Will my work, like others’, survive my death? Immortality?

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immortality death valley of the shadow of deathImmortality? Yeah… even before you die…

I have been listening to a lot of audios from Werner Erhard, the founder of the est training (Erhard Seminar Training). Some are as old as 30 years… 40 years… old. Keeping the person who speaks in the foreground of some people’s minds.

The question, as usual, is what is the truth value, is the person who is speaking able to do what they are saying to do, etc? Because it is one thing to be the millionth person to listen to a talk, and quite another being the first person who can see that the emperor is naked.

Often I am hesitant to say it. Often I am dismayed to say it. But somebody has to say it for evolution to happen… instead of pretending that it has happened already.

What I do and what I see, what I distinguish is not common knowledge, and in essence what i teach is useless, unless…

What do I mean by ‘what I teach is useless’?

What is not common knowledge is that certain higher functions, like responsibility, humility, like flexibility of mind are tied to a DNA gene. A gene (each) that can be in the off position… i.e. not active. Not working. Nothing you can teach about it is going to take root.

I have been working with genes and Source… and energy-Source I managed to connect to, both energetically and operatively. For years now.

And I had to deal with this underlying, invisible mess of people no being able to be different…

In the past month I have stumbled upon three genes that I hadn’t known existed. Genes that by nature and by nurture are supposed to be in a different position than they are for most people. Two genes that are supposed to turn off when the child can start doing things for himself… herself… not gender specific.

And another gene that is supposed to turn on at some point in early childhood, before school age. It is what lets the child to feel that they are allowed to follow their curiosity. Follow their natural inclination to discovery, and adventure. A permission that is necessary for the full human experience.

And I found that most people have at least one of the baby genes on…

…the ones that in off position would give them the impetus to do for themselves instead of feeling ‘entitled’ to be done for.

I haven’t been able to distinguish why there are two genes, I haven’t been able to figure out why mostly one turns back on for people. For people who suddenly, after adjustment, still keep asking me a million questions. Coming for answers instead of buckling down and reading my articles or doing some thinking and asking questions of themselves.

The turning point between being a homo sapiens and human being in training is the responsibility gene… The resposibility gene that allows the person to access their personal power by pulling everything  that belongs to them towards themselves. Their thoughts, their attitudes, their actions.

And if you look why I say all those talks are not working, not doing what they COULD do, is because the listener doesn’t have the responsibility gene on. And most talks: neither does the speaker.

But even if the speaker has the gene on… the power is always in the listening.

At this point there are only two ways that your inactive capacity genes can turn on:

  • 1. I turn them on and you keep them on by doing the actions that they enable to do.
  • 2. you go through extreme hardship that needs that capacity, and the capacity gene will turn on through epigenetic shift.

I inherited my father’s capacity genes… But he wasn’t born with them. He was born with 10 capacity genes. He orphaned at age 6. Then through grit, hardship and necessity, he turned 10 more on by the time he met my mother. And another ten while he was in forced labor camp of the Nazis. He escaped and made his way back to my mother.

My mother had 10 capacity genes open, and my brothers inherited her genes.

I am old and in poor shape. So I don’t have much life left in me.

So naturally I am looking how to have my work not go to the grave with me… how my contribution to human evolution could survive me.

If the only way to adjust your DNA is me doing it personally, one person at a time, or even a group at a time… humanity is screwed.

I have asked Source if the DNA adjustment can be done through an audio, and the answer is ‘no’.

There is one way I may experiment with: group activation.

One other clarification before I continue. There are capacities, intellectual and other, that don’t need the DNA adjustment to be on.

My mother had two master’s degrees, for example, and still had one of her child genes (entitlement) on all her life. And, of course, she didn’t have her responsibility gene on.

But other genes, like The Sight capacity gene, to be fully used, need the responsibility gene on.

The responsibility gene allows the person to see what belongs to them, and take ownership over them. I.e. they will have no problem, no hesitation doing what is theirs to do to get what they want.

Your racket makes you not want to do what is yours to do to get what you want. No accidents there. It was perfectly clear in the Turning Points workshop.

And at this point, about a month after activation, most people still don’t know what is theirs to do if they want to get what they want.

It takes a lot of looking, lot of questioning, and seeing. And maybe courage?

And definitely the willingness to give up being right, give up looking good… as a trade for what they want.

It is totally and 100% true that you cannot be right and happy, right and rich, right and fulfilled at the same time.

