Levels of consciousness and other important distinctions

When you look at the consciousness level chart, as much as I don’t like David Hawkins, he is right about some things… And dead wrong about many others.

When you want to accomplish something, in addition to know what is the next step, you need to know what is the ‘final’ or ultimate target, so you can stay your course.

In raising your consciousness, the highest and ultimate target is what is called ‘enlightenment‘ which doesn’t mean anything. So instead of enlightenment, in the work I do with clients and students, I endeavor to take them to the next evolutionary level, which is human being… So we’ll call our call: human being, or fulfilling the Original Design encoded in the DNA.

It is not easy to notice, because it is hidden in a top right corner of the chart… but if you look and set your life at the furthest and highest consciousness, you’ll notice that it says: no emotion… and life occurs, on that level as it is what it is. Not how it should be, not how it shouldn’t be, not right, not wrong, not sad, not happy, not good, not bad… it is what it is.

So learning and mastering releasing negative emotions, and even positive emotions, is crucial.

This is a recent video by a dude, British accent… but it is OK… I have never made a video on releasing… maybe I should.

In the same chart he is absolutely and totally wrong about ‘ineffable’… an ecstatic state that is incompatible with enlightenment.

On that level, and that is what you should work towards, the mission is: the emotional state of no emotions. Feelings? yes. but emotions? driven by words? no. None.

How do I know?

I have been climbing the consciousness level scale for a few decades now. And the things have changed for me are this:

  • 1. I am seeing a bigger picture from a higher elevation where I am hardly touched by its mood…

Imagine a scenario: it’s a major intersection, and two vehicles collide. You are standing on the street corner… No compare the feeling you have when you look at it from an airplane… no sound, no gore, no emotion.

That is one of the big changes when you climb the Tree of Life, or the consciousness level scale

  • 2. the second element, or the second change is how reality occurs… If you remember, how we look at reality is that we commingle it with what we say… and that commingled reality: what is happening plus what we say about it is our personal reality.

When you climb higher on the consciousness scale, you say less and less about what you see… so your personal reality and reality are more alike… As a result you are more astute, because all the emotions that distort your view come from the words. All of them.

So in essence, these are the two differences in experience between low vibration and high vibration.

From how high you look at things from… so they don’t threaten you personally, and how much you say about things.

Now, some people who teach you know that what keeps you miserable is what you say about reality. Your meaning.

These are the people who encourage you to change what you say… But unless you see more, and not just wear a filter, your astuteness suffers: you are an idiot who refuse to deal with reality.

Other people have a mantra: Life is empty and meaningless, and it is empty and meaningless that it’s empty and meaningless.

On a lower level of vibration these words cause a cognitive dissonance that is unbridgeable… so it is not useful.

Other people yet try to help you to release the emotions, the feelings you have as a result of the meaning you have given.

I haven’t much seen that working… Despite the fact that I have known quite a few people who have done the release technique, letting go, the Sedona Method, blah blah blah.

What I have found works, what has worked for me, what seems to be working for clients of mine who are doing the work, is taking responsibility.

The act of taking responsibility is 90% of distinguishing what you said that caused an emotional reaction and a behavior and result in life. This 90% is what removes the reaction, and allows you to see things from a different vantage point, emotionless. Meaning: it raises your vibration, at least temporarily. Often by a lot.

And the other 10% is used to change your behavior by looking to different options that belong to you.

How to allow emotion to be… so it can go away:

On a certain level of consciousness you’ll realize that a capacity is always coupled with skill.

Having the capacity open is not enough. Let’s say the capacity to play the piano… you know how the piano works: you hit those keys… But to play music, you have to learn to hit those keys in the right order with the right rhythm, with the right amount of strengths.

One of the biggest shortcoming of our species, homo sapiens, is that it over-values comprehension. It lulls people into believing that comprehension is what is important, and it is also enough.

And, of course, it is a bunch of huey… meaning, it’s not true.

It is not enough, and it may not even be important… there are a lot of things I can do, exceptionally well, that I don’t understand at all.

Our species puts the cart in front of the horse… and this has resulted in a steadily declining level of intelligence, and a steadily declining level of astuteness.

