Can you change? or you just become more of what you are?

you only live 3% of your potentialLet me start with something I had to sleep on to see: you are not all you can be, even not inside the box you live in.

What box?

Well, you are born with a certain DNA and it gives you a box. Your DNA predetermines the size of your box.

In my experience people fulfill on their box-given potential, to an average 3%. In every area of life… health, wealth, love and happiness. People who do very well: above 30%. (What limits them? really good question… I’ll write an article on that soon…)

People, you, can grow inside their box… but mostly they, you don’t…

You can estimate to what degree someone fills their box (potential) by seeing at what point they become boring. Yes, boring. OK, maybe not to you, but to me at some point I can see them limited by their box: they repeat themselves. My three coaches, for example… 🙁

I started to watch this dude, wheezy yesterday….

change yourselfI enjoyed his way of funny. After three episodes it became repetitive… i.e. predictable, and I can see that he is not growing. He is repeating. He has a million subscribers, so maybe he is not boring for everybody… but he has become boring to me.

You are not filling out your ‘box’… and it seems to me that you are not even willing… even though you suffer and crave… these two always go together, suffering and craving… bummer, eh?

can you change?The people who come to me, it seems, hope that I give them something that will do the growing so they don’t have to.

So can you change? become all you can become?

It depends… I find.

Books that are most popular say that you can change… That a relationship changes you. or an event changes you… but they are not energetically truthful.

I know. This article will attract hate mail, because it teaches something that people don’t like. Lots of books, and people’s hopes…

Unless something changes in your DNA, you won’t change. Not your personality, not your IQ, not anything. Maybe temporarily, but not permanently.

One dude I am curious about even wrote a book: your personality is not permanent.

He, seemingly, went from a whiny little dude to a courageous high producer.

Muscletest says: he is still whiny. And he was always an ambitious dude…

I have spent the past ten years full time, and the previous 25 years part time trying to ‘transform’ people, hoping that what Landmark Education could do for me, I could do for others.

Turns out that it’s a futile activity unless…

So what is the unless?

The DNA needs to change… some characteristics need to change by flipping on and flipping off the kind of genes that have the option to be on or off.

I have managed to distinguish some of these genes. A few years ago I managed with Source’s help adjust people’s predatory genes… and it made a huge difference for a lot of people.

And recently I have distinguished two genes that were supposed to turn off in early childhood and another one that was supposed to turn on a little later.

I did that for many people, and I did that for myself.

I can see the character/behavioral changes.

I have, to me still not obviously genetic change, but muscletest says it has been: I have been able to raise my IQ, or my interpretation of IQ by many many many points, and it is still growing.

The energy audios I have are instrumental in that, but the distinct gene switches needed to change first… Had I not discovered the predatory genes, from a thriller, which is my favorite genre to read, I would have been stuck at a much lower level of intelligence.

And now I am expecting another huge jump in my personality, given that my ‘permission gene’ is flipped on.

I always knew that I had no permission for most of the things that I would have wanted, so I didn’t even go for it. When I did get near those… I got deadly ill.

It wasn’t something I had control over… I just didn’t go for it.

I wasn’t born limited, but 24 years of daily parental abuse, like Chinese water torture shapes who you are and what you are willing to do and go for.

After the permission adjustment I feel I can see further and wider, and can see more things to do: things I would never go for, in the previous 74 years.

Just wouldn’t go for it. And now I do.

My personality is changing…

They say money doesn’t change you: you became more of what you are, who you are… And that is exactly what I am talking about.

  • That circumstances can’t change you… unless they can cause an epigenetic shift… if they are dramatic enough.
  • And I say words, religion, taking hallucinatory stuff can’t change you… unless… yes, again, unless they are so dramatic you can’t survive unless you change.

I had a dramatic energetic intervention in 2003… and my character changed.

What exactly in my DNA changed? I don’t know. When I ask if I still have two genes that can be turned on, the answer is no.

But most people do. So it is possible that they turned on either in that incident, or maybe in an earlier dramatic period, 1969… where I managed to stay awake for eight days and eight nights… Epigenetic shifts require this outsized causes… or they won’t happen.

I intend to do: cause people to become all they can become… What I guess I am influencing most is the ‘all they can’ part.

You, somehow, limited who you can be, what you can do, how much pain and effort you can tolerate, what you hate enough to want to get away from instead of just bitching about it…

So here is what I think is happening: to become more of who you can become takes a tremendous amount of energy… discomfort… because it is new, it is not comfortable, and you have an army of reasons not to go for it.

You are reasonable.

If you can find a reason, you’ll use it to make choices for you.

You literally refuse to be the one who makes choices. You are looking for reasons to grow even…

Until you can do something for no reason, just because you say so… you’ll be stuck.

That is you, and me, and everyone. No exceptions.

What does it take to be unreasonable, to choose (select freely after consideration) is courage (remember, humanity suffers from a severe courage deficiency) and lack of ownership of anything, including their decisions…

When I turn a gene on or off… there is a brief moment of imbalance… where you have a window of opportunity to grow. It will close soon.

If you take advantage of it… your new reality will be that the size you are has grown, you can do more than before.

And, of course, have more.

If you don’t take advantage of the window… you are sh!t out of luck…

Godot, your mother is not coming. It is up to you.

Back to the Wheezy dude and his videos: he does 30 days testing of different potentially dramatic moves that COULD make him grow.

