Life is funny and fun when it is not all about you

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what's funnyLife is funny… Funny as in tickles your funny bone. You chuckle.

Anything is about you, says something about you beyond just being what it is and it stops being funny, and life stops being fun.

Thank you to Wendy… one of the people who got the gene adjustment.

These whole issue of checking if I did it right could have been a big ‘not funny, not fun’ experience. Or serious. Or W.O.R.K. of proof that in am conscientious, high integrity, thorough, or whatever the f… people acknowledged me for…

But it was 1. a privilege to get to visit with all those people 2. it was funny.

You see, when I identify an action I can ‘call down’, I make an agreement with Source what I will say. And then, I get creative, or resentful, and assume that Source will still know what I mean. Child gene still make me entitled.

So, over the years I noticed that I would just do ‘the breathing’ when it came to energizing water, or even providing healing to myself or a client. No words. Energizing. But no healing.

The Energizer was the first Source energy I had access to. So when I just breathe, that is what comes down.

Another energy, Predatory Genes Adjustment came… I don’t know, as #200? And the words to call it down is ‘adjust’.

But, and here is where it is funny, where noticing that I expect Source to know what I mean, when I adjusted some of the clients’ child genes and permission gene… I also said: ‘adjust’ instead of what we agreed on ‘red pills’. Why? It was easier to say. Red pills needed to be remembered, and is a tongue twister.

Saying ‘child genes’, or ‘baby genes’ didn’t do it… So there were a few people (I have so far counted three, whose gene adjustment therefore didn’t happen.)

Now, if this were about me, I would be dealing with shame, regret, and feeling stupid. But it wasn’t about me, not even about my lazy ass behavior, but it was about the clients. Giving them a chance for a life where they can have more freedom, less grief, and a whole lot more permission to be, to do, to become all they can become.

So when it is not about you… you can laugh.

The internet is full of memes, jokes, videos where you can laugh at someone else’s expense.

Many comics and comedians’ effectiveness comes allowing you to laugh at them. But if their genes are not in the right position, it cost them. It erodes their self-esteem, their self-love. They don’t laugh at themselves, they are not light and unattached…

And it is probably every comic and comedian. They suffer if and when they do self-deprecating comedy.

It’s important to know yourself, and not do that… it will kill you… slowly or fast.

Agrimony is the energy of the pretense that you are fun and funny and light… that you are having fun.

Isolating that energy and downloading it is devastatingly horrible. You feel all of you is denied, you are in an iron chest, not allowing you to be yourself. And on the outside you smile, you laugh, you giggle, because allowing the horror to show would feel like you are not good enough.

People who have Agrimony prominently positioned in their Bach profile usually cannot grow, they cannot let themselves grow. And no matter what I do for them, Free Will will override it… and they will continue to be miserable pretending to be cheerful.

Can playing the Agrimony or the HOE help them? Certainly. But it IS very painful because the high about-me score, the Agrimony and the Vine don’t want to let go.

My father, when I was a child, told me ‘let go, it will be over that much faster‘…

Yeah, that is the solution to almost everything. It is not the ‘thing’ that is painful, it is your resistance, it is your trying to hold onto what should be let go of.

So when my client learned that she holds it together with her breath, she just found the key to her kingdom. She can learn to let the breath go back to natural… and she’ll be able to have fun and a fun life.

The opposite of miserable is not fun… it’s nothing. Neutral. Just like the opposite of love is not hate… it is nothing. No feeling. The opposite of hate is also nothing.

The opposite of being all about yourself is NOT being about others, as another client insists… no. It is nothing.

So the goal is not to go from being selfish to giving your life away. It is not becoming a healer. It is not about becoming a world savior, a warrior, or any of the things that seem like they are not about you.

It is about going to nothing. And NO THING.

Neutral. In that space you can do anything and it will be fun, and enjoyable.

I bet you didn’t know that.

With the gene adjustments, the predatory genes and the child genes adjusted, permission gene flipped on, it can be easy and it can be natural. You just have to let go of resisting what it says about you.

The Big Bundle is an energy that wakes up your consciousness to who you are behaving, how you are off… and tells your brain…

What?! Yeah, your brain didn’t know. Your brain is a machine… with little self awareness, other than electrical, energetic, and physical. No consciousness in the brain.

But consciousness works through the brain…

So when you play the Big Bundle, by itself, it wakes up the brain to detect physical issues and start sending the crews to repair them.

When you combine the Big Bundle with the HOE, the 48 Bach energies (Heaven On Earth=HOE) it now directs the brain to your behavior that is out of whack, like pretending to be funny when you hate yourself.

And directs your muscles and breath, to release so the pretense can go away and you can become ‘normal’.

When I use the Big Bundle with the HOE… it is always dramatic. I don’t always have time or patience for that… but I do use it occasionally.

It works better and faster than a coaching call, or a therapy call… and other than buying it once, and you don’t have to pay again every time you need it.

It has just one issue that makes it a little difficult: the audio needs to go directly into your ears… or ear. It works with a single ear bud as well.

So you cannot just play it in the background, or play it to your water.

I have managed to add it to the background of audiobooks… and that has been the most enjoyable way to give it to myself.

Can you do it yourself if you have the software to do it? Yes. But remember: you can’t sell it, you can’t gift it, it is my intellectual property.

And consciousness knows… and it will make Karma’s wheels turn against you.

Karma doesn’t come from the Universe, it comes from YOUR consciousness…

Anyway, you can buy the Big Bundle with HOE, and use it as it is, and you can get The Art of Hunting Humans audiobook with the Big Bundle with HOE in the background… The book is excellent, and listening to it with the energy can be just the most transformative experience, albeit a little painful. Remember: the pain is caused by you resisting… not the energy.

The Big Bundle with HOE cost $90… payment plan is available. And until Monday, September 27, you can get the audiobook free. That is a 19.99 dollar gift. You are welcome.

Get the activator that wakes up your consciousness
PS: About the picture on the top of the article: I am sure you don’t think that is you. But it is hilarious because it is the perfect picture of my clients and students. They report about what they notice… and what is really happening: that they don’t notice… not at all. So, to me, it’s ridiculously spot on funny… and of course tragic. Stephen Hawkins was both right and wrong. life is both funny and tragic, all at the same time.

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