Rules, concerns, or why the energies would not work for you

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path to what you wantIf you have hopes to become happy, Today’s Monday Morning Memo is right up your alley… it teaches what you CAN do, HOW you can look and see reality, and be happy, excited, joyful… instead of how and what you are now.

Without gene adjustment. Probability that it will work… without energetic adjustment: 3%. The effectiveness of words to your behavior and worldview.

Yesterday’s Inner Authority class was very instructive to me: I found out that many people consider that what they get from me, energies, adjustments, etc. are non-important, non-essential, maybe even non-real… as in ‘they are my way to extort money‘.

The more you can consider my energy interventions real, real-real… the more willing you’ll be to do what co-creative actions you need to take.

Energies, for the most part, can only change physical reality if and when some action is added, concurrently.

Example: …

…I can listen to the HOE audio, the 47 energies bundled in the Heaven on Earth, and allow it to wash through my body, entering at the Tangerine Spot, in the back of the head, like a shower, at the crack of the butt move across to the front of the body, and zig-zag its way all the way to the forehead.

Or listen to the audio expecting it to do the work by itself… calm me down, or maybe put me to sleep.

I have tried this with and without the energy, and without the energy, all my relaxing technique end up not working… while with the energy I fall asleep at the third wave of the energy bundle.

Here is another example: a client with pain in their ovary… potentially deadly. They use the simple Light energy I teach in the Healing Course, and in a few applications the ovary heals. Another client goes through the motions… but nothing happens.

A decade or so ago I watched as my Russian Friend, Larisa was doing the Healing Codes. I felt where her mind was… she was doing affirmations in her head… that went counter with the energy, weak as it is, and did none of the things it did for me.

Strong energy, weak energy, or even the energy of conversation, friendship, coaching: unless it meets your energy and together they, like a team do what the energy is designed to do, nothing much will happen.

The Anna Karenina Principle explains: all happy families are alike… in that they all shed what would make them unhappy. All unhappy families are unhappy in their own way… each insisting on ‘my way or the highway’.

It is true with energies, it is true with coaching, it is true with courses.

I measure in my Starting Point Measurements if you are willing to give up your concern… whatever the concern is. If the answer is no, I can’t promise you anything. None of what I give you will work.

If you are not willing to give up your concern, then you’ll be unhappy in your own way. Period.

Can you change your mind? Yes. I have seen that happen. It is never the idea of happiness but the idea of unhappiness that makes that happen. And then, if you are one of my clients, you allow the energies to work, and to everyone’s surprise, you can start turning your oceanliner around in the tight bay… even if previously you were stuck stuck stuck.

Life comes without a manual. So if you have one, you borrowed someone else’s and you made up the rest.

Every rule you made up was a reaction to something that didn’t sit well with you. And you decided on a rule, to resist, to get stiff, or to get limp, to give up, to claim ‘I can’t’, or to be cheerful, or to tell jokes, or to smile, or to be smart, or to force your way, or… you get the gist.

A rule. It didn’t work the first time… but you still honor it as the rule.

Unless, for some reason you are willing to let go of your rules, the concern, the original ‘wrong’ keeps you unchangeable… and whether you believe or not, you are causing, and inviting all the bad things that happen to you.

And no one and nothing can resist it.

I have a client who made up that getting attention is the most important thing. And his life alternates between being ignored and getting the kind of attention he doesn’t like. He does things to get attention… and he doesn’t get it…

And even with me… he, more often than not, gets the wrong attention, or I muck up his adjustment, or yell at him.

Unless he can give up his rule, no matter what he does, life will not work well for him.

Attention is not going to make you happy.

Here are a few ‘rules‘ that others say work… I mark by percentage to what degree they are true.

  • happiness is a function of accepting what is — 70% true
  • love is a function of communication — not true
  • health is a function of participation — not true
  • self-expression is a function of responsibility –50% true
  • Happiness does not lead to gratitude. Gratitude leads to happiness. 100%
  • Joy is a function of gratitude 70% —
  • and gratitude is a function of perspective. 100%
  • Change your perspective. Or, you can remain angry, frustrated, and outraged; I will not say that you are wrong, or that your outrage is misplaced. I will say only that you are likely to remain unhappy.

Some are, as you can see, not fully true, some not true at all.

If you have a rule or many rules, it is useful to write them down… and then ponder, maybe ask me what I see about them.

If there are enough people interested, I can do a free Office Hours call to tackle them… I’d love that. It would be a gift to me, a gift from which everyone benefits.