Astuteness is seeing what is the right action in a situation…

You cannot learn astuteness from books. You actually cannot even teach astuteness. It grows only from the person’s self-directed observation, the kind that reveals the inner working of things, patterns, whether they are visual, behavioral, emotional, numerical, language, politics…

What increases a person’s intelligence most is pattern recognition… When it is not you who is looking, it is consciousness that is looking.

It takes work to make consciousness trust you enough that it will participate in your life. Consciousness is not on the same level where YOU are… It takes work to climb to the level where you can actually connect with consciousness…

Einstein wasn’t thinking up the theory of relativity, he climbed to the level of consciousness, locked out of interruptions, and worked his way up to 5-6 hours of being able to stay with it, so he can translate what consciousness already knew to a human level, to language.

A good mechanic, a good doctor, a good massage therapist, a mathematician, etc. don’t figure things out: they work with consciousness… and often cannot explain how they got to the solution they got to.

But without intentionally learning to recognize patterns consciousness will never engage… it will stay, aloof, on the side, uninvolved…

If you hope that you can do what you do, living unconsciously, mechanically, and DNA/capacity activation will do anything for you, it won’t.

You don’t need to understand what the heck I teach… you need to DO what I teach. And do it as long as it takes to get good at it, to get to unconscious competence. That is when you can start learning to do something new… because consciousness has taken over for that skill.

As long as you have to remember what to do, you are not using consciousness…

The biggest problem I see with our education system, is that it doesn’t seem to acknowledge that this is what it is supposed to teach… skills, competence, patterns in certain areas.

Mathematics, physics, algebra, chemistry, biology, geography, history… all the subjects in school are supposed to teach pattern recognition… and if you look, they don’t… although they could.

Without paying attention and enjoying seeing the patterns, these subjects are boring, and it feels that you will never need what they teach… but the real truth is: you won’t be able to use what they teach, because without patterns they are useless to you.

And if you look… they have been. Every person I have spoken with has told me that…

It happened in the last 100 years, by the way, that neither the teachers, nor the students have their DNA capacity to see and recognize and use patterns… The superpower of most anyone who has made a name for themselves.

Interestingly, some of my students who haven’t done well in life are able to see patterns in some areas of life and not in others… Some see patterns in humor… some in redirecting efforts to muscles that are not injured… repairing machines… music… poetry.

What is the experience when consciousness is doing the work for you?

It feels like you have a feel for something… not words, no way to explain… you just know and do. It is joyful.

But it is not automatic. It takes work, and a lot, before you get to unconscious competence…

What is in the way? Your overvaluing knowledge and understanding. There is a saying that understanding is the booby-prize… the Teddy bear you win at the county fair.

What you want is a great life you can enjoy, maybe even love. Isn’t it?

I do, however short the rest of my life may be… so I am still learning new things.

I want to learn to create courses where that skill building is natural, and more people will engage than at the present time.

I attended part one of an online sales presentation to create courses that are more impactful than traditional courses.

Session two is later today.

I am sitting here with what should be familiar to many of you. It is an internal conversation, between me and me… saying: I can see that they can… but I can’t. Probably can’t. I am probably not smart enough to do what she teaches.

It’s ultimately a format she teaches… so I am not fretting about my content, I am fretting about the format…

So let’s see if I can overcome this tremendous resistance I have to try something new I can fail at.

So let me see my objections… and see if they are valid.


#1: it is too much work upfront…

Too much compared to what?

If I can make a more valuable course for people, and more people will want it, more people will do it happily, and I can charge more for it… am I willing to exchange my time and effort upfront for a lot more money? Yeah… I guess. lol.

#2: I can’t do it…

That is not certain. I can start doing one out of the 10 elements she says a good course should have… so I can start with one, one that is easier (relatively) for me… How about the mission of the course? I think I can do that.

Then once that is done, I can look for the second easiest… and I will be done in no time.

#3: I have too many courses already

That is true. So maybe I can rework old good courses and add the 10 elements… and do them again. I won’t have to worry about the content, only about the new elements. I can do that.

and so on, so forth.

