Your physical brain and your IQ: can you get smarter?

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the fallacy of the brain and intelligenceYesterday one of my long time students surprised me with sending me a ‘meme’ that had a quote from one of my articles.

No coincidences in the world… if you have a wide enough cone of vision you’ll know that.

We’ll explore the drama that is hidden in this sentence. Because there is drama, oftentimes tragedy there.

Sidenote: As I was looking for suitable images for this article, I was struck by the overwhelming confusion about intelligence, the brain’s role in it, meditation, and brain exercises. Most of what is written is horseh!t… truth value: 0%. 

  • 1. So I’ll begin with the word coincidence… coincidence means two things happen that are not connected… (a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.)

Someone is born on 9/11… the same day airplanes are flown into buildings… and people die. The two events are not connected.

Human nature looks for connections. Human nature is to look in the mind for connections. Not in reality, in the mind, where only the meanings live. None of the actual happenings live in the mind, only the story you made up about it.

So human nature has a tendency to look in the story… and make a huge mess… connect similar stories, completely ignoring reality.

This is underneath innocent people going to jail and guilty people getting off Scot free.

Or this is underneath conspiracy theories… the meaning, the stories sound viable… but reality is completely ignored.

Or this is underneath your health being the way it is… sh!tty… Or psychology… or much of what is considered science nowadays.

So, you see, that the quote doesn’t talk about one element that is under ‘truth value’ or astuteness: where are you looking?

If and when you have the habit to look in the mind, the meaning storehouse of the brain, your assessment’s truth value is low. Often as low as zero percent… meaning it is all complete b.s.

  • 2. Let’s get to the second part: cone of vision.

cone of visionYour cone of vision is an actual cone inside which you see colors. Outside of that cone you see gray scale.

Back in 1996 my cone of vision was about 3%… There is the focal line, and the radius of the cone is the number… so if a person can see about 110 degrees without moving their eyes, the 3% means that I saw about six percent of it in color, and the rest of it in black and white.

My accuracy, my astuteness inside the 6% was OK… but if a dot connected to what I saw in color fell outside of the 6%, my accuracy, my conclusion fell into pitifully wrong…

My mood for life came from these inaccurate, faulty conclusions. I was miserable most of the time.

I got lucky: a client suggested that I get eye behavioral treatment.

I did and my life will never be the same.

My cone of vision is 30% now, and I can even ‘flash it out’, meaning widen it, temporarily, when I feel it’s necessary. Like when I write an article, or when I talk to someone… flash it out so what they say that sounds untrue to me, or foreign, or stupid, can be seen in the same glance, in the same cone, as what I consider true.

It’s a lot like gymnastics… my years of working on the uneven bars provides the courage and the ability to trust that there is something there… even though it feels like I am falling off a cliff. Precarious. Dangerous. Because the other dot, the new thing I want to include in my cone of vision is in the black and white… and feels unreal, and dangerous.

OK, if the above paragraph didn’t make sense, just ignore it… Most people can do really well just expanding their cone of vision.

So why do it?

This is the next thing to discuss… and it will not be pleasant.

There is a gap between people’s brain potential and what they can do with it in the real world.

There is an ongoing argument on Quora saying: you cannot raise your IQ. The underlying fallacy is that you use what you have… and that is your IQ.

But it is not accurate.

There are many factors, among them the factor: how much you use your brain… and for most people this number is very low. Most people, as I have said… Most people don’t look in reality, most people don’t think, most people simply look in the mind at the Tree of Knowledge, the interpretation of things, and that is all they do. So they literally don’t use the brain.

When you watch people’s eyes, they can go up and left, they can go up and right, they can go straight up, and they can stay in the middle.

Straight up means: they are looking in the mind. Left means they are making up a lie. Right means they are looking at what happened, a memory. And staying in the middle: they are actually using their frontal cortex, reasoning: hard work.

Einstein’s claim to fame, in this regard, was that his physical brain and his output were telling a different story. His physical brain predicted an IQ 120, but his prodigious use of this thinking brain due to his curiosity created an unusually dense network of brain fibers, making his brain able to perform at 160 IQ level.

Conversely, most people I know have a physical brain that can produce at a 140 (I measured the dude who sent me the meme) with an actual output of 100 IQ.

The three components I have been able to distinguish are (1) the curiosity and resulting thinking work, like Einstein did, and the second, that connects this to this article: (2) the cone of vision.

And the third, the most important: (3) where are you looking. What are you interacting with: reality or the interpretations? Are you looking to see in reality or in the mind? Looking in the mind is also looking in the emotions.

This third one is the most important factor.

And this is also the factor that is most influenced by emotions, the phenomena that got homo sapiens stuck.

The correct name for the evolutionary stage of the current humanity would be: humanoids that live in the mind and the emotions that are created by interpretations and meaning. Or the homo motus… stirred, agitated, moved by meaning.

my one thingWhen I say your One Thing should be to weaken this homo motus tendency, to pay attention instead to the body and reality, I am attempting to cause you to be astute, and free. Free from the prison of the meanings. Free from the puppets that pull you this way and that. Free to become all you can become.

If you look in the mind to check if this resonates with you: your mind will say b.s. on this. Your mind is like a dark entity preferring to hold all the strings. To call all the shots.

The mind, the meanings are like virus or cancer, it doesn’t care that it kills you… And it does.

It makes you look in meanings, it makes you narrow your cone of vision and focus on what you want that would fix what you hate.

A narrower and narrower cone of vision, zooming in your concern.

Where attention goes energy flows… But your whole life, your whole body is not getting any of that… you are giving energy only to your mind.

