What will it take to become a human being aka a Mensch?

human being aka MenschWhere is the value in a workshop, or a consulting call? What are you really taking home? Where is the value in my paid podcast: the recording of my private conversations with selected individuals?

I am looking for that myself, I am looking for that for you… to identify what is the value.

As an aside: seeing value is surprisingly a gene… a capacity, that is on, meaning active only for about one percent of humanity.

Some genes need other genes active to stay on… I think foresight needs the seeing value capacity to be able to stay on.

People’ behavior boggles the mind… because people are spending untold amounts of money on stuff… so what guides them if they don’t see value.

And the answer is both surprising and obvious: what guides them is their wants.

You want something and you buy it. And, obviously, you don’t see value… this is why so many people buy something that they don’t know what to do with. They don’t know how to get the value out of it.

You don’t even ask if you can, you just whip out your credit card and you buy it.

And then it sits there, unused, and surely unappreciated.

Earlier today I offered to turn on the foresight gene… but do people send me emails: please tell me more about it… how to use it, how to keep it alive?

No, they just send me money as if it were an ice cream cone, with absolutely no obligation on their part.

But it’s $45! Yeah. It is only worth that much if you need it. If you know how to use it because it has been what is missing. And you have been trying, and looking, and pondering, and could not see the consequences of your actions… Yeah, then it is worth $45 and more.

I have both seeing value and the foresight genes active.

I didn’t always have these genes on… I have been forcing them on with painful and consistent practice…

If you compare a gene or capacity activity to a light bulb… those two capacities are on, but the light is dim.

About 10%… not very bright.

So I am still working on it. Before every call or activity, I commit to come away with one piece of value, something that has the potential to last me and keep on providing me with value for a lifetime.

So I am training myself to not go for the want, go for finding the value and then… gasp… mining it. Mining it like a gold mine.

Or making it work for me… for a long time to come.

I am accomplishing the first part every time, but the mining it, the making it work for me is still limping along on one leg… Unless I remember to take a note of it, and contemplating it is what’s missing.

I have found out that unless I turn around and teach it, it becomes as good as if it never happened.

I have a few calls in a week. And if I get one nugget out of each, a nugget that I can identify during a call, just one even if the call is a 3-hour call and the nugget is… ahem just a nugget, I am golden… especially if I teach it… because then I’ll use it.

As a leader of a call I often fret and worry that the whole call is not chock full of nuts… so I am measuring MY calls with a different measure… hm.

I pay for a multi coach coaching program monthly and have been for about a year and a half.

It works like this: if the clients have a question, they will ask. But in my humble opinion, all the questions that have come in during those about 18 months were not worth listening to. That may even include the one or two questions that I asked. No value for others, not value for me.

So one by one I have dropped those calls, and I stuck with only two. When I looked why I was sticking with them. I saw that I wanted to share what I saw…

Because many things don’t become real for me until someone hears them.

That is the principle under me turning around and teaching what nuggets I get out of conversations or programs.


Also many of my decisions for change or doing something new never get even started, because between me and myself, I can get away with murder… Not all the time, but all too often.

So being on those two calls brought me enough benefits to pay for the whole coaching program: I got heard, and that, in turn, allowed me to grow me in leaps and bounds.

But then I got offended.

My main mode of getting myself into trouble is to get offended. Personally offended. Familiar?

The leaders of those calls didn’t always like me talking. Often I felt like the redheaded stepchild.

I still have a need for a sounding board… and now I have none or almost none.

I have no place to share my insights, I have no place to commit to actions that I am unlikely to pursue without fear of public embarrassment if I don’t do it.

So I am looking how to create or how to find a partner or a place… where I can share what I want to share, for myself.

Something is always more important than something else

Unless when a tree falls in the forest and there is someone to hear it, it didn’t make any sound.

Yesterday I wrote about making a difference… and I am now seeing that making a difference doesn’t happen either, unless someone sees it and sees it as making a difference.

  • One of my potential gifts to people is seeing what’s special about them. Unless they can hear it, it isn’t a gift.
  • Another, again potential only gifts I have for people who participate with me is when I point out, with surgical precision, what exactly torpedoes their lives…

What attitude, behavior, self-image, delusion, and occasionally illness. And often it is not heard. Lives sink, figuratively and really… and I could not, did not make a difference.

I need people to hear it, value it, and act on what I say for me to have made a difference.

One of the owners of that multi-coach coaching program is a real a-hole. Racist, supremacist, foul mouthed, conspiracy theorist. He has stopped being entertaining to me… but he is still entertaining to the people who think like him in at least one area of his extremism.

And then there are the people who are enamored by his self-claims of being an email supremacist… and want what he has.

In all of the time I have been paying him for the privilege to eventually hate him, I got two nuggets. But what I did with those nuggets actually paid for my subscription to his newsletter for the next ten years already.

You can get gold from anyone if you are in the forest where the tree falls and you hear the sound.

The other day I watched (mostly listened) to a documentary that praised  Jay Abraham, a marketing teacher. I know there was going to be a nugget or I would not have rented the movie.

I didn’t know where that nugget was hiding, but I knew it had to be there. I watched the documentary (an hour long) twice, and then I screen-recorded the crucial part. The nugget. Where he shares how he went from chest beating, self-promoting guru who was unhappy, was all about money, was all about himself, was all about what he could get…

At some point he confronted that he wasn’t happy. Nothing made him happy. Fulfilled. Whole and complete.

