Here is how I use responsibility… Yaaay

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responsibilityHere is how I use responsibility.

An example:

I read Rob Brezsny’s reading for my Zodiac sign and he said

…you now have an extraordinary potential to dream up creative innovations that acknowledge your limitations but also transcend those limitations. You have extra power available to harness your fantasies and instigate practical changes.

So I looked how that could look for me… What is it, what area, where I could dream up creative innovations… Given that that is what I do for a living this must be beyond…

I have been wishing, hoping, that people will raise their cell hydration, after all when your cell hydration is low, your body is in survival mode, which makes you ahem stupid… Or not so very smart.

You, me… Everyone.

Unless you get out of survival mode, the brain is preoccupied with survival… And not thinking straight.

So if I wanted to have an innovation, I would make water energizing more frictionless.

OK… So what can I do?

One thing I could do, I thought, is let people make sure the water is fully energized, energized to coherence, before they drink it.

Or test their water if it is energizable.

So I went and searched for an instrument, and realized that you can use anything that is relatively hard to open, anything that has a strong spring in it, so I tested it with one of the clamps I use to attach stuff to my lamp posts… And it is perfect…

…you just have to make sure you don’t force it… If it opens easily, the answer is yes, if it doesn’t, the answer is no.

It is a skill that you can develop in a few minutes…
It is a tool you can buy in any hardware store
It costs very little
It’s lightweight so you can take it to the grocery store with you…

Just one caveat: you have to touch what you are measuring with your other hand… Unless you are a trained empath, you can’t connect energetically to anything that you are not connected to physically.

So asking that question got me to look ‘what is mine to do’ to make energizing your cells easier, and more frictionless.

You calibrate your muscles by alternately asking ‘my name is ‘ and ‘my name is Santa Claus’

You can even ask ‘advanced’ question, like: is my responsibility gene on?

If it isn’t… You have till Wednesday midnight (ET) to ask me to adjust your ‘base’ genes… Your baby genes, your permission gene, and your responsibility gene.

If you haven’t read my articles that explain, very briefly, here it is:

You are born with two genes on… I call them your baby genes. They allow you to fully trust and allow your parents or caretakers to take care of you. At age 3 they are supposed to turn off… Meaning: you are supposed to learn that your actions create everything… And stop expecting your parents to wipe your ass… So to say.

99% of humanity has one or both of those genes still on… And that fact robs you from doing what is yours to do… And makes you feel entitled and unhappy.

The permission gene turns on around the same time: allowing you to be curious, to explore, to experiment, to learn the world. Again, 99% of humanity has that gene off… Exploring is not to the comfort of the parent… So they don’t let you…

You, as a result, prefer comfort to living fully… To living life, growing, and enjoying life.

The responsibility gene is needed so you feel that you are causing, that you are at cause in what is happening to you and around you. And allows you to pull it to yourself, what belongs to you, and change it if it is necessary.

You can only change what belongs to you… What you have power over… And accept what doesn’t. And work around it.

Responsibility is your access to your personal power…

Most people complain that they feel powerless, but when you look, they never do anything about what they have power over… They prefer complaining about all the stuff they don’t have power over… Mostly other people.

Get your base genes adjusted
Your vibration cannot rise above 200 until you get these genes in the position they are, by nature, supposed to be.

I am pulling DNA adjustment tomorrow.

If you wanted yours… You have Till Wednesday midnight ET.

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