The Daily Connection, Activators, Timeline of the Planetary Ascension Explained

your daily connection, your daily activation The Daily Connection, Activators, Timeline of the Planetary Ascension Explained

I have written about the timeline of the Planetary Ascension before, but I will explain it in this article again.

  1. First Phase was mandatory. It started on July 24 and ended on August 15.

    Every single person on the planet got the activator. It activated “human” capacities. It also eliminated the bulk of automatic negative thoughts. My experience was, in my own environment, as if the mute button had been pushed: people’s mind wasn’t frantically busy with negative thoughts.

    It is holding. It is almost unnoticed by the seven billion people. Why is that? Because the lack of something is not noticed, only the presence.

    In addition to that, 90-99% of the automatic negative thoughts were below the conscious level. So that makes it even harder to notice.

    Nevertheless the combined vibration of the planet rose 70 points on the scale of 1-1000 1… nice.

    The first phase could take you to 299… but to my knowledge, very few people got there. 20, to be exact. On the other hand 1,000 people got to 295. The distance between 295 and 299 is longer than 1-295… the scale is logarithmic, that’s why. Many so called spiritual leaders site square on 295, claiming that they connect you to Source… no chance under 300.

  2. Second Phase was “elective” or “volitional”. It means you did not get it, could not get it without requesting it by connecting to Source.

    Or said in another way, you need to ask for it to get it.

    Second Phase had 24 components, or individual activators. Source has combined them to a one-command download on September 26. It is called the Complete Second Phase Activator, if you want to do your own activation.

    You can get it (or the individual activators) three ways:

    1. Connecting to Source and allow me to download it to you – live
    2. Connecting to Source and allow me to download it to you – recorded. Yes, it works. I have tested it.
    3. Connecting to Source in the Active Connection (taught in the video) and commanding the activator to be downloaded to you. Takes practice but possible. You need to witness the activation for it to be effective.

      Recommendation: You practice connecting, commanding, and witnessing by watching me doing it on any of my webinars that suit your schedule. Or buying any of the activator recording.

      Pick the activator that you think you need most.

  3. Third Phase: I am working on this phase. My deadline to Source is October 23. Big change: I test the component activators not on individuals but on groups, that is what I am doing, that is MY purpose with the Daily Connection webinars.

    On or around October 23, Source will combine the third phase individual activators into a ‘one-command download’. I think… lol.

  4. Fourth Phase: In addition to continuing developing more activators in general, I will need to create activators that are an answer to specific areas of concern, like money, like health, like relationships, like weight loss. My job is to develop a methodology to provide activation to a million people at a time, not a small task.

    It is a technical issue in its nature, mainly. No one has done anything that can serve a million people at a time. Not even Oprah.

    But in addition to the capacity, it is also my job to cause the spread of the awareness that this reconnection is available.

    That part of the job is tougher to me than the technical stuff. I trust that Source will work through the people who are activated and will somehow get the word out: I do not have the funds to advertise, I do not have the products to pay people to introduce it to their circle of influence. 2

    It will be interesting. I trust that it will unfold as it is supposed to unfold. Without me forcing anything.

And being able to write the above two sentences has become possible from today’s activator, Patience. Two days ago I would have worried, would have been frustrated, and forceful… What a shift. Thank you Source.

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  1. my newest interpretation of these numbers is: how close you are to the Original Design… being connected to Source, thriving to become like Source. 1000 is complete match. You probably can’t stay in a human body… 200 is courage and integrity, 150 is anger, 299~300 is the first real connection. Under that you can’t command Source. Your word has no power, only your ego. This is alos the level of gratitude and appreciation. Not the faked one, but the real one… 526~540 is unconditional love
  2. I just got a call from one of the connected people suggesting that I create the Alphabet of Source: A-abundance, B-bounty… etc. This is why I say this will happen through people that got the flavor, got the taste, got the benefits and the experience of being hooked up to the Big Computer, aka Source.

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