Permission to grow… permission to experience discomfort.

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permission to growI read this quote in an email today.

I have done nothing all summer but wait for myself to be myself again.‘ — Georgia O’Keeffe.

What she doesn’t know, that if and when you become new, bigger, etc. then you’ll be yourself… but bigger… And in the meantime it won’t be very pleasant to grow. There is an expression: growing pains… and it is true, it is real.

This quote could be your slogan while you go through the brain balancing sequence for the next weeks, months, so you emerge more whole, more complete than you have ever hoped to be.

And you’ll need it.

If you think it is difficult and painful get your car out from two vehicles that are an inch from your car… then you know what we are doing… it takes tens, maybe hundreds of small moves for the brain to re-adjust to the new constellation and be stable again.

I may be going through it more dramatically than you are… let’s hope it’s so.

Although one person is getting rashes as the first symptoms.

I have noted previously that there are seven kinds of people as far as healing goes:

1. they don’t want to heal. they are hellbent to stay the way they are
2. they want healing but can’t stand the heat of the kitchen, so they escape into some kind of dulling thing, like drugs or alcohol
3. have no symptoms, experienced, they are numb, or unaware…
4. have mild symptoms, and they are instant
5. have mild symptoms, but they don’t seem to be connected, for them, to the healing, they see them as unconnected
6. like me, have harsh symptoms instantly
7. they have delayed symptoms, and they don’t learn from them, because they come without rhyme and reason… unless they can connect the dots.

It’s better for you to know what you are going through. Why? Because then you can expect yourself to become different.

If you don’t know what changes, then you may behave as if nothing changed… and that is a tragedy, I think.

thin rope on elephant is like your anchor to doomYou’ll behave like the grown elephant who still thinks that they are chained… while there is only the memory of the chain is there.

That leads me to look at another issue: of people who never look in reality, only in their memory, only in Tree of Knowledge.

Your actual feelings (not emotions, feeling!) are reality… and they talk to you. If you look there for guidance, your new reality, the reality where you have permission, will guide you. But if you look in your memory… alas, you’ll be guided by what has always been your world… no permission.

I said it a million times, and I will, probably, say another million times:

context is decisive.

If you know you are supposed to go through something because the brain is trying to create a new balanced state, then your context are going to: pain is good news: the gene adjustment worked… In that context.

If you, for example, asked me to adjust your daughter’s genes, and never told her: she will have symptoms that come out of the blue, and she will be scared, and you’ll treat the symptoms, go to doctors, and do what you have always done… and it is possible that the brain says: I can just go back the way it was…

For me everything used to be a big drama. A roller coaster.

In addition to gene adjustment by Source, you can have a gene adjustment, and/or a brain adjustment from circumstances. A personal tragedy, an accident, or, as in my case happened, brain damage due to overwork, not sleeping for too long, or a surgery.

If someone has a brain surgery, you expect their personality to change, don’t you?

But interestingly, none of those brain damages changed me… while the grand mal seizure caused by the Holosync audio did change me…

Interestingly, I had the massive brain damage five years prior to this Holosync incident.

The brain didn’t realize it had changed…

…until the Holosync audio started to shake it and it felt that it had holes in it, and unless it does something, it will fall apart.

Thankfully my brain didn’t want to fall apart, so parts, like little kids, parts of it reached out to hold onto other parts… made itself, energetically, like a sphere… and that was that.

I came out of that incident a changed person.

Stronger, less needy, more confident, and more tolerant. I moved out of my boyfriend’s apartment, and rented my own. I still live in the apartment I moved into then.

I found a way to make money, to make the best in my circumstances.

And I came out of it winning… relatively speaking.

Unfortunately, the thing that never changed, never turned on on its own, is the permission gene. A gene that naturally would turn on when the two child genes turn off, around age 4. I was sexually abused at the time, and talking about it made friends’ parents prohibit their children to play with me. The permission gene could not turn on… because of this, or why? It didn’t turn on for my brothers either… and it wasn’t ever on for my parents either.

The permission gene that would allow me to make as much positive splash in the world as I am able to.

Source says I am not delusional when I say my discoveries are Nobel Prize worthy.

Books are written about smart people doing stupid things.

Everyone knows very smart, highly educated people who have never amounted to much if anything.

Some people suspected that they don’t have permission… and tried giving them permission, suggesting that they give themselves permission, and it doesn’t work, didn’t work, can’t have worked. Not even in hypnosis.

Because unfortunately permission is an in the genes issue… not intellectual. As are (gene issue) all the 162 spiritual capacities I have been talking about for ten years or so.

You are born with whichever genes, some expressed and some unexpressed… They are on or off.

Epigenetic shifts can turn capacities, genes on… but epigenetic shifts are rare… they require extraordinary pressure, threat for the individual to stay alive… and only a few go through that. Near death experience is like the kind of pressure that is needed for epigenetic shift to take place.

When geneticists look at the gene tree, they don’t look where I look… they look, at this point, I think, only to health, or more precisely disease.

They would, probably, never discover the permission gene…

Because when you compare famous high achievers and same IQ no achievers, seemingly there is nothing different in their DNA.

But when I muscle test really exceptional people, people who have seemingly defied gravity, when muscletested, they most test yes for the permission gene.

The infamous Elizabeth Holmes… permission gene off.

