Why no one gets ‘choice’ in the Landmark Forum

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It seems everything is a learning curve. Or a ramp-up curve.

In a world where people resist learning anything, the ones that don’t resist are winners. Maybe even THE winners.

One of the things I notice is that when I sign up to a program, or buy a book, an equipment, I am excited. Until I get what I paid for. Then I am scared. Hesitant. Now comes the moment of truth.

It’s the 7 in my numerology, I think, trust. Trust in myself, mainly.

I don’t think the issue is limited to 7… Everyone has their own ‘reason’ to not pursue what they thought they wanted. 5’s, for example may have a weak ability to hold a vision of the future…

Whatever is standing between you consistently pursuing what you said you wanted is the most important thing, maybe even the one-thing that you should never forget to attend to.

Why? Because it seems that the one-thing that stands in your way is more important than any one-thing you could choose to work towards.

It is hard to see until you calibrate your eyes to see everything inside this one context: is this person going towards something, whether it is attainable or pie in the sky won’t matter. What matters is that they pay attention to that siren song at the expense of everything else, or most everything else.

After me the deluge

That one thing acts like addiction… the chase, the fame, the power, the thrill… the saying ‘après moi le deluge‘ when one doesn’t care about the consequences, only about the moment. One could translate that French saying to the teenagers’ ‘Whatever’, or maybe ‘Who cares what will happen?!’

But once the moment is gone, once you look at your life, and especially on your deathbed: YOU care.

But the number of people who destroyed everything ‘of lesser importance’ than their main pursuit is high, and it is not a happy place.

You know I love reading thrillers, cop procedurials, and courtroom dramas… and almost every ‘hero’ in those books ends up on skid’s row in a way, no family, no love, no nothing that warms you on a cold day.

I have found that until one is able to take complete responsibility for their life, they are jerked by a fear or a concern, mercilessly, and happiness, joy, fulfillment eludes them. If not now, then eventually.

Just look at the spate of divorces of supposedly happy moguls of industry… The famous billionaires.

Yeah… they were moving towards something and didn’t pay attention to all of life.

What I am saying is this… and you may want to re-read the previous about 10 paragraphs.

What I am saying is that people who are willing to be guided by the shouldn’t, guided by what they don’t want, instead of what they want, will go further and live happier lives than the ones jerked by their shoulds.

Of course something or someone needs to sit in the driver’s seat while the crowd of shouldn’t push the stalled car… Like this picture? I love it.

But the driver needs only to know the direction, not the final destination.

And if you don’t already have a direction, I recommend that you take on one I borrowed from Landmark: ‘a life you love and you live it powerfully’ or said in another way ‘Live Your Life Powerfully and Live a Life You Love

Tall order for many reasons… but especially a tall order if you don’t have access to power. Personal power.

personal powerWhat is personal power?

It is a gene… Bummer, eh?

There is a potentially powerful exercise in the Landmark Forum that literally no one gets. It’s called ‘choice’.

In the exercise the leader asks for a volunteer, they mic the person up, seat them in a director’s chair, and the conversation begins.

The leader pretends to hold two ice cream cones, one chocolate, one vanilla.

chocolate or vanilla in the Landmark ForumHe asks the volunteer: Chocolate of Vanilla? Choose.

The volunteer says: Chocolate.
Leader: Why did you choose chocolate?
Volunteer: Because I like chocolate.
Leader: That is not choice. The ‘like’ chose chocolate, not you. OK, let’s try it again: Chocolate or Vanilla? Choose.
Volunteer: Vanilla
Leader: Why did you choose vanilla?
Volunteer: because the chocolate didn’t work.
Leader: That is not a choice. The ‘wanting it to work’ chose vanilla, not you. Chocolate of Vanilla? Choose.

And it goes on like that for about 20 minutes.

I choose chocolate because I choose chocolateAnd even when it seems to have worked, and the volunteer says: I chose chocolate because that is what I chose… and everyone cheers, the idea of choice, the idea of being the one who chooses is not clear to anyone in the audience.

Why? And if it is not clear to you, then listen up.

Because to be the cause in one’s choices is called responsibility. It is a DNA capacity that is not ‘on’ for most people. So the most, it is on for about 1000 people out of almost eight billion.

Is it on for the billionaires who are divorcing? No. I measured.

