The fastest new way to have energized (coherent) water 24/7

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water-setup for entrainment methodThe fastest new way to have energized (coherent) water 24/7

It is new to you. I have been using it without any change for years now…

I’ll share with you how I am having fresh coherent water without ever using the energizer audio or manually charging my water.

I use the phenomenon called entrainment.

In entrainment, coherent water will bring up the water touching it, or close enough, so eventually it will become coherent too.

The component are:

  • enclosed smaller bottles of water where the enclosed water is coherent
  • a larger container with the smaller bottles and topped off with energizable water. Water needs to be free from dissolved chemicals to be coherent. Most commercial filters leach chemicals into the water, making them not energizable.

The proportion of the energized water and not-energized water matters a lot.

I have a five gallon container in which I have a total of two gallons of smaller bottles.

I take out every day what I need in pitchers, about two gallons, and top off the container with fresh energizable water.

On average the water becomes coherent by the time I need more water, which is a day/day and a half.

I never need to use the audio… the three gallons remaining in the container do the rest.

You can start the process two ways:

1. fill your container with energizable water and energize it to completion. *** Use the energized water to fill small clean bottles with the water and close them tight. Make sure that the small bottles will be about 40% of the container… If it is less, it will take longer to have fresh coherent water.

and then start the cycle.

2. ask me to energize your container remotely, and then do exactly the same… from the three asterisks (***)

Interestingly using both the audio and the small bottles doesn’t speed up the process… I don’t know why. So don’t combine the two methods.

Adding more un-energized water in the middle of the cycle will add another day to the current cycle. Don’t do it.

If, for some reason your cycle stops around 500 vibration, the reason is always that the water was not energizable. Why? How? I don’t really know… but if the tap water is suddenly too soiled due to storm, for example, then you need to clean your filter, and start the cycle again. The enclosed small bottles will not be effected if you catch it in a reasonable time. If you don’t… entrainment works both ways… and your small bottles may lose their coherence… like I lose mine when I immerse myself in crowds that are incoherent for longer than 90 minutes.

Now, if you have NEVER really managed to have coherent water around the clock, you can be certain that a racket is behind it, not the technology.

How so?

The racket is a self-reproducing machine. It will create situations that will make you right about whatever you have been right about. Examples: that you can’t succeed. That you will never be happy. That you are stupid. That something doesn’t work. That you are smarter than your teacher. That you should never have to work for what you want… etc.

Everyone has a racket, and the racket is the mechanism that keeps you the same, by re-creating the situations you say you want to change.

Here is an example from last Saturday’s Turning Point workshop: a participant’s complaint: I am not perfect. I can’t do anything right. And then she proceeds talking to the microphone in a way that I don’t understand a word she says. She does this for 3 hours straight. Yeah… the racket in action… But she doesn’t get it. For her it is all proof that there is something wrong with her. For me it is proof that she gives lip service, but doesn’t want to be responsible that SHE IS CAUSING IT!

Oh well, getting familiar with the racket is mandatory, but ultimately without the responsibility gene being active, you won’t be able to make any lasting changes in your behavior.

I will re-open the service to adjust your DNA for 36 hours, ending at midnight on Wednesday. Why? Because some people missed it and wrote to me about it. And because some people want to come to the Saturday Turning Point class, but unless you have the DNA adjustment, I won’t take you.

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And if you just want the racket course to study up on why your life doesn’t work, and why it seems to be the same thing over and over again… here is the link

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