And I have muscletested some more infamous people who got famous not for their work but for pedophilia, or fraud, or some other immoral reasons… and all test ‘no’ for the permission gene.

Even Steve Jobs didn’t have the permission gene on.

It’s rare that it’s on.

Now, if you have no skills, no useful knowledge, no character, nothing going for you without the permission gene, you’ll still have to get all that knowledge, skills, character, to stand out and become someone worth writing about.

But if the lack of permission kept you stuck in a worldview that rendered you non-productive, for example, then the first symptom of the permission gene is that you can change your mind about the world and about yourself.

Einstein said something really perfect for here: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

But to look at things differently, you need to be willing to change how you look.

And I don’t know who said it, but the ability and the willingness to change is the divider between intelligent and not intelligent.

OK, I found the quote I was looking for, and it WAS said by Einstein: The measure of intelligence is the ability to change

And I think that the permission gene is about that: the ability to change. Change your mind, change what you see, change where you are looking from… become flexible in that.

So here are a few interesting things: Warren Buffet: his permission gene is off. He changed his trading behavior only because of his partner Charlie Munger suggested that he does… Without that Warren Buffet would not be famous, he would be a penny stock trader, insignificant.

So, as you see, many famous and rich people don’t have the permission gene on… Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, JFK, etc.

Einstein said something else about intelligence: The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

What he meant, I think, is the permission to think outside of the confines of the known.

If we look at science fiction authors, some have the permission gene on, and most don’t.

Jules Verne did. Stanislaw Lem didn’t. H.G. Wells did. Ray Bradbury did. Margaret Atwood did. Aldous Huxley did. If I didn’t mention their name, alive or dead, they probably tested no.

So in the past week or so we have added some 20+ people to this exclusive group of people: people who have their permission gene on.

Some of them report to me in email, as they promised, to let me know what they are experiencing.

I, for one, had the weirdest experience yesterday.

I have known that I am fishing in a shallow pond with my brilliant products… and I am, consequently, selling very little… just enough to survive.

So yesterday, for the first time, I saw that my product, what I am selling, what is unique about me, is not my knowledge, but my energy products.

And that if I were willing to move myself to a bigger bond where people actually want better performance in life, better than they have, instead of nearly zero in my current pond, I could make a whole lot more money.

And instead of hoping to coach them, I can let other people coach them… but let them use my energy products to become someone who, with coaching, can be extraordinarily successful.

I could have never thought that a week ago… in fact I bought a book last week to create better offers, and my goal was to create a better offer in the small pond…

When I look at a coaching program I am paying for currently, the participants in it are not on the level I would do best with my products… The people I would do best with are on a higher level of success right now.

Even higher level than my coaches.

Is that a big pool? Higher level than my coaches? No, it isn’t… but my products can take all the way to heaven… while my current coaches consider what I do woowoo…

For the first time in my life, I am reluctant to give the power away.

Until a week ago I would have just adjusted my coaches’ genes, gratis, because I could…

But today I want to get paid for it. Credit for it. Huh?! that is very new to me.

Almost all my life I lived that if you stand out, if you get noticed, you’ll get killed. It’s a worldview.

And suddenly I want to stand out. I must have changed my mind. Hah. Excellent.

I can’t wait to see what else is changing.

Oh, and the pounds I am packing on due to eating to suppress the unpleasant symptoms of the brain trying to re-shape itself… I am confident that I’ll drop it once this craziness is over. Even if I’ll get as rounded as a football… lol

PPS: A few decades ago I saw that if you were stranded on an uninhabited island, your behavior there would say a lot about you. Mainly: how far are you willing to go, willing to swim from safety to find a way off the island.

Even then, decades ago, I knew it was a very important ‘measure’, but I didn’t know why.

I left Hungary (the island of safety) to go to Israel, then I left Israel to go to America, then I left New Jersey (felt like home) to go to New York… and yet, I got poorer with every change…

So I had permission to swim far, but I didn’t have permission to have it better.

I still operated within the confines of that safety… Until now. Isn’t it a shame that I am almost too old to become all I can become?

PPPS: I just double checked: the ‘infusible’ energies, HOE, Effortless Abundance Activator, Unconditional Love, The Energizer work best infused in liquid and consumed, second best straight into your ears, and least if played in the background.

I am working on an energy audio to adjust your ‘child genes’ that were supposed to turn off around age 3, and the permission gene, that was supposed to turn on at age 4-ish…

And I want to make the energy strong enough to be able to effect the listener’s genes without me having to do it for them. This is what I hope will make it possible for me to do the work I do on developing more of the time than actually filling orders, and be like a mom and pop store… limited income… lot of work, little to show for it.

So, with that said, what should you do today to forward your life… what shall I ask you to do?

As you see, my habit is to ask you to do something every day. And to my utter displeasure, about 70% of you NEVER does anything I ask you to do.

Do you see why I want to serve a different crowd? If you are not interested or if you are too arrogant to do anything I ask you to do, I really don’t consider you my client, someone I actually can help.

Ugh, is what I say. I can’t help you if you don’t do what I tell you to do… And if I can’t help you, why would I want to talk to you?

So I’d like you to sign up to my mobile app…  There is a ton of stuff there that is free and interesting and entertaining… Here is the link:

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