I am going to, maybe, rework the Soul Correction workshop with these ten new elements… Watch out for announcements (hopefully!)

In the meantime… I am going to teach what I learn as I am learning it. All ten elements. It starts with mission… your mission.

My mission is that you get your mission… so it is mission creation… for you.

Obviously everyone has a different ‘vision’ for themselves… so the mission creation needs to be tailored to everyone’s need…

If you want to partake in this class, let me know. I’ll schedule it if I have enough students raising their hands.

You can have a vision of any sorts… business, intellectual, spiritual, health, accomplishment… whatever excites you enough to spend a few hours developing a mission for it.

If you have just had your DNA adjusted, child genes, permission gene, responsibility gene, I’ll have a class for you where you can create your mission… I hope it’s not late for you. I’ll send an email with the time and the date.

So what should you do now? Other than start thinking what could be your mission for the next few months?

If you are willing to be generous and post a comment, anonymous if you wish, with what you could take on, I’ll reward you for it. I reward ‘good behavior’ and I’ll email you or mail you something valuable. What? It’s a surprise.

If you send it to me in email, I’ll read it, but no reward. Good behavior means do it the way I ask you to do it.

Now, start thinking and posting. I can’t wait to know what you are up to.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “Levels of consciousness and other important distinctions”

  1. I could take on learning responsibility , doing the questions you posted .

  2. What I could take on is to start going to the open mic again every week. Not only to overcome my own resistance to it, but to actually practice pattern recognition. In other words, there are skills to being a performer and entertainer.. I can put that context and intention into my viewfinder and into my reticular activation system and try to go from the macro… The whole room to the micro… every note every syllable and see how they all tie together. Observing and absorbing, and then practicing one new distinction at a time.

  3. Your post was an opening into myself and where I can focus to be more truthful and efficient in working with emotions. My mission has been selfish, on being comfortable in my body, fully present, and all the while making a difference as I cross people’s path. Thank you ?

  4. I am still unclear about what I could take on, but what the heck. I mentioned in your Social Lair that I’m interesting in taking a crack at creating entertainment around reframing issues that people are commonly stuck in. Maybe something where I poke fun of myself as the sort of the ‘village idiot.’ I’d attempt to highlight the absurdity of some of the hard positions I’m taking and then maybe walk myself through your line of questions in, hopefully, an entertaining way. I realize this may not answer the question: what can I take on? So, I’m using this as a way to hold the dirt as I dig sort of thing.
    Perhaps, I could experiment with taking a common complaint people have about others or another group and turn the lens on me to playfully show where I am just like the others I’m complaining about and then tackle some of the Responsibility questions with some jest.

    Now that I’ve put this out there, I’m thinking- what the heck am I thinking? So many gaps in all of this.
    So, maybe I start collecting and meditating on a complaint or two. Never in a million years would I have thought about becoming the world’s greatest ‘village idiot.’ My mom is going to be thrilled 🙂

    PS. Can I use this post as a credit for my daily post in the Lair?

  5. I could take on clearing being envious of others. That I stop being envious of others.

  6. This is a very interesting article. I especially liked the explaination about how words gets tangled up with emotions and this causes distortions in how we view the world. More distorted, at the lower vibrations. At higher vibrations, there are increasingly less emotions and a clearer view.

    Not only do l tangle up emotions and words, l invite other people’s tangled up emotions and drama to be a part of my life. I am going to stop looking at the drama I view on YouTube, for a start.
    I am going to work on taking responsibility, to see what is mine to do.

    I am going to continue to seek, to see patterns. To intentionally learn to recognize patterns. Not sure if I have ever seen patterns, at all.

    I am attempting to take responsibility….to untangle emotions and reality. I have a lot of work to do.

  7. I could pay more attention when I read something or when people are talking. Also, be more vigilant with the responsibility questions you posted.

  8. I could take on getting health level up to prepare for pregnancy and also starting an online store to earn more.

  9. I will continue taking Responsibility in both my personal and professional life. Already I have been shocked at what I have seen when I look. I see the ripple effects and how far they go. I will also work on looking for patterns, and learning this skill to become astute.

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