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dead as a doornailIf I don’t manage to fly someone else will. The Spirit wants only that there be flying. As to who happens to do it, in that he has only a passing interest. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I never knew I was competitive… but the first sentence in that quote above is what gave me the impetus I needed to make it my work to fly the spirit. Hell no will I be dead as a doornail… Hell no will I be OK if someone else flies and I don’t… So help me god.

I have two ‘podcasts’ a week. Nowadays podcasts mean, mostly, that someone is invited into the ‘studio’ and the two people talk. People want to be on a podcast because they can promote something to the podcast owner’s audience. For many marketers this is the main way they get new subscribers and buyers.

I only know one person who doesn’t do podcast this way, but even him makes is his only way to get his marketing out… and it’s OK… he sold me on some of his courses too, and I am better for it.

But I don’t sell anything on my podcasts, in fact I actually deliver 70% of all my content on my podcasts.

I deliver all you need 10% in my articles, 20% in my courses, and 70% in my ‘podcasts’.

Why do I deliver disproportionately too much in these inexpensive podcasts? I don’t know. Maybe because the call has no agenda, the other person doesn’t pay for some outcome or result, so I can put all my creative thought, all my ‘brilliance’ in it, and just get it out.

I also get to experiment, to see from what level of my ‘skyscraper’ do I get the best result…

Yesterday’s call was pretty frustrating, and that is good… not for me, but for you.

Frustration means: what I intended was blocked.

And, of course, I needed to feel it. It was unpleasant, but now I know.

I am talking at you… Not to you.

I am doing what I swore I would never do: speak as if you were like me… but you are not like me.

The biggest difference between you and me is our level of inspirability.

Inspiration (in the sense ‘divine guidance’) is the measure to which the spirit is active inside and animating you, making you do things, feel things.

My partner for the podcast has 7% inspirability, and her level of inspiration, during the call, due to our conversation, was 3%…

My level of inspirability is 100%, and my level of inspiration during the call was 70%…

Total mismatch.

So what does this mean in dogsh!t terms? I managed to get rid of a huge trauma from 50 years ago that has been invading my sleep and even my awake life… on the call. On the fly.

I would have paid someone to rid me off it a thousand dollars east. It’s been eating at me, and has been underneath all the anger, violent anger I have felt against some people. So if nothing else had happened, the call was worth to me a thousand bucks.

To my partner: the call was an expenditure, albeit interesting… so the value she got from the call was compensating her for the time she spent… a zero sum total.

The benefit you get out of things you do is commensurate, corresponding in size and degree to the inspired/inspirability number you bring to the call.

Corresponding to the size and degree you allow the spirit to be alive in you, and in others.

We are in a phase of human history where it is in vogue to kill the human spirit.

So how do we kill the human spirit?

Good question. Because if you can just reduce any of these ways, you can get the poor spirit a little more elbow room, a little bit more permission to be alive in you.

The methods that make you ‘add’, the additive methods, the favorite non-working pretentious methods of humanity don’t do sh!t… other than make you haughty. And busy.

What do I mean? the fast breathing, the looking into the sunset, the listening to music, and all the activities ‘the fake gurus’ recommend to you to raise your vibration. They don’t.

What raises your vibration, what raises your inspirability, what allows the spirit to be active in you is removing the many ways you stifle it, you gag it, you kill it.

The ways you kill the spirit are the same as the payoffs of the racket plus the responsibility questions… by the way. So don’t let familiarity suggest that you have handled them: you haven’t. You are dead inside as a doornail and knowing about things has never made any difference.

Only catching yourself doing these, being these, will make a difference.

ravensOK, here are the way you deaden the spirit in you:

1. Being right… about anything. How you already know. How it is unfair. How it should be different… whatever the it is. How they should be, how they shouldn’t be.

How YOU shouldn’t or should… You are right about everything. This is the easiest to catch, and the most potent of all when you reduce it.

2. Making another or something wrong. You are right about that they are wrong, aren’t you?

3. Focusing on, wanting to look good and avoid looking bad. As if that ever bought you anything… it hasn’t and it won’t… but you give up life, results, aliveness, spirit for appearances.

4. Winning/avoid losing… winning an argument, a bet, in a relationship. Unless you can see that you can win, that you will win, you won’t even go for it… And you forcefully eliminate any competition, any argument, any love and affinity, any conversation for the sake of winning.

Ugh. No matter what it cost.

It is like Pyrrhic victory…

comes at a great loss. Loss of respect, loss of affinity, and loss of the spirit. In human terms: a victory, a real victory is always an inside job: victory over one’s own lower inclination, not over another.

5. Dominate/avoid domination… A rigid stance against anything or anyone calling the shot, even if the person who said something was you. You resist… and kill the spirit. You may pretend in public that this isn’t so… so this is most often who you are, what you do in the privacy of your own head or your own home.

6. Justify self, explain/invalidate a thing or another. This is mostly the visible part of the previous one, dominate/avoid domination. The argument is to avoid any change, any growth, any spirit. Ugh.

7. Avoid being responsible… get off the hook at all cost. Obviously this applies to all the above, and is the underlying dynamic. Responsibility, taking it willingly, is the dividing line. A dividing line between a base desires dominated person and a person who is showing signs of wanting more.

Wanting to become a human being, as a human was meant to be.

The activation of the gene allows you to take responsibility to yourself, instead of considering responsibility as a chore. This has the revolutionary potential to take all of humanity to the Promised Land.

