Some vibrational reviews for a change of pace

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Vibrational reviews of healersI didn’t write an article today. Instead I measured I think 19 healers’ vibration and the truth value of their offerings.

It is a mixed bag, as you will see… because instead of an article, I’ll just copy the reviews here…

I don’t know these people, haven’t done anything with them. The only thing I did is connected to them, and to Source, and muscle tested their vibration and the truth value… so don’t expect much details… that is all I did. Even that took me hours… so there you have it.

What there is to know about these people:

  • 1. none of them connect to Source, of the Source of life… the Light. They connect either to their memory/mind, or some human imagination created place, or nothing. People need help, and they are willing to help… if with nothing else, with hope, with placebo.
  • 2. They know what they are doing is probably worthless, so that makes their vibration low… if it is low. I found four people whose vibration is not that low… The highest truth value I found was 10%, which is the level of today’s science, for example. That is what it is.

I left the email writer’s words in… why?

I think it is interesting to see how people, clients, fans of these ‘healers’ relate to them.

Here I am with my list of healers. Be prepared…there are 16 healers! ?? I hope it’s not too much.. I’m so attracted to energy healing. If it’s to much just do the first few.

From some of them I bought a few products, or listened some free gifts they put on their website and I also watch their youtube channels.

Most of them I got to know through a telesummit, but I don’t follow telesummits anymore because I tend to be drawn to their promises I can’t afford them in this time of my life.

I saw you left a review on Tamra Oviatt. I bought one of her programs a few years ago.

For everyone else I have not seen anything on your website.

Arathi Ma

(she is one of my favourites)

vibration: 100, truth value: 1%
She works with energies that don’t come from Source… I call them Dark Energies. Most people do…


Macaya Miracle

(he is the founder of Accelerated Light Healing,where I learn this tool called RICH clearing and RACE creation.I would like to know if this technique really works to clear limiting beliefs and negative emotions. I will post the page where he talks about it)

vibration: 100. truth value: 1% clown and con artist

Vera Mirna
vibration: 100, truth value: 3%

Lynn Waldrop

( She is a medical intuitive. Her mp3s were very useful for me)
vibration: 100, truth value: 7%

Rann Goldrich

(I’m curious about her Immortal Face Lifts)
vibration: 170, truth value: 7%

Karen Kan

( I like her, I watch her videos on youtube)
vibration: 100, truth value: 1%

Maria Martinez

( I’m curious to try one of her programs, especially one abouth prosperity and wealth)
vibration: 100, truth value: 1%

Karen Abrams

( she is a theta healer)
vibration: 200, truth value: 10%

Jimmy Mack

(he channeled this technique called My Liquid Fish™ after a near death experience, which is very funny and easy to do, but I hope it also works because I can’t muscle test myself. This tool is used for downloading new beliefs and clear limiting ones )
vibration: 100, truth value: 1% in addition to that he put 2 attachments on me as I was connecting to him. And even though I left his site, he is still trying to connect to me.

Given that it is an empath ability to connect to someone, you may not be in danger… unless you are an empath.

Jenny Thao Ngo

(I bought this program but then I returned it because I didn’t benefit from it. Despite this, I like to watch her on youtube, she gives me positive vibes)

this is her site

vibration: 100, truth value: 1%

Charan Surdhar

(she is an epigeneticist, she works with dna)

vibration: 200, truth value: 1%

Grace Hom

( I watch her energy clearings on her youtube channel)
vibration: 100. truth value as a medical intuitive: 3%. her programs: 1%

Nidhu Kapoor

(I also watch her clearings on her youtube channel)
vibration: 70, truth value: 1%. Darkness: intentional

Sri Avinash

Master Healer (He does free energy healings on his youtube channel, obviously I have seen them, I think I have an addiction to energy healing ah ah ah)
vibration: 170, truth value: 10%

Abigail Wainwright

( she use light language, she is so beautiful)
vibration: 100, truth value: 1%

Beyond Placebo

( his name is Sukhendu Mandal and he offers a lot of quantum healings in his youtube channel. I don’t know exactly what he does but he also has a soulcorrection series. I love his video called Cosmic Cleansing meditation)

vibration: 200, truth value: 1%

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