Repetition is a superpower. It puts you on top of any heap!

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repetitionOne of the reasons people are so unhappy is they don’t talk to themselves,‘ says author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love). ‘You have to keep a conversation going with yourself throughout your life, to see how you’re doing, to keep your focus, to remain your own friend.

I bet Elizabeth Gilbert doesn’t know that part of becoming cause in your life requires you to have a structured conversation with yourself… That is what the responsibility questions do.. this is why I gifted the ‘Portkey’ recording where I demonstrate the power of that conversation.

It’s not an ordinary conversation.

That conversation, done well, takes you through that open door, the door to becoming cause.

But unfortunately, it seems, that it is not likely without the DNA adjustment.

So if you haven’t had yours, I apologize… not much of what I say is making any sense nowadays, does it? So what are you waiting for? Get your DNA adjusted… just kidding. I bet every single person who wanted that has already done it… the only question I have what are you doing pretending to read and understand my articles?

Oh, they are interesting? I don’t know about that. Although a part of today’s Sunday Call was titillating, if Paulo’s feedback is any indication. We talked about Source, and what is infused in a remedy: the energy or the instructions… What is in the Day’s of Power download: the energy or the instruction?

But it takes courage and strength to get involved in something that takes you out of your comfort zone… even if all you have ever wanted is outside of your comfort zone. Even if I promise you to take you there.

  • Like all weak men, he laid an exaggerated stress on not changing one’s mind. ~ W. Somerset Maugham
      • The snake that can’t cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. ~ George Bernard Shaw
      • Sometimes, being true to yourself means changing your mind. Self changes, and you follow. ~ Vera Nazarian
  • Only the strongest people have the pluck to change their minds, and say so, if they see they have been wrong in their ideas. ~ Enid Blyton

The above quotes are all about changing your mind.

repetition createsBut here is a kicker: Changing your mind presupposes that you have a useful, usable brain with opinions of your own.

And unfortunately 97% of humanity doesn’t… don’t?

Unfortunately for today’s humanity the culture suggests that you are smart enough to get anything after one reading… after hearing it once…

…and when I look with my students, it started in elementary school: you considered homework an imposition, not part of actually truly getting what you heard in class.

So you never actually learned anything.

I am going to muscletest how much some of my students that I know have learned in school. B: 1%. H: 1%. T: 1%. P: 1%. A: 10%.

A is an outlier, she is from Europe. Me: 70%. And god knows, neither A nor me were smarter than the average bear at the time. Contrast our European teacher and students with the Western students and the question comes up: why are they only learning 1%? are they stupid or what?

But the answer is simply this…

When you first hear or read something, most of your intellect is working to understand the words, what you are reading/hearing. So the ‘flow-through’ of the content is, depending on other factors as well, is only about 1%.

Western students were told that it is enough to be smart, so they never read  it again. Never do the homework, never listen to anything twice, and they never know exactly what they are supposed to know.

You don’t know something unless you can teach it.

Vague recollection, vague understanding of what you were told means: you don’t know.

I am learning this the hard way.

I now talk to three students regularly. The calls are casual… no agenda, I am not there to teach. So they are in their natural way…

Occasionally I ask them to repeat what they learned, and so far none of them could.

My least successful student has amazing memorizing ability, but no understanding. That is another way someone never learns. Knowing is more than repeating something verbatim.

If you want thousands of dollars worth of knowledge each week from me, knowledge

  • make your life better, maybe
  • make your life even outstanding,
  • increase your earning potential,
  • improve your relationships with others, the world, and yourself,
  • if you want to have better health…
  • A better understanding of the world we live in…

you may want to change your relationship to my stuff.

Some of my stuff is so above your current daily intellectual activity, that you need to read it or listen to it three times to get 25% of it. That is enough.

If you get 25% of everything I teach, you’ll be a genius in no time.

I am not necessarily smarter than you, and definitely wasn’t when I went to school. The subjects I didn’t read again at home I was bad at, and still am. Geography was my weakest point, it wasn’t interesting enough.

History was my second worst. The stories I found interesting I still remember. My favorites were the wars… especially the Black Horde… that fate has it, was stopped in Hungary from occupying all of Europe in 1241. No wonder I want to read everything about the Mongols, about Genghis Khan… Fascinating.

Anyway, what is it that I am trying to say here?

That you cannot mine the gold in my stuff if you scan it, read it once, listen to it once.

It’s OK if you do it knowingly. But if you think there was no real gold there… you are, my friend, moronic.

At first glance nothing gives up its value… not a thing… other than worthless stuff, like conspiracy theories, like doughnuts, like Twinkies, like cheap things you probably like more than things with substance.

hero program... be your own heroA number of people who got their DNA adjusted have requested to get email coaching.

I no longer do straight email coaching, but I do something similar on a private area of a website called Social Lair.

There I check what you wrote at least once a day, and it is private. The whole thread of our conversation is in one place, and we can check how you are progressing.

It’s mandatory that you have at least one outcome you’d like to accomplish. It doesn’t have to be big, but it needs to be something you cannot do without help.

If you are interested, it has two versions: the simple one, where we only talk in writing, and the advanced one where we talk live, one-on-one or in a group.

One-on-one private coaching

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