

And without YOU being someone who can, someone who will, someone who deals well with adversity, someone who is up to life, none of those other projects work well, and they never will.

Was I conscious about this in the past 36 years? On some level I probably was, because I never missed a day.

my one thingMy one thing was ALWAYS to become all I can become, and I have not stopped… because it is not a mountain that has a peek.

I still have several of my Bach-energy-machine-moves 10% active, and they still hold me back.

Now, a sobering piece of news: your linchpin Bach energy, the essence of your worldview can hide under layers of pretense.

Obviously I can’t see the pattern yet… because I haven’t seen enough instances yet.

But I can tell you that if you have Agrimony (1) in your profile, then the only purpose the Agrimony has there is to hide your anger or hate that the world doesn’t treat you special, more special than others… that the world doesn’t take from everyone else to give you… mostly attention, love, and candy.

And if you have ‘No matter what I do’ (42) in your Bach profile, then that also works as a buffer, a cloak to hide that you are using giving too much as a move to cover up that you are trying to buy with it love, attention, goodwill… but your heart is bitter. That when the world doesn’t respond favorably to your advances, you feel justified to hate…

One of my students has been intensely using the Bach energies to free herself from the prison they create.

She has both Agrimony and ‘No matter what I do’… and to my utter amazement, for the first time since I’ve known her, she is taking responsibility for her giving away all her money… This is working…

So what should you do if you have Agrimony or Agrimony and ‘No matter what I do’ in your profile?

Well, you may need to go around them… they are like a charm, protecting what is underneath them… you can’t win against them directly.

The Effortless Abundance Activator is an amazing bundle of 202 energies, all homeopathic in nature. It includes the 48 Bach Energies, and all the energies of the second and the third phase activation.

The energies, given that they come directly from Source, are smarter than I’ll ever be… they’ll connect to what makes your machine vulnerable, and attack it from there.

The goal is to not have a machine. After all you don’t want to remain an object in a world of object: you want to be a person, don’t you? And with the machine calling all the shots, you don’t have a choice. And living as a machine is miserable, to say the least.

Without a machine manipulating your emotions, you cannot have presence of mind… peace of mind. You simply lose it when the circumstances are not favorable, and you lose all your power. Your intellect can’t shine… you are simply rendered dull, unimaginative, and incoherent.

So you see, if you want to be the best you can be, no matter what is going on, you want to reduce the machine to barely functional… unfortunately you can’t disappear it… but you can diminish it.

If you own the HOE audio, if you own the Effortless Abundance Activator Audio, you are in luck… you can use them, in the background, 24/7 and they will keep you straight…

While they are doing the diminishing work, you may have to go through ‘healing crisis’… but it is a small price to pay for health and happiness, and intelligence… don’t you think so?

In yesterday’s article you could purchase your Bach Profile

In this article I am offering you the Effortless Abundance Activator…

  • with its 202 energies to counter all the attitudes, evil inclination, emotions that hold you back in life, and keep you in the basement of your being.
  • With diligent use AND appropriate action is the world you can elevate yourself to become all you can become.
  • Where your precious ‘I’ and your real you will be the same, or at least very very very close.

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If you have already purchased the Effortless Abundance Audio but have the habit of buy things twice or three times for good measure… I am sending you an email. I honestly hope it won’t go to spam this time… 🙁

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