I have a hunch that most of you cannot see clearly what is your rule…

Clarifying and pinpointing it, astutely, including the trigger… can be the missing thing that will allow you to let it go.

What makes it not clear? Maybe your rule is like the dude’s who says: it is all about getting attention. And then tries a hundred different ways: winning in sports, winning in business, helping people to the tune of thousands of dollars, praising people, etc.

All moves… from the rule… unrecognized as a rule, because it is the cornerstone of his existence… keeping everything unnatural, and getting everything he doesn’t want. In Landmark it used to be called: ‘being a clearing’ for what you don’t want.

The dude who wants to run with the big boys, so he pretends that he is like them. So he can’t… really can’t. He never sees that the big boys worked behind the scenes… behind closed doors… didn’t come of the chopping board big.

Unless he can give up his rule that he should already be big, that he should already be there… he will never get there, because he won’t be able to do the work that takes him there.

One last thing: things, especially energies know if you don’t quite believe they can work. Your behavior gives it away. You put yourself first, second and third… and to no one’s surprise, the energies say f… you to you.

You, instead of surrendering to the power of the energies and the modality they offer, you insist on finding different gurus, videos, etc… to get off the hook.

When we look, your rule is that ‘being off the hook is better than being on the hook’… and then you are surprised that you never amount to much, and you don’t love yourself and your life.

I have as many examples as you have time for…

Instead of continuing, what should you do?

Consciousness is like a Witness. Someone who sees your behavior from the outside, and can advise… Can’t do anything else, but it can notify, alert, and advise… point to something that doesn’t work, and point in a direction that would work.

In everything. Health, wealth, love and happiness.

But you are so busy with yourself and your concern, that consciousness has given up on you. Your life isn’t witnessed… and you are left without what makes a human human… no consciousness.

The Big Bundle, especially when it is combined with the HOE, the 48 energies bundled, you can awaken consciousness and get the guidance you are missing.

You’ll know to what degree you are unwilling to let go of your rules.

One client’s vibration has dropped from 280 to 100 in a short time… What happened? She buckled up and decided that everything that comes from me violates her freedom of choice… and therefore she won’t listen to me.

I am the voice of your consciousness, for the most part, because I like consciousness am witnessing your life. And give you guidance… and just like you reject consciousness, you reject me, you reject everything that comes from me… while you may pretend that you come to class… You make sure your microphone doesn’t work… you make sure you do everything to make me wrong…

And then act surprised that your vibration dropped…

OK, it is the last day for you to buy the Big Bundle with HOE… and get an audiobook for free, and audiobook that also has the energy in the background.

If you have the Big Bundle with HOE already, you can just get the audiobook itself 70% off. just send me an email for the link…

And if you want to get clear on your ‘rule’ that keeps you stuck… send me an email.

OK, here is the buy button for the Big Bundle with HOE…

Get the activator that wakes up your consciousness
PS: Energies, gene adjustments are a lot like that exercise equipment you bought and now serves as a coat rack… Unless you use it, it is not worth the money you paid for it…

Adjusting your child genes (turning them off) and activating (turning it on) your permission gene is a lot like that treadmill that you have to use to be of any use to you.

My pricing is consistent with the unwillingness of my clientele to use what they buy. The $25 for the gene adjustment in the right hand, in the right home is worth millions of dollars of income.

Unfortunately I have attracted mostly people who can’t and won’t use what I give them.

I have activated my permission gene when I offered it to you, and I now see that. It is not your fault, it is mine. And now I am working, slowly, to get out of this tight bay where I can only sell something at a price that reflects not the value but pretense of the buyer… and get out of the bay to the open ocean where there are people who, once they get, for example, their permission gene turned on, can become millionaires and billionaires with the skills they already have.

Because, don’t be mistaken, more than 99% of all humans do not have their permission gene on. And without the self-permission to make a big splash, you won’t, because you don’t have permission.

A lot like the dude who has to run with the big boys, but has no permission to learn even one skill with which to run.

Get the Big Bundle, or get the gene adjustment… or best: get both. If you didn’t need it, I’ll refund your money… and celebrate you. You are one of the about ten thousand rare individuals who have their permission gene on.

I have one client who does… but to no one’s surprise, she has no ambition, so she didn’t do anything with that permission. It’s OK… just saying… no obligation to become big.

The permission gene is, by nature, supposed to turn on for every single person on the planet… but it didn’t…

There are two more genes that can be turned on… muscle test says… and I have no clue what they are… Yet.

Trust me, I’ll ferret it out…

At the moment I am still working on the audio that can do the gene adjustment without me personally having to do it. Source says I can do it…

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