He hired a therapist and spent half a million dollars he says. Muscletest says he didn’t exaggerate. It took him a long time, lots of sessions.

How many times and how long do you need to talk to a therapist to turning your life around to where you can continue (or start) excelling in your business and rake in millions but also become a Mensch, a human being.

At the same time he started to work exclusively with and for people who are themselves are Menschen or on the way to become Menschen (the plural of Mensch)

He managed in those therapist session redefine what his life’s meaning was.

He found out and I am quoting his exact words from the movie:

‘…that the biggest meaning of life is NOT trying to achieve the fastest growing company, even though that is cool,

or having the biggest house although that is neat, having a beautiful wife or a handsome husband, although that is sort of fun for a short time, whatever it is.

If you are unlucky enough to get that for that reason: having it not going to open the heaven. The angels are not going to sing.

Nirvana isn’t going to happen. You are not going to click your heels and be in Kansas. You are just going to have more problems with more zeroes on. 

He said (the therapist), and I’ll never forget this, the meaning of life is the process. This conversations we are having is as good as it gets. That humanity and humility are the biggest attributes we can possess.

You have to love the human condition with all its faults or you can’t really have a meaningful life. Whether it is with your clients, with yourself. With your family, in your business, in your job, in your marriage in your relationship. I don’t think you can.

Grow or die.

What he is saying is that if and when you manage to shift your focus on growing yourself and the work you do, instead of ONLY what you want to have, you can live a meaningful life.

I have a number of people who want to sign up for private coaching because they want to work on their responsibility process, or some psychological issue. They just want to feel better.

I am not a therapist.

I don’t want to work with people who are not up to something in the real world.

My ideal client to work with is working on creating or growing a business and on themselves at the same time.

And what I am trying to say is that I am most interested in working with people who want to grow something.

There is a saying that you can only grow things to the size that you are, but that is hogwash. You can grow things way way way beyond who you are.

And people who want to do that are not my ideal clients either.

They are better off hiring someone who is all about growing things like money… not me.

I am, much like the therapist Jay Abraham worked with, I am interested and able to turn you into a Mensch… which is Yiddish for Human Being.

A rare and precious specimen way way way beyond where the masses are.

But no person has ever become a Mensch unless they were doing something in the world that was worth doing. Something that was producing result, that they contributed to other people.

And they became a Mensch through doing what they did, not through navel gazing, meditating, repeating mantras, or even connecting to Source.

If and when you observe monks who spent decades in the mountains, and attained the silence of the mind. When they go back to live among the people, they will behave exactly like they did before they moved to the mountain and the silence.

A Mensch can have silence of mind, be whole and complete, effective, powerful while people are doing people things. Most of it not nice, while the weather, politics, their body is doing their things… Also not nice… or not often.

A Mensch manages to be whole and complete with all that is going on.

That is the highest state of a person. We call it maybe happiness.

If happiness is things going on the way they are supposed to, then if people, the weather, politics, your body is always doing what it is supposed to do, that is happiness. Even if previously you would have said: that shouldn’t be… that is wrong… that needs to be fixed…

When you don’t continually conflict, get smashed into a river while thrown into the rapids of life you flow like water… Then you have attained Mensch-ness if that is a word. (Menschkeit is the proper word, by the way.)

My work is all about that. Making a handful people into a human being, showing how it is done, showing it can be done.

My energy work, adjusting your DNA is all helping you attain that… Because unfortunately …

…without the right genes turned on this is impossible.

So how come Jay Abraham has those genes? He wasn’t born with them either. But he turned them on, like my father turned them on, like a few people on the planet turned them on.

You are in luck because I, for some reason, can ask Source to turn them on, and Source obliges.

  • But unless you have a vehicle to contribute with, and
  • unless you can’t see yourself continuing living with unhappiness, this probably won’t work. You won’t have enough motive power to get over the humps.

If you can see yourself OK remaining how you are, your life OK remaining how it is, then you are not the ideal client for me.

I have had people apply who I thought could have been perfect. But they neither had the vehicle, nor the ‘I hit bottom’ feeling… so I can’t do anything for them.

Growing into a Mensch takes an enormous amount of motive power…

I’ll muscle test you before I accept you. And if it is necessary, I’ll have a live interview with you as well.

The program I am promoting is called Hero program and the people in it are called heroes.

It is in a private area where only you and I have access. You start by stating and formulating what is that you intend to accomplish. Maybe create a vision for yourself and your project. Make an inventory of what are your values, and among them what are the values that you won’t compromise at any cost.

It is serious work… I check the private area a few times a day, and I comment, coach, guide, or share when I see it appropriate. Answer questions if there are questions that need answering.

I have priced it dirt cheap.

There are two tears, the higher tear includes an occasional group session where you can meet other people in that same tier of coaching.

If it is appropriate, I can help you connect to people outside of the program.

The quality of YOUR program depends on you. And on the level of your trust.

  • Some people just want to be heard, but they know nearly everything better than me. I let them do what they do, I’ll step in only when they are digging a ditch for themselves.

They use me as an accountability partner… and I am OK with that.

  • Others may want me to do the work they are supposed to do: that extreme will not work for long.

Anyway, if you see yourself as a fit for this type of program, here is a link.

It is mandatory that you also get your DNA adjusted. There is an add-on that you can choose… inside the shopping cart.

Apply to the Hero program

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