If you had access to a portkey, where would you want to go?

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PORTKEY MAGICA portkey is a magical transportation device. You ask it to take you somewhere.

In essence the question in the title asks:

What do you want for yourself?

I don’t know who said it, maybe Aristotle, that asking questions is smart, having answers is no so much.

And even if those questions aren’t yours, you didn’t make them up, asking questions is still very smart.

In yesterday’s Inner Authority final session we were working with ‘the questions’ I gave all of my readers and not readers.

Turns out that questions, doing something that is smart is not the favorite activity of my ‘students’, I only heard back from three people who actually did it. The rest dabbled at best.

I have some really resistant people to smartness… That may be my claim to fame? Ugh.

  • For answers you go to your memory, which is in the mind, a dark chamber in the brain, as you are not looking. You are not aware. Nobody home.
  • For questions, or to answer the kind of questions I recommend you ask, you need to look in your feelings triggered by the question, your life… and what you’ll see will stun you.

Stun you? Yeah, like this… WTF? I didn’t know it was there?

And when you see what is there, you have more than what you bargained for: you have clarity, and you have something that you can do that will take you to some sunnier climate than where you are living now.

The idea of responsibility is ludicrous for most people… Of course you are responsible! you protest. And you are lying.

Not personal… although you are lying, personally.

You and everyone, by the way.

So until you get a taste what responsibility feels like, what it opens up, you poopoo it.

The opening of the gene, the responsibility gene came together with the closing of the child genes.

The child genes that make you wait for mommy to feed you, for a president to bail you out, for a husband to make your life easier, for some deity to do your work for you.

So it seems that the misery this waiting causes is very familiar to my readers… but what the other side would be: that side they probably have never experienced.

The other side of misery, waiting, is responsibility.

Yeah. Long word, too many syllables, and I always leave one ‘i‘ out. Even though in responsibility it is the ‘i‘ that has the power.

The I… the I that causes life, actions, attitudes, thoughts… You for yourself. Not some deity, or an assigned doer, like your mother. You.

Our attitude towards life, towards the things we want is weird: it goes deep, and most of it stays hidden, unless you question yourself in a particular way.

I know we are on the right track with what we are doing in any course when… gasp… we ask questions that make ME stunned… then giddy… and then busy.

I find what causes me misery and at the same time I find the way out: what it is that I can do to get out of the misery.

This is exactly what happened in yesterday’s session. After the session I spent a whole two hours explaining to someone what I learned, exactly.

Now, a little bit of warning: what you learn is never any good news if you take it personally. If you think that what you saw has to stay that way forever. That it is part of your personality.

If you don’t have the responsibility gene on, yeah, that is what you are going to experience from the questions: despair.

It is a mirage… but it is painful nevertheless.

But if you have the responsibility gene on, i.e. you had your DNA adjustment, either personally, or with the remedy, you’ll be able to see that the bad news are your Sorcerer’s Stone… Touchstone… Portkey. The bad news can take you out of your situation… like a portkey in Harry Potter… take you to a place where you are actually better off.

It is a good idea to know what place you would be better off… because the portkey won’t know. Doesn’t know. Or when it knows, it was pre-programmed by the enemy… like in the 3rd book of the Harry Potter saga.

For me, a place that’s better off is where more of my readers read my articles to the end, more of them use the questions, more of them buy my stuff.

If my stuff makes a difference, then you buying them makes a difference for you… so our self-interest is in harmony.

So when I did my own asking the questions to demonstrate how it’s done, that is what I had in mind as a ‘better place’. More readers, more buyers.

And the ‘portkey’ delivered, famously.

And the slight pain I experienced seeing what I have been doing WRONG was a small price to pay: I can take it. Bring it on!

I learned to say that in Warrior School… Yelling: ‘I can take it! Bring it on!‘ is a reliable way to increase your mental toughness, so you don’t shy away from everything that has a price tag. And to your detriment, everything has a price tag… everything worth having.

Peace of mind, joy, purpose, a meaningful life, harmonious relationships, self-respect, self-love, self-esteem all have a price tag.

Everything you ever wanted has a price tag.

If you have a mental toughness score: TLB 1, you probably have none of what you want… because you are not willing to go through a little pain to get it.

When your child gene is off and your responsibility gene is on, that question is easier to answer with: ‘a little pain? I can take it! Bring it on!‘ because you see that only you can take yourself there. With the portkey… of course.

I decided to make yesterday’s call available, for a measly ten bucks. If you have had your DNA adjusted, it is free for you. I’ll email you the coupon code.

Get the recording of the ‘portkey’ session
You’ll have a chance to get your DNA adjusted in the cart as well.

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