Third Phase Activator: Patience

patience activator... a little humorPatience

I have been trying to tame the impatience in me… and succeeded to a certain degree, but I found out, as I was designing the Patience Activator that Source’s interpretation of patience is quite different from mine…

What did I find out?

I found out that impatience comes from human being’s arrogance that the world and other people would conform to their own image of perfection.

The arrogance that says ‘Everything and everyone should be as sharp, as fast, as quick-witted, as they “should” be.’

How it is is wrong, and that’s that. Who said it’s wrong? If you ask a normal person, they say that no one has to say it, it is self-evident that they are wrong. And that is where the activator will be able to make the most difference.

You see, as long as you can’t see, that people don’t conform your worldview, you can’t be responsible that you are trying to force people to meet your standards and ideals.

After all, you are also trying to force yourself to meet your own standards and ideals, to no avail.

Why? Because your standards and ideals were born from some ideal, some pie in the sky, some self-righteous perfect world, that doesn’t exist, and if it did, you would hate to live in it.

I have heard a great question once, that made me think. Would you like to live in a world where everyone is like yourself?

I don’t know about you, but I would not. Maybe after this Patience activation, lol. But before this one, I would have hated to be despised by everyone for not measuring up to their expectations. Wouldn’t you?

Another aspect that I didn’t see without catching a glimpse into Source’s mind, is that impatience is an elaborate strategy to control, force, and manipulate things, events, people, and take the fun and flow out of life.

I hate to be rushed, don’t you? I hate to be told how exactly something should be done… after all I like to find my own solutions: use my brain for something other than weight on my shoulders.

The patience activator will make more than just you happy.

It will reduce your tension, your headaches, your holding your breath, your neck and shoulder pain. It will return you to the flow of life. It will return you to loving life and the people in it.

And it will give the freedom back to people who have been unfortunate to have you in their life… lol.

The freedom to be you has two sides: the inner world side, and the outer world side.

You can only have as much freedom as the environment allows for. It takes a saint to be able to be free and self expressed in an environment that has impatience in it.

Big sorry to all the people that have had to suffer because of me.

patience Another aspect of patience I saw was how I wanted to force and manipulate and hammer out spreading the world about this work. After all that is my job… I thought. Except you can allow life to unfold and happen when it wants to happen, without forcing, or ever giving up on working towards it.

Now, that is an art, if I have ever seen one. I am a baby at that art. How about you?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Third Phase Activator: Patience”

  1. Impatience makes me tunnel visioned and I can't see that things have actually turned out better than I expected.

    Personally, I just need to be a little less specific when I ask for something or I will be looking for a specific result that my human brain and ego wants. I need to be more open to the miracles that happen to me and cause the major results.

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