Occasionally I get a stray email from a student who quit in self-righteous anger.

They see, the moment their racket is not running for a moment, that they learned a lot from me, and that what they learned was useful.

Normally they write when they start succeeding in something that at the time they could not be… You can be right, or you can be successful. Never the two together.

Hindsight is 20/20 the saying goes… I don’t think it is true, but it is definitely true that while unpleasant, hard to confront truths rattle you, it is hard to see 20/20.

If you are unwilling or unable to square off, stare in the eye of the tiger however scared you are, or however you don’t think you should… then my work is not for you.

There is an expression ‘growing pains’, It definitely applies to human growth, evolutionary growth, intellectual growth, spiritual growth.

unwilling to pay the priceIf you are unable or unwilling to pay the price, you really shouldn’t kid yourself.

The measure that tells me that, surprisingly not your TLB, but #37. Can you let go of self-concern?

It can change… you can start to see the light… and then you may choose to be right again.

Anyway, all these capacity genes, even if, even when they are open, what I can measure to what degree your actions are coming from that capacity being used.

It is a lot similar to learning to play music on a musical instrument. Or writing a poem. Or coding.

Most people get stuck on the instinctual beginner level, because they are unwilling to invest the work that mastery takes.

I am the opposite in most areas… I want mastery… Goddamit… lol.

Even though I was born with the responsibility capacity gene active, my level of responsibility in action was 3% when I first participated in an education where responsibility was required… in 1985.

Obviously I didn’t understand how important it was, but understood it enough, felt it, that unless I do, I won’t get. Anything.

So I volunteered, beyond the call of duty, I coached, I did every course I was allowed to do, and by 2007 I raised my level of responsibility, the capacity, to 10%. 22 years.

By 2011 when I started this blog, it was 15%.

A month ago it was 70%.

It is now 91%. Why? Because after I activated the responsibility gene for some people, I had to confront the fact that I didn’t know what to tell them they are supposed to do with it. So I buckled down and gave them questions that can drive up what is yours and what you have power over.

And I used them too…

Today, or more accurately nowadays I have floating issues come to my awareness, moments at a time. Actions I am not proud of. Issues I haven’t corrected, like talking about people. My tendency to have knee jerk reactions to evil and hate.

The issues I haven’t taken responsibility for.

When you take full responsibility for something, when you declare that it’s yours, all bad feelings disappear, even if the ‘act’ was horrid. Even if the act populated your nightmares. Even if a moment before you were troubled.

But the moment you take full responsibility, the troubled water smooths out, and all is well. Magical.

I will start offering the DNA activation sporadically, 1-2 days at a time, so it is manageable.

But if you want to be prepared I recommend that you buy and study the Racket Course. And if you can, come to a Turning Point workshop, after you have your DNA adjusted.

I won’t take you unless your #37 in the Starting Point Measurement is a ‘yes’.

Learning to see the racket, learning to manage the racket is mandatory, but ultimately without the responsibility gene being active, it won’t do any lasting changes in your behavior.

The Turning Point workshop is a combination of the racket and responsibility… magical if and when your capacity genes are in the right position.

If you think you want to DNA activation when I open it up, you want to get the racket course to study up on why your life doesn’t work, and why it seems to be the same thing over and over again… here is the link

Get the Racket Course
By failing to prepare you prepare for failure.

You can safely say that I was failing all the way till 2011… Because I had no idea what I was missing.

I bought the domain yourvibration.com in 2007. It was cheap and it already had some traction… In 2011 I realized that the two crucial elements of being able to grow are responsibility and courage.

So I started to work on responsibility… in earnest. Every course, every article was an opportunity to me to take public responsibility, to put myself on the hook… and then do what it took to correct what there was to correct.

You can now see that human being, 100% responsible for what belongs to him/her, is a different species.

It is who we were supposed to grow into… and we got sidetracked… and our capacity turned off for non-use (I think) or it never turned on.

Anyway, I am not a human being until my number gets to 100%.

In the meantime I am working on it with you… and I am working on a method that can do it remotely… to at least turn the capacities in the right position, to adjust your DNA. I think I know what to do… but it will need to be tested.

So get prepared. Prepare to be successful when the opportunity comes.

PS: to find a picture for this article I went to google… and to my horror, all the pictures were about death…

If you are afraid of death is because you didn’t live like you wanted to live, because you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to accomplish.

With the DNA activation you have a second chance… so death will become a natural part of life, nothing to worry about. I guarantee it.

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