Why would he with a 160 IQ produce low truth value science?

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iq vs characterOr an even better question: can that same dude see clearly that his science is only 10% truth value?

And another puzzling question: what does it feel like being a shyster?

Does it matter that he is a Pisces?

The issue is, I say, character.

What is character and why is it more important than IQ?

This dude’s soulcorrection is the same as mine… Forget Thyself. Is lying part of my soulcorrection? Hm.

Soul correction is a machine with a set of character defects. Lying is a character defect.

34 Forget Thyself, fancies itself above others. Its main move is condescension… look down upon… with superiority and contempt. Despise those who are less in its eyes, in its opinion.

This superiority is addictive. It comes with an automatic craving. And a 34 (and I believe 25 as well) considers that feeding the craving is more important than the truth.

How do I know? Being a 34 I have been fighting this addiction ever since it was pointed out to me, some 20 years ago. I didn’t really see it until then.

Today you’ll hear me self-correcting, frequently saying something bombastic, catching it, and saying… oops, that was a lie, of ‘I just lied‘and then continuing with what is true. Without even a hint of making myself wrong or making correcting it right.

I have learned that you cannot control the machine. The machine is a machine… but you can manage the machine, or at least the output.

  • Lie is an output. You can catch it, and correct it. The earlier in the cycle you catch it, the more effective your life becomes.
  • Condescension is an output: you can catch it and correct it.
  • Superiority is an output…

I have found that since I virtually stopped lying, my productivity has risen.

I am not my machine… so even if the machine lies, I can correct… I am not in control, but I am in control of the final output.

I’ll get back to the lying scientist in a minute, but let me spend a few minutes with the 25’s… speak your mind soulcorrection people.

The name of the soulcorrection should be speak the truth… or maybe ‘stop lying

If 34’s lie, then 25’s LIE… notice the all caps.

34 people tend to know they are lying, 25 people believe their own lies for the most part. And therefore they don’t do work, not much if any.

All the 25 people I know used other people to get to a place where they can earn a living, because they didn’t do any of the work. The machine wouldn’t allow them. Wow.

Numerology says that 25’s and 34’s have a trust issue: but of course it takes one to know one. If you are trustworthy, then you won’t see lying, cheating everywhere!

One of the main reasons books of numerology, psychology, etc. are not higher truth value, because they are afraid to speak the truth… the truth is not popular… and buttering up people pays the bills. But it is lying.

To tell someone, point blank, that they are a liar, doesn’t make anyone popular. The fact that that one person, 10 years ago, told me I was a liar, speaks of their character: they valued being of service over being popular.

Of course lying isn’t done only by 34’s and 25’s…

…it is a popular way to gain unearned advantage, or avoid due punishment… there is even a book, called ‘Born Liars’ by popular journalist, Leslie Ian, a British dude.

The biggest difference between 34 and 25 is that 25 believes their own ‘press’… cleverly focusing their energies to unverifiable areas of life, mostly spiritual… Except for a few that can catch them in their lies, they go unpunished, maybe all through their lives.

I had two friends, 25’s, a psychiatrist, and a chiropractor. Both know mighty little in their profession, shoring themselves up with ‘spiritual’ mumbo jumbo… poor clients. As is my 25 client/student, who focuses on The Sight capacity, brags about it, instead of making a living… or doing pretty much anything with her life.

Was that condescending? Maybe. But it felt more like frustration and sadness to me.

OK, Back to the scientist… His start was, don’t laugh, as a white hat hacker. White hat hackers lie, deceive, fake for a living.

They pretend to rob a bank… either digitally or for real. They are paid by the bank or the financial institution. And most importantly: They have the thrill of being a criminal without much of the cost.

It’s a fantastic job for a 34… Their ability to lie seamlessly is a plus there.

Then he moved to science… brain science. At the same time he is teaching fiction writers… who also lie for a living.

10% truth value means 90% fiction…

And being a 34 he knows. And he enjoys the deceit. It makes him feel superior.

He talks faster than most people can listen… yaaay… another effective move.

But is he happy? No. Glee is not happiness. Does he have permanent and nurturing relationships? probably not.

Even a reformed liar won’t…

I say, for happiness, for fulfillment, character is more important than IQ.

Why is that so?

I say that we all have two selves. The self for public consumption, and the private self, the one we know we are. The two are obviously at odds. In every person? yes.

There is also a third component, the North Star… called matzpun in Hebrew, (compass) and conscience in English. Lelkiismeret in Hungarian: the soul knowing you, seeing you. I see you! Even thinking that word makes me shiver. Hm.

The third component KNOWS who you are supposed to be, how you are supposed to behave. You can see the tension, can’t you?

Unless all three are in harmony, happiness is not forthcoming.

When you can love yourself, you love your life. Happiness is loving your life.

And that is where character trumps IQ…

I have made several small adjustments to my behavior in the past 20 years… and with every adjustment, I’ve managee to love myself more. And at the same time I love my life, Life more.

Where am I at? At 70%.

This is the integrity number I measure in the Starting Point Measurements.

When you lie, it is mostly the machine.
When you don’t see that what you said was a lie… that is lack of intelligence.
If you see but not self-correct: that is character defect.

  • Can low IQ people be happy? Yes.
  • Can high IQ people be happy? not unless they have, also, character.

Now, what should you do with this information?

For one: it is a good idea to know your soulcorrection, your machine, so you know what is the machine and what is you.

You are the driver, you want to be responsible… which mostly means: correcting what the darn machine does… for example lying. Or Not wanting to do anything. Or wanting to borrow value from other people (a 32 soulcorrection behavior).

Your soulcorrection number is a two-digit number. It tells most of the story. The component numbers, 3 and 4 in my soulcorrection, add details, as does the one-digit number of the sum of those two numbers… mine is 7.

Having an intimate knowledge of your Dark Side, which the Soul Correction really is, you can develop sound strategies to beat the machine at its own game, and get to a harmony of the selves inside, so you can love yourself and love your life.

Soul correction workshop

This is especially important if I have adjusted your baby genes (turned them off) and/or if I have adjusted your permission gene (turned it on). Why? Because those genes that should be off, and the gene that should be on, interfere with your ability and even willingness to do your work, and be responsible for your machine. https://www.yourvibration.com/adjustDNA


…the more unproductive, miserable and unbearable your life feels to you, the less you are going to be willing to allow the gene adjustments to do their profound changing of your view of life, and thus your behavior.

I had a call with three people yesterday… quite dramatic call, all about what you are willing to allow, what you are willing to do for a life you can love and live powerfully…

There was a 32 (Memories) person, a 25 (Speak your mind) person, and a 32 (Finish what you start) person present. And myself (34 Forget Thyself)

The call reveals the shadow self, the Dark Side, the machine… and therefore could be useful to you. If you want to listen to it, please email me. (The Thrust FROM Method)

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Why would he with a 160 IQ produce low truth value science?”

  1. Sophie,
    In these last 2 weeks, my very close friends and I have been horribly exposed to (NOW as we know 9/23) a psychopath liar. He is in jail, at court was in a straight jacket ( reported by her lawyer.) This experience was REALLY scary (I observe in myself) because I believe I’m trustworthy and WOW this guy was a BIG HUGE LIAR and we didn’t know. He may have believed himself, which is sad. It does take me a long time to read and digest your articles. I don’t know what to say about this one. I am still reeling from all emotions. Thank you for listening.

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