Is it on for Warren Buffet? Not divorcing, but it’s not on. But it is on for Charlie Munger. It is on for Alex Hormozi.

I lucked out in the genetic lottery. I inherited my father’s genes, and he had the responsibility gene on…

But having a gene on doesn’t mean you use it.

Genes need to be used to be useful!

I had the gene working for me 10% when I did the Forum for the first time in 1987. I could be the one person who ‘got it’, including the leader.

Because choice is just one example of how the responsibility causes you to live powerfully and live a life you love.

Since then I have been working on it and today the responsibility gene works for me 70%… I have more work to do.

I still catch myself saying ‘because’ instead of simply choosing. Choosing to do something, choosing to attend a class, choosing to leave, choosing to work with someone or not… instead of making money or the lack of it responsible. Or liking. Or wanting. Time. Or anything other than myself.

So let me summarize what I am saying:

1. Only about a thousand people in all of humanity have the Responsibility gene active. This includes the newly ‘minted’… oops, adjusted clients and students of mine.

My ambition would be to ‘mint’ another thousand… That would double the number effectively.

To what end, Sophie?

It is my pleasure… no reason.

2. The capacity is like a door… you can walk through it and stay in the open space outside of your safe comfort zone. The more you go outside, the happier your life becomes.

To live a life you love and you live it powerfully, you probably have to spend most of your life outside. How much is the minimum? Did you get that you are already negotiating? What made you ask that question, fear, laziness, stinginess?

Muscletest says: just work your way up to 10%.

3. The way to activate, in the moment, the ‘I am cause’ is through the responsibility questions.

It is not the questions that activate: they are just the questions. It is you. Every question asks you to be responsible… and you’ll either be or not.

But the more you can be the more that door is open.

4. I suggest that you set out a direction: Living a life you love and you live it powerfully, instead of something goal-like, like be an industry tycoon, or rich, or married, or win the Olympics.

Instead of specific, set out to be more concerned with going away from what keeps you creepy, cowardly, lazy, a know-it-all, an underachiever, an addict, a pompous prick, a fat slob, or whatever you have that you don’t want to face.

I have, for myself, ‘never amount to much‘ there. No f…ing way… It’s been my driver for 74 years.

Look and pick one. If you email it to me, I’ll muscle test if it has enough  energy to take you to a life loved and lived powerfully. No charge.

And for now, if you want to become the next thousand people who can be cause in a life they love and live powerfully, you have two choices, both involve your genes getting adjusted.

Choice 1: through a liquid remedy.

It is not the energy that is in the liquid, it is the command. So if I ever add another gene… it will still be the same command.

Choice 2: me, personally adjusting your genes.

In both cases: adjustment covers 40%, 60% is yours. You need to attempt to take responsibility through doing the questions, day in/day out, religiously, like a spiritual practice… because it is. A spiritual practice.

I still do it.

On level one it relieves anxiety, anger, upset, discomfort.
On level two: it tells you what to do next. sweeeeeeet!

Instant adjustment is available if and when you buy the Turning Point workshop… Next workshop is this

The Turning point workshop

PS: Unscheduled public announcement:

in addition to the already many but known online scams, I got news that there is a ‘hiring scam’ going on… If you or someone you know is in search of an online job, please read the article or send it to them.

the article is here.

Another scam I am getting daily emails for claims that they have access to my account and documented that I have been watching porn. That is what gave them away: I don’t watch porn… and really never have.

They demand money to leave me alone. I automatically delete the email… but for a while I was angry. I took it through the responsibility questions… and now I am not even angry, not even annoyed.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Why no one gets ‘choice’ in the Landmark Forum”

  1. I’ve been to The Forum (108 attendees present) and I still remember – and often use – the choice lesson 26 years later! Your version is somewhat different though, as are many of your statements, strange even if I may be brutally honest. I disagree with the idea of right and wrong for one thing, based on things I’ve learned from other sources.
    I also wanted to remind you to always proofread everything you publish to catch the typos (a few in this blog) and to be sure you’re speaking into your reader’s listening. Remember that one?
    If you’re at all interested in a conversation, I’ll leave my contact info.

    Bye for now.

    P.S. the 108 is significant of something quite powerful and interesting, btw. That’s one reason I included it.

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