What is Abundance, really?

what abundance is notAbundance 1 , the word, is abused in this day and age. It’s been twisted to mean stuff, it’s been twisted to mean plenty. It is twisted as something to come from the outside. It is made to mean something that you can’t have unless you “attract” it.. But the word abundance means fulfilling completely its purpose, its real purpose.

The same dastardly thing was done to the word “good” as well. In the case of good, morality was added, in the case of abundance, stuff was added. Now you are totally screwed, no place to go, and I haven’t even mentioned beautiful…

Good is that which most completely fulfills its purpose. A table is good if it is a horizontal surface suitable to place things on it, eat by it, etc.

A human being is good if they live according to the Original Design fully practicing and expanding his capacities of body, mind and spirit. Being giving, polite, helpful doesn’t make you good… it is probably a sign of lopsided living. Just like being blunt won’t make me bad… lol.


What is the Original Design?

In nature everything interacts with everything else, on every level, including the micro. The atoms perceive their environment, in a way, and some things make them move closer, and some things make them move away.

In nature not mitigated, not interfered by humans, there is a certain dynamic balance: not over and not under what can be maintained.

Introduce humans, and the picture changes totally, at least on the macro level. Your atoms, your inner world is still behaving the way it is supposed to, to maintain balance. Your particles are still moving closer and moving away from certain things.

But your mind doesn’t play well with nature: it has its own ideas of what is right and what is wrong.

manipulating you to look outside of your self for the source of abundanceIntroduce manipulators, ad-men, governments, and behind the scene people that are interested in ruling you all.

They make you start smoking, make you start exercising, make you want to eat stuff they want to sell, soybeans, tofu, agave nectar… you name it.

So if abundance is not hoarding, or picking and choosing, or bathing in excess… then what is it really?

It is a sense that all is well with the world. That who you are, what you are, how you do things are just the things perfect for you to be alive, and get what you need, how much you need.

If you would, please re-read the sentence: it doesn’t say “want” it says “need”.

Abundance is having what you need, being who you need to be, doing what needs to get done.

As rare as rain storms in July, right? If OK in one area, you come up short in another.

Now, for truth’s sake, what a Human Being needs is more than an animal needs, so let’s attend to the differences:

A Human Being (that is your goal, to become a Human Being, not just a step above animals, right?) needs intellectual stimulation as well.

Human Being is a Creator… with capital c. Expanding not just in the physical world, but also in the mental/intellectual, and the spiritual world.

Only when you give equal attention to the body, the mind and the Soul that you experience abundance.

Wellness Wheel

Abundance: It’s an inside job

Most of the people I know that want money, health, love in the name of abundance, neglect, ignore, starve their intellectual and spiritual aspects.

Being lopsided will not give you a sense of abundance, you can be sure of that.

The sense of abundance, that all is well with the world, with you, that you are growing, that you are doing well, that you are doing your soul’s work is the goal.

Now, what happens if you don’t do your work: what is the feedback mechanism?

The Soul that sits just above and to the left of the physical heart, talks to you. It will nudge you, gently or harshly, to do what you need to do, if you want to become a human being.

But you barely feel anything other than a general sense of doom, dissatisfaction, sadness, or pressure. You don’t hear the specific signals of the soul, just like a minute ago I heard some noise, and it took me a minute to realize I was hearing the tea water boiling… so I got up and poured the water over the tea leaves.

The difference between you and me, is that I have been training myself to be alert, to be astute, to identify what I feel, what I hear, what I see. You have no distinctions, and therefore you can’t have guidance.

What you now consider guidance is your mind (including the imagination!) whispers to you, and its origin is ALWAYS outside manipulation, advertising, and what you read, heard… none of it is yours, none of it has anything to do with Source or Soul.

One of the misunderstandings we have is that the pain and discomfort we have is hunger. It is true for your stomach: when you have indigestion, you feel hungry, and the eating calms down the stomach for a little while.

Same in other areas of life: you go and buy something… you feel better for a little while. You talk to someone: you feel better for a little while.

But you never actually attend to the source of the discomfort: you are way off, you are not doing your work, you have no integrity.

All the voodoo methods out there for supposedly gaining abundance are making you lazy intellectually, and a fraud spiritually. 2

Why are they doing this? Because you are lazy.

You read gossip, but never read a book that is thicker than 200 pages. You have never developed your brain and have no ambitions about it. You want me to give you my famous Brain Tonic so you can be sharper in the mundane brain activities you pursue… you never consider doing anything really hard, not even once, let alone become masterful.

You dabble. You wing it. You count on your natural intelligence to take you over the hump, which means you never consider a mountain to climb.

There is no abundance in sight until you do. Why? Your integrity is compromised. You are like a highrise building without foundation, or faulty foundation. You’ll collapse under the wind of life.

grow balancedThe Wholistic Effortless Abundance Activator removes your resistance, and mitigates your “greed” for stuff, for significance, for pride, for being the best (better than you really are), for being faultless (by not doing anything at all) etc.

It attempts to put you in the abundance state on the level where you really are. It is an unheard of feat, by the way. Instead of having to grow, acquire, etc. you will experience abundance where you are.

If you wish you can start growing evenly, proportionately, from there, in body, mind and spirit.

If you wish to return to the horrible hunger and grief game you are playing now, just stop the Abundance remedy or the Effortless Abundance audio and you’ll be back almost where you have been… It’s OK with me… I don’t need to, don’t have to, don’t want to change you, I just want for you what you want for yourself. If you don’t want Freedom, Peace of Mind, and a sense of Abundance, you don’t have to. Honest.

Now go and get it, or not. Your choice.

It works fast.

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  1. abundance definition
    • a very large quantity of something. “the tropical island boasts an abundance of wildlife”
    • the quantity or amount of something, e.g., a chemical element or an animal or plant species, present in a particular area, volume, sample, etc. “estimates of abundance of harp seals”
    • (in solo whist) a bid by which a player undertakes to make nine or more tricks.
    • the state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness. “vines and figs grew in abundance”
      synonyms: profusion, plentifulness, profuseness, copiousness, amplitude, lavishness, bountifulness, bounty; More
      host, cornucopia, riot;
      plenty, quantities, scores, multitude;
      informalmillions, sea, ocean(s), wealth, lot(s), heap(s), mass(es), stack(s), pile(s), load(s), buttload(s), bags, mountain(s), ton(s), slew, scads, oodles, gobs;
      vulgar slangassload(s);
      “the abundance of donated funds was completely unexpected”
      antonyms: lack, scarcity
    • plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity. “the growth of industry promised wealth and abundance”

  2. Example: Christie Marie Sheldon is rich. Rich and miserable. She has no sense of abundance… her vibration is 150…

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