The lost art of catching mice with what they want

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It got suddenly cold in my area… and the troubles with it came…

I live in an area of Syracuse, the city, where my house is next to a wooded area… lately it has gotten a name…

There is wildlife. I can observe the white tail deer families, I can observe the badger taking its brood to a discovery tour, same with raccoons, skunks, millions of squirrels, birds of all kinds… and, of course, field mice.

I have lived in this two-family house for 18 years. And I have used hundreds of mouse traps during this time.

My favorite is the mice-cube…

It is one thing to put out a lot of traps, and it is quite another thing to observe what the mouse likes, and give it to them… inside the trap.

I know when I have a mouse, because I can smell it. I can smell the animal, I can smell its pee, I can smell its poop.

So when I do detect the smell, I start playing detective, and see what they have eaten…

It is fall, and it is getting cold, last night it was freezing. So the mice want fat… little volume, lots of body heat…

So I put a trap with butter… and what do you say, by next morning the trap had a fat little mouse…

I am not the only one who observes your behavior and traps you with the stuff you prove you like… And just like what the mouse likes traps him… you get trapped too… Unless you are smarter, more self-aware than the mouse. Are you?

Another story, not mine, about mice went like this:

This family sits around just past Halloween… when a tiny mouse staggers out to the middle of the room and falls over. The MAN of the house goes to the mouse to investigate, grabs it by the little tail, and throws him (it?) out the window.

Later that evening the daughter of the house shrieked like it’s the end of the world… Turns out the little mice had his version of Halloween candy overload… and keeled over from all that chocolate.

I don’t have chocolate often in the house… But when I do, I lock it away. chocolate!

By the way, that chocolate story was supposed to be funny… me thinks not that much.

The human traps take you to a place where the activity seriously jeopardizes your consciousness, your vibration, and your happiness, productivity, and satisfaction.

It takes self-awareness to recognize that two minutes of something can turn into a real trap… especially if the page is auto-scrolling, meaning: it is endless.

Social media is guilty of that.

But why wouldn’t you notice that you are taken down on the path to hell?

The things I have observed in others:

The entitlement gene, entitlement to do whatever you want to do whenever you feel like it, the entitlement for a little fun or pleasure… It is a killer. No matter who you are, this gene will get the best of you.

As long as this entitlement gene is still on, you cannot observe yourself, you’ll be at the mercy of this child urge… I want it, I want it, I can’t do without it!

raccoonAnd as long as this entitlement gene is still on, everything is about you, one way or another. You are about yourself, about what you want, what you don’t want. And everything and everyone shows up as an enemy, as an obstacle, as a pain in your behind.

They will accuse you, they will demand of you, they will rain on your parade… and it will take a long time to recover, if you recover at all.

And, of course not much of reality can be seen around the ‘cataract-like’ about-me picture… so you can’t really see what is happening, you can’t really see what you are doing, what is your attitude, what is causing the misery.

You see, it didn’t come naturally to me to ask the question: what does the mice like?

And in my observation, any and maybe all ‘entrepreneurs’ think first what they want to sell… instead of what the potential client wants to buy.

Ultimately, if I could ‘blame’ any behavior for the lack of my business success is this ‘I think of what I want first.’

And I do, even though my entitlement genes are off (there are two). But in the responsibility area I hadn’t quite gotten to see and answer this question in a way that I am answering it now…

Yesterday was a huge learning day… I learned that learning is fastest and most effective in a safe feeling environment… I learned that from Michel Thomas who developed a methodology to teach languages in a few days time… amazing.

His group sizes is about the size of MY groups… so I am going to watch as many of his movies I can so I can learn how he does it…

That is not what I grew up with… not at all.

And accidentally I also learned, really accidentally from someone rolling their eyes when I spoke, that I often rub people the wrong way. Huge learning there.

So, now that we are smart about how to catch mice by paying attention and going away and look with their eyes… I’d like you to be able to do that too.

The DNA adjustment is what makes it possible, through practice, to take your self-interest, your arrogance, your inflated importance out of the way… and start paying attention to what works… and do that.

Until midnight tonight you can buy the DNA adjustment remedy… That will help you keep it on, even if you don’t quite know yet how to keep it on. It will help you extend the normal 3-day duration of an activated gene, to as long as you take the remedy.

But even with the remedy at hand, you need to learn the moves that return you to power… And remove you from powerlessness, misery, being a hapless victim of your machine.

Get your DNA adjustment in a bottle

From tomorrow the price will be 50% higher.

If you buy tonight, I throw in the training on Saturday… It is my self-interest to get you trained.

PS: I think the biggest and most superpower like power we each could have is self-awareness… If only our entitlement gene and large about-me score didn’t block us from seeing what the heck we are doing…

And I say that with the DNA adjustment, turning off your entitlement genes, turning on your permission, responsibility, and humility genes you can become, with enough practice and good guidance a master at self-awareness, which can be your ticket to a life you love and live successfully.

And no matter where you are at, there is more and more to notice… My self-awareness is a puny 30%… And I am working on increasing that. My goal is to become the best teacher, the best person I can be… And without increasing my self-awareness that is just a pipe dream.

Today is the last day you can get the DNA adjustment remedy at the old price…

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