The Promised Land, in humanity’s evolution would be Human Being… The current level is homo sapiens, animal with a mind. 90% anchored in animal.

8. lying, fibbing, choosing what word to honor and what word not to honor. The question to ask: am I impeccable with my word? Although this is the lowest level of integrity, it will allow the spirit to stir if you bring impeccability to your word.

9. Taking things personally…
10. Making assumptions
11. Expectations
12. Slacking off, not investing full power in your actions.

If I were you, I would focus on one of these 12, and work on whittling that one down to next to nothing, before I’d move to the next one to handle.

  • In the Turning Point workshop we work mostly on 1 and 2… they are the two sides of the same coin.
  • And the racket/responsibility, which is another coin with two sides.

You may not remember…

…but when you were little, life was better, you were happier, because the spirit wasn’t yet squashed in you. You were flowing with life, with spirit, and you were happy, joyful.

I remember looking at my pictures during a course where I was going to document how sh!tty my childhood was. And I was dumbfounded that I looked alive, excited, spirited in every single picture I had of myself.

But by the time I was doing this course I was dead inside… This was back in 1996.

I spent time and energy in weeding out all the things I had been right about, all the things I made my parents wrong about, then all the things I made myself wrong about, and got my spirit flying.

I had no idea back in 1985 that the poem that captivated me, that hooked me, was about that… If I don’t manage to fly someone else will. The Spirit wants only that there be flying. As to who happens to do it, in that he has only a passing interest. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I didn’t know the spirit was inside. I didn’t know I can make it fly. I only knew that I wanted it… and it felt amazing.

The opposite of that is inside deadness, aimlessness, hesitance, always ineffectiveness, the chance to draw back… dull, lifeless, joyless.

No light inside. Schadenfreude giggles. Judgment. Complaining. Hopelessness.

That is what I am speaking into.

Do your job, the job you said you were going to take on. Start removing all the ways you are right, all the ways you are dead… dead right. All the ways you hope someone else will give it to you, all the ways you are more interested in being comfortable that in being alive.

The adjusting your DNA, including turning on your responsibility gene, can only do 40% of that job. It is like unlocking a door… but you still have to walk through it!

Don’t want to? I can’t help you. I won’t even try.

On another note: yesterday I offered a limited number of DNA adjustment remedies only for shipping, as a test for people who haven’t had their DNA adjusted.

Of course I didn’t expect people to jump on the offer who had their DNA adjusted… And yet only people who didn’t need it asked for it. People who can’t participate in the test, because I won’t what made the change… if any.

If they continue being entitled, or if they continue not take responsibility, or if they continue being as dead as a doornail. Or if it is because the remedy doesn’t work, or because they just want something else to do the work that they are supposed to do.

So the test backfired…

All the people who asked for the freebie proved to me that they didn’t take responsibility for what belongs to them. Or take responsibility that the more successful they make me, the more successful I can make them. Or for not to go and grab what is meant for someone else… the fat man’s greed I call it.

Oh well… I have to dream up a test that cannot be misinterpreted, or just declare my current customers incorrigible? I haven’t decided what to do yet.

I am licking my wounds for now. My expectations weren’t fulfilled… is what happened. I assumed… is what happened. And I am taking it personally… is what happened.

Oh, and I am definitely right about you. You are wrong wrong wrong… lol.

I am doing my work. Will you do yours? Or are you waiting for Godot?

My European clients are way ahead of my American clients… I guess they weren’t taught to be takers, they weren’t taught to remain entitled children who believe they don’t have to do any work to get what they want.

OK, I just muscletested the status of the responsibility gene activation for the people who committed to do the work. Half of them didn’t do it. I am starting to understand what made them rush to get the remedy: they hope that they won’t have to do the work…

But dudes and dudettes! You have to do the work, asking the responsibility questions to find out how you could be responsible for your misery, your upset, your anger, your despair… Like I do.

Get yesterday’s podcast call… You’ll learn a lot… even if my talking partner didn’t…

It is always easier to see things from the sidelines…

Get yesterday’s call or the whole series
The feedback I am getting from the call is that it made a difference and made asking the Responsibility questions more no nonsense, less a chore, and really fast. One of them ‘dings’… you don’t need to elaborate on all, just have to ask the question… ding-ding-ding when you get to the one that has the heart of the matter.

Here are the questions again:

here are the questions that support responsibility: you ask each and look
One way is to look at the four agreements and see where you went wrong… And correct it.

  • Agreement 1: Be Impeccable With Your Word… was I impeccable with my word here?
  • Agreement 2: Don’t Take Anything Personally… did I take anything personally here?
  • Agreement 3: Don’t Make Assumptions… did I make any assumptions here?
  • Agreement 4: Always Do Your Best… did I do my best here?

Or ask yourself a series of questions. I have found this even more effective in re-calibrating myself to personal power:

  • What could I be responsible for to get access to power?
  • What am I doing?
  • what am I assuming/thinking?
  • What am I taking personally?
  • what is my attitude?
  • What am I expecting?
  • What am I going for/intention?
  • how wide am I looking?
  • What an I stingy about?
  • where am I erring to the side of ‘it’s my way or the highway’?
  • What am I up to here?
  • What did I intend?

OK, if you haven’t had your DNA adjusted, you can order the DNA adjustment remedy. It is a 30-day supply… shipped with first class mail, in a bottle.

Get your Becoming Like God Remedy

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