You don’t see… and you don’t even see that you don’t see

you don't seeYou don’t see… and you don’t even suspect there is anything to see

Almost all the things you want are there, already, but you can’t see… They are not hidden, they are in plain view, but you look straight at them, and to you they are invisible.

What the F… right?

And guess what, it is not just you, it is nearly everyone.

You don’t see yourself, you don’t see others, and you don’t see what is in front of your very eyes.

How do I know?

I used to be like you… and in some areas of life I am still like you.

you see what you have always seenSo what do you see if you don’t see what’s there?

You see only what proves your original story to be true. That you are worthless, that you can’t, that you are smart, stupid, pretty, ugly, blah blah blah.

Your original story was never true… really. And moreover, you looking at the world through a made up persona…

Consider that there is no fixed ‘you’, and consider that is the best news you have heard in a while.

Giving you a billion bucks wouldn’t be as good news as that. Why? because with a fixed ‘you’ you are in a prison. You have no freedom, you have no choices, you have a fixed and puny life.

Your whole life is an illustration of that inane persona you made up when you were three… and anything that accidentally falls outside of that script is an accident, an outlier, a mistake.

city slickersI watched City Slickers yesterday. I loved the movie. It was funny, it was uplifting, and it ended exactly where it needed to end so you won’t see that all three ‘heroes’ will go back to be exactly the way they decided to be when they were three… not how they discovered they could be at this two-week vacation.

You see, in that adventure the three city slickers discovered that they can be heroic, caring, and give all they have to give… and that it is actually fun to give all you’ve got.

So they go back to their lives in the Big City and they think it will be that who they will be… the one who can give all they have to give…

But guess what: I don’t give them more than a month to fall back to their ‘original’ persona, which is, by the way, glum, boring, and puny.

But why?

The nature of the hold that persona has on you cannot and shouldn’t be discounted… It is very strong.

And most ‘modalities’ I know are additive, or exchanging i.e. change who you are to something better.

And no surprises, it doesn’t work.

I participated in Landmark Education for 26 years. Actively, giving all I had to give. Really… I have tears in my eyes as I am saying it… Some pain… don’t worry about it.

Anyway, I was doing what I was trained to do: invented a possibility for myself and my life… and either it was lame, or it was very short-lived. And the same was true for all the people I observed, including leaders… the famous Forum Leaders… bow down…

But I did something brilliant around 1997. My car was in the shop, my usual ride was not available, so I called to the Landmark office in the morning to say that I wasn’t going to make it to my seminar in the evening. My seminar leader happened to be in the office, so she got on the phone and said something that was the trigger: ‘I know who you are!’ She said.

Of course I didn’t think she meant she knew my identity. I was sure she meant ‘I know you are [what I had been saying about myself since I was three]’

And my rule is that I can say that, but you are not allowed to say that. So my self-righteous indignation formulated a response, that I didn’t say out-loud, thank god. The answer to that was a declaration ‘No you don’t… There is no way I am going to be anything less than magnificent.’

And I decided go to the seminar… whatever it takes.

Now, listen to that ‘self-definition’ again: There is no way I am going to be anything less than magnificent…

Does it say I’ll be magnificent? No… I still, after decades, have no idea what magnificent would look like.

No, it said: anything not magnificent is not me…

So, accidental brilliance, I defined my behavior for the future as a distinguishing, not as a definition.

To what degree did I manage to be that? 50%.

I know, not the number you expected… but it is what it is.

50% of the time I manage to use that declaration as guidance… and that took me to a place where I can be 90% of the time happy.

The technology is actually the technology of the Anna Karenina Principle… Where the happy families are similar in what they don’t do… while the unhappy families do things that make them unhappy, choosing from the millions of different things to do.

So what does it have to do with seeing?

You see, if you bring the same principle to seeing, opportunities, for example, the thing to avoid, the thing to banish, the thing to go away from is ‘not seeing’.

If you can manage to hate ‘not seeing’ more than you love and crave seeing, you will be a winner, my man. Or woman.

So if you hate ‘not-seeing’, then you’ll stand in front of that which is there but not visible, and keep on standing and staring, until it shows its face.

Every.single.person can do it.

But how many people actually do it? 1%. And who makes the most money in the world? That same 1%.

Forget about hating failing. Forget about loving success. Forget about being liked… Forget about being approved of. Forget about getting attention. Forget about all the things you crave.

And start focusing on one thing, one thing only, a thing that you are willing to hate more than you love all those other things.

What will it be? Pretense? Being puny, cowardly, complacent, fearful, avoiding, bombastic, narcissistic, self-centered? Pick your one thing.

And then start seeing it everywhere, and start NOT be that way… minute by minute by minute.

One of these, for me, was to be ‘personally offended’.

I caught myself yesterday personally offended. The coach didn’t want to hear what I had to say. The other people on the call didn’t want to hear what I had to say. When I remarked ‘for people on this call everything I say is noise’ they didn’t protest.

So I was fuming. I contemplated leaving. I hated them. I spent an hour of my life to live in that ‘personally offended’ state.

Even though over the years I managed to get away from it… 60% or the time. So it is at 40%.

But it is not fully gone, but it is not my current one thing.

My current one thing is cowardice… masquerading as ‘I can’t’ and maybe even as ‘I don’t wanna’

It has to go… So it is my current one thing.

I have had many one-things… And you should too.

But remember: one thing is not two-things…

You cannot work on more than one thing at a time.

Maybe your one thing is comfort, complacency, survival.

For many of you whom I know it is… it is your one thing… or it could be.

Ultimately you decide… and then don’t quit until you bring it down to 30%…

Share with me what is your one thing…

What do I have to offer other than sympathy?

The Effortless Abundance Activator.

Why that? Because it has all the energies to support your intent to go away from that one thing… by first making it obvious and unmissable that it’s there.

You see, without the energies you are probably lying to yourself. The energies make it harder to lie and believe your own lies.

On another note: tomorrow (Saturday, September 4) is my birthday.

As is my custom, I’d like to give you a gift to celebrate.

  • If you don’t have the HOE audio, I’ll give it to you for free if you buy the Effortless Abundance Activator.
  • If you have both… I’ll give you something physical… a headset? A bottle of Heaven on Earth? Sleep headphones? A chip with some audio on it? Something you already bought… of course. Ask me what I have… I only have one high quality mini speaker… I will even pay for shipping inside the United States. Outside? I’ll make you pay for shipping. Not fair? Oh well… Such is life. Not playing with your rules.

Let me know what you’d like… If it is somewhat reasonable, I’ll give you exactly that.

So email me, or put your request in the comments…

And here is for those who don’t have the Effortless Abundance Activator:

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