Most things are only visible in hindsight.

hindsightMost things are only visible in hindsight.

Good or bad, it is immaterial.

    • My chiropractor has been unavailable Tuesday mornings for almost a month. By now I hurt. I spent two hours last night trying to get comfortable before I could fall asleep.I would have never know how much I need regular adjustments without taking a long break. Going there every week, kind of poo-pooing the individual experiences is what it’s taken me to be virtually pain free.I shared it with the chiropractor, because I thought that it is a good idea for his marketing: after all most people do not go to chiropractors, because they can’t even imagine that it can help… or they go when they are really broken.

      —A few years ago…

      … I cancelled a business that although it didn’t need any work, it also didn’t make much money. I impulsively pulled the plug on it… and then I was in for a surprise. The business paid in many tiny ways… surviving without those near-invisible little incomes has been a challenge… when they were coming like clockwork, I discounted them… yes, me.

    • Doing the work to bring your vibration up is not time-consuming, though you need to pay attention. When you get busy and your vibration suddenly drops through the floor… suddenly you are aware that the little bit of work, the attention actually did something… when you wake up one morning dull, dense, and trying to keep up with yourself… you can feel the difference in the vibration: what a few days ago was easy and obvious become “what is this?” when your vibration drops.Same with drinking Energized Water. You don’t notice it much… but when you discount it and stop… wow, unbelievable… you crash, you have no energy.Same with the Energy Remedies… when you stop, suddenly the emotions overpower you, or with the Effortless Abundance Activator… when you stop, suddenly you don’t feel like working, you hope, you wish, you yearn… but no action.
    • I used to get 4-5 serious colds a winter, with high fever, aches and pains.I haven’t had a cold for longer than a few hours for a year now. But last winter, every morning I woke up with sore throat and a totally dry mouth.I created the HOE long range two years ago. I have combined it with other activators… and am using it on at least two players in my apartment, day and night.

      I haven’t waken up with dry mouth or sore throat ever since.

      I could stop running the audios, but it is too much price to pay for an experiment. I am sure that I stopped snoring, I stopped having my nose plugged up, and nothing else changed but the fact that I am playing the audios.


  • I used to fret, pray, beg to whatever or whoever, so money starts coming in. I used to click on every email, every ad that seemed to promise to solve the money issue for me. I spent the little money I had on software, plans, that turned out to take too much time to learn, too much energy to use.


Then, I started to experiment with an energy, the energy of abundance, I call it, but really it is the energy of greed that counteracts the tightness, the drive, the urge, the insistence, the urgency, the pushing of the emotion I call greed.

I added it, as a layer, to my HOE recording. Then I added the Unconditional Love Activator to it… and slowly, the unique combination of energies produced the result I wanted: peace of mind, clarity, being on purpose without tightness, a certain “of course” state of mind, without having to say it, affirm it, repeat it.

the calm of a winner:abundanceIn addition to the inner state of mind, the outside, the world, business started to respond. I had grace and ease in doing the work I needed to do, and the world came and sales started to come in.

It was both… I did what I needed to do, without suffering, without sacrificing, without grumbling, and the results followed.

It is available to you, my dear reader.

I was reluctant for a long time…

Why? Because the word “abundance” has been bastardized by so many people. When you go to google, it shows money raining… but that is the effect of abundance, not the cause. The cause is the state this activator creates: clear, intelligent, thoughtful, and not needy, not jerky, not pushy, not tight. And, of course, the actions that produce value that can be traded for money!

The main part, of course, is the activator. It contains 192 different energies. You can’t escape them, they work on you. And they work on your environment too.

One of my students is a sales manager… I bet she will play it in the office… what a boon!

The secondary parts are a report, and ways to make the energies work more effectively, deeper on you. Especially in releasing blockages.

And then there are the meditations that include the energies and a way to use them co-creatively, how to actually consciously release that tightness, the tightness of greed and unwillingness.

The effectiveness quadruples from the weekly 10-15 minute effort. Priceless.

You can get them all, or you can get them in parts… If you need, I can even set up payment plan for you: would 4-pay work? $15 a month? Just let me know.

Here is the sales page: abundance

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Most things are only visible in hindsight.”

  1. Sophie, I’m on the other side of the world to you, and have done the chiropractor for more years than I can count. Love my chiro,, but adjustments didn’t hold for more than a few days. In order to pay the chiro fees, I had to clean a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, upstairs & downstairs home to pay for one visit,, yes abundance issues for sure! Check out the ‘trueback’. has saved my life from debilitating sciatica while still having to function in the world. Am so grateful this ‘cheap piece of plastic’ came into my world,,, wished I had thought of it:) no need to respond or print this on your newsletter… just google it,, it helps so very much… in lots of ways,, wish every home had one.
    Much appreciation for all your newsletter/blogs.

  2. Sophie, how does worthiness fit in? Can one attract abundance and let it slip away? I am ready for both abundance and worthiness.

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