Does he grow from them? No, he doesn’t. He is missing opportunities he can’t see.

Is it the different activities that would grow him? No, what would grow him and his world is what he sees when he is acting outside of his box: being this weird looking weird behaving dude who makes a living from his youtube videos.

So he is not seeing that he could use what he does to grow…

Here is a secret I don’t think I have ever told you: I do not do too many new things… EVER. I use what I do to see things differently. Seeing things differently is what enlarges your world.

But I am not seeing different things… I bet that is what you heard. That is what he does. But he doesn’t see things differently. I do…

He continues having the same frame through which to look… while I change the frame… He doesn’t grow. He remains living 10% of his potential. I live 70% of my potential… and I am not done yet.

I have a student who can see that he could do something, but has a hard time deciding what…

My coaching to him was: start starting. An object in motion can be redirected easily. An object standing cannot… it will still need to do with the incredible energy input to get started…

So if he starts doing something that is not a great thing… but doesn’t stop being present… he can easily switch direction to something that can take him further in growing.

Most people don’t start, or get all myopic if and when they do… stop being present. Consider the new thing as a thing to protect.

I have another student who is in school to become a registered nurse. She is 60 years old. She has real talents in a different direction… but it feels like a threat…

So even if she manages to become an RN… there will be no growth…

What gives you growth is keeping your senses open, to be widely and deeply aware, so you can ‘play the field’ instead of protecting your ‘path’.

If you only see something new because someone pointed it out to you, you are not growing.

I know, you are thinking f–you Sophie… and I am not blaming you, I just want you to know that you are not looking.

So now, after all this bad news, what can I give you that could perk you up?

Given that I can give you sight but not looking, I can give you sight but not astuteness… I won’t offer turning on the Sight capacity…

Why am I harping on the Big Bundle with HOE? We are talking there with several active elements:

1. You have been unconscious that you are being reasonable, that you are living in one room of your 100 room castle, and you clame the world, your character, your parents, your history for it… instead of taking responsibility for whatever belongs to you… like your meanings and interpretations of EVERYTHING.

So the Big Bundle by itself can knock you conscious… and if you use it to whenever you suddenly see what you COULD do… you can slowly and surely start taking responsibility and use it to pull yourself up by your bootstraps… to become really a homo erectus (standing up)… Consciousness will force the brain to do healing, whether it is physical or emotional or spiritual.
2. The HOE with its 48 energies works on all the crappy interpretations you have created about the world, yourself, and your past.

All crap. All limiting. All inaccurate. All gets you off the hook for your sh!tty life… your smallness, your cowardice, because all serve as ‘reason’ to be sh!tty yourself.

The energies of the HOE attack each of these ‘reasons’, and will continue attacking them as long as you are willing to use the HOE. The results will be miraculous if you are willing to a. use it long enough b. use it consciously… not just allowing it to work, but encouraging it to work.

Most of those HOE energies also cause illness by blocking the flow. So the dynamic duo, HOE with the Big Bundle heal faster and deeper than just either one of those alone.

In yesterday’s article I announced a possible webinar where we can examine your rules… All the people who sent me an email want me to do their work for them… If you don’t say in your email: I have found X number of rules… I’d love to discuss, my answer to you will be: make a list of your rules.

As long as you want someone else to fix your life, you are not even in the game.

So yeah… buy the Big Bundle with HOE… they are the dynamic duo…

What else can you buy? Of course, you can ask me to adjust your entitlement genes (can you see that the people who want the rules webinar without doing the work ahead of time are acting from entitlement? I hope you can!) and your permission gene…

But unless you know what could change… unless you bring awareness to it… unless you don’t just allow but encourage the new constellation to do the work on changing YOUR constellation, it will be a waste of your money.

Last thing: everyone wants to raise their vibration… for some REASON. And the reasons are not going to do it for you. You need to want to raise your vibration for no reason.

And when I look what raises your vibration, I find, time and time again, is how much you are willing to see without someone pointing it out.

One of the reasons humanity’s vibration dropped a lot is because people want other people to do their looking for them.

The internet has all the people who are willing to do that for you. And all of it is useless, if you want to raise your vibration. Because raising your vibration needs you to look and see, not listen and nod. And that is what you have been doing.

I watch a lot of videos and I never nod… I use every video, every book, every everything to do my own thinking, my own looking.

OK… One more thing: if you are trying to get credit from the ‘universe’ or god or whatever by doing people a favor… paying for their gene adjustment, you are ripping them off… so it is all about you.

I said it above that unless it is a conscious process, it won’t do them any good. After all they are only living in maybe 10% of their potential, so they won’t even notice it… or if they do, they won’t know what happened, and they may get more down on themselves for that space unused increasing.

So as much as I like getting paid, I hate getting paid what will not be used.

PS: If you have never heard how to make a choice, so it is YOUR choice, not some reason’s… email me… I’ll find the video I teach this, or if I can’t find it: I’ll make a new one for you.

It is life-altering.

Here is an everyday example: people eat nowadays not what is their choice to eat, but they assign cause to something else.

I eat this because everyone says it is good for me
I eat this because I want it
I eat this because I like it
I eat this because I don’t know anything else to cook
I eat this because other people say it’s delicious.

None of these are a choice. You deflect responsibility…

You do the same with other things… things to do, things to love, things to hate… and it leaves you with no power, no you… and living only 10% of your potential.

What a waste.

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