  • The people whom I know that fret about having cancer, or having to get up to pee throughout the night.
  • The fat people who fret about hunger…
  • The fearful people who can only see what they are afraid of
  • The angry people who see more to be angry about every day
  • The depressed people who have less and less aliveness, less and less reason to live

And that is how the dark side works… the dark side inside you: the mind.

I have raised my IQ from 100 in 1996, to 170 right now. Can I raise it further? Muscletest says yes. Muscletest says 200 is my limit.

What is my physical brain capacity? It’s a puny 120 performing at 170… Back in 1996, three years before my major brain damage, it was 140… performing at 100.

You see, that it is behavior that increases IQ, not the physical limitations… Although if you have plaque on your brain then you may want to attend to that first… after all plaque reduces the brain’s ability to function.

When you look at a brain like a car, it’s ability to drive, hold the road, be stable and reliable even on higher speeds depends on two things: the car itself and the driver.

I am able to drive my smallish brain like a race car… while you, my dear, may drive your biggish brain like real old people drive their big strong car, ten miles under the speed limit.

Have a desire to bring out more from your ‘vehicle’?

I think that the crucial and biggest difference for me was my ability to take risks.

I was afraid, frightened, but I didn’t allow fear to stop me from going outside of my cone of vision. I took risks… I moved from country to country, from state to state, from profession to another profession without having any idea what is awaiting me.

I abandoned one livelihood for a potential.

So, when you look at the likelihood of you growing your actual brain capacity, you need to look into fear and trust.

Both are emotions mostly, even though fear does have a feeling component.

  • If you are short on trust, especially self-trust, your first step is to weaken that emotion with the 48 energies of the HOE.
  • If you are fearful… ditto.

Hundreds and hundreds of people already own the HOE audio… and another few hundred own the Effortless Abundance Activator… that has those Bach energies in it as well.

If you don’t have them… you are out of luck… for a while I have put the offer back to the vault…

If you have the Big Bundle audio… Use that.

If you don’t… you can get it now. It will do one things: it will start healing what is off-kilter in your body. It has its own intelligence: you cannot direct it. It will start where it wants to start… But if you use it long enough it will get to every part of your body. It uses your brain, and your own immune system to heal. That is pretty much the only function of the energy: waking up the body’s consciousness.

And it will potentially wake up your conscious awareness that you are looking in the mind, that you are not looking in reality.

For you fearful ones: all your fear comes from the mind… not from reality. We live in a world where it is really difficult to fall… or fail. You need to do an awful lot of things wrong for it to happen.

The Big Bundle, potentially, will redirect your attention to reality where there is only fear to fear.

Get the big bundle
One of my students said that when she sees that I discount something, she interprets it as my message to her: I want you to have it: it’s important. Hm… So shall I discount the Big Bundle?

OK, I bite. Let’s see how many of you have the same interpretation, that it’s important.

Before I set up some coupon code… let me answer a few questions that will come up: 1. the big bundle only works through headphones… it does NOTHING as a background, it does NOTHING infused… It needs to talk directly to your brain. 2. can the big bundle be used while other energies are playing? yes. no problem. 3. could I combine the big bundle with the HOE? the answer is: I have. the combined energies, combined on Source level, not audio level… is called Big Big Bundle.

All right… coupon code to emphasize that this is important to YOU… the coupon code expires on Monday two days from now. the code is IMPORTANT

I am tricky… subliminal… NLP… lol. Anyway, it is important… to YOU.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “Your physical brain and your IQ: can you get smarter?”

  1. I think of IQ as computer ROM vs RAM. The ROM is the set score (or range) a test will give you. But in active use, your RAM allocates potential, and you can do things to increase it’s efficiency. I’ve had terribly slow computers with a lot of ROM, but optimizing your processor speed is what matters. Hope that makes sense.

  2. it makes sense in a shallow way… humans are not computers…

    please get me to check your vibration… this and the comment before feel like you have dropped your vibration to about 100…

  3. My comment was just a comment. I spent two of my four years in college studying the brain. Its structure & function, cognition, conditioning and learning, hormonal and chemical cause vs effect, body language and behavior, among many other things. Science is not even close to understanding the intricacies of this “organ” and I definitely have opinions on the subject based on the research. To be brief, the plasticity of the brain is astounding and when a well-worn neural pathway is damaged or blocked, it creates new ones. Human consciousness can also render a pathway unusable. In other words, you can “rewire” your brain by choice with long-term focused attention and hard work. The human heart also contains neurons (called sensory neurites) which communicate with the brain and it’s energy field is 5000 times greater than the brain’s. Can you raise your IQ? Yes. Your intelligence? Yes. Your awareness and “awakeness?” Yes. It didn’t occur to me that expressing a thought, however simple, could be the basis for such a judgement. And my vibration is already 100.

  4. yes, I checked, your vibration is 100 and was 100.

    my problem with your recent posts is that the nature of my website is not compatible with your style of comment which is a kind of lecturing…

    If you feel that is a personal message to me because I am too uneducated, or ignorant of the brain, then next time do me a favor and send it to me… I am sure I’ll appreciate it a lot… even if I have read exactly the same books as you’ve read, because I’ll consider it a contribution.

    Your comments would get a lot of likes on, by the way..

  5. I think I understand. I clearly felt threatened and defensive and came off as such, as I often do. My comments speak to my lack of confidence in my own knowledge, not to an opinion of yours. I read your articles because I feel I learn from them, I wouldn’t intend to “teach you” something on your own site. My apologies for that and that my comments are not in keeping with what you’re doing here. Thanks for the reply, you’ve given me some points for introspection.

  6. no hard feelings Jayme… there is a way to talk about what you are not confident about, that communicates it, and makes you vulnerable AND lovable… you may want to try it out.

  7. Yes. And I will try. Your honesty is refreshing, as always. Your words sting on occasion, especially when I know they’re true. I remain a glutton for it. Thank you.

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