Wholistic approach to abundance… what does that mean?

wholistic-picking-a-lockWhat is wholistic? What does it mean?

You may have noticed, that I am now calling the Effortless Abundance Activator, at least some of the time, the Wholistic 1 Abundance Activator.

Why am I doing that? Why am I suddenly calling the activator wholistic?

Let me give you a little background and history: Of all the complaints people have, the biggest is money. Somehow it seems to people that if they had money, all the other problems could or would disappear.

But when you ask anyone with money, money to spare, money to throw around, you get a whole different picture: money makes more problems than it solves. For most people.

Why? Because money seems to prime the greed engine. Greed is a kind of insistent motoric wanting more.

It is much like potato chips: You can’t just have one. Why? Because you can’t have enough of what you don’t want.

You probably have had the experience of feeling “this hit the spot” when eating, or when getting an answer.

That is the feeling, that is the experience you have when you get what you need, really.

Which, kind of, gives you a sense, that there is a disconnect between what you need and what you want. Your needs come from the vertical self, your wants come from the horizontal self. Your vertical self is real, your horizontal self is fake… given to you by society.

You, at this point, can’t tell the difference, even if you are protesting that you really NEED all the things you want, money, love, success, relief, the pains to stop, etc.

Consider that this disconnect between your needs and your wants is what is keeping you alienated, disconnected, acting for things that will never “hit the spot”, never satisfy you.

As an empath I can tell the difference when I connect to you. And I have spent the past two or three years experimenting with different energies, with different approaches to bring those two together, so you start to move towards what you need instead of staying trapped in what you want that will never satisfy you.

The task was huge, because I had to deal with a lot of inner dynamic that all needed to be calmed down at the same time.

The 40 Bach Energies worked to a degree, but didn’t quite cut the muster.

The Unconditional Love Activator was working for some people, but people who were totally trapped in the horizontal, even that powerful activator could not extricate them from the clutches of the world.

The Second Phase Activators also worked for some people.

I needed to find something that works for all people…

The energy I finally found is called Allowing, the most counter instinct way of being, that finally removes the greedy insistence, the forcing, the fixing, the rushing, the hurry, the trepidation, and returns you to your natural state that you haven’t probably experienced since birth.

Finally I put together all these energies into one big activator, and am now selling it as the Wholistic Effortless Abundance Activator.

Depending on people’s vibration, they can benefit from the audio directly, or not. Most people need it in a remedy form, i.e. infused in water… they are stuck on the cellular level, and thus can’t take on the vibration of the component energies: they are heavy as lead…

The energies work on any type of insistence, compulsion, and resistance. Just make sure you don’t attempt to use the audio if your vibration is low…

You can get your Wholistic Abundance remedy two ways:

  1. you buy it from me in a bottle. I infused the energies, all you need to do is put one or two squirts of it in your drinking water, tea, coffee and drink it throughout the day
  2. you buy the audio and you infuse your water yourself. My experience has been that people forget to do it, or find it tiresome… so even if you opt for this solution, make sure you buy a bottle or two of the remedy for days when you don’t feel like infusing your own water. OK?

When you buy the Wholistic Effortless Abundance package, you also get a bunch of meditation videos/audios that teach you how to be co-creative about using the activator and get 100 times more benefits.

What can you expect when you use your Wholistic Effortless Abundance Activator?

  1. addictions have less hold on you
  2. you finally are able to relax
  3. your head clears up
  4. your relationships start changing to looser and nicer
  5. your desire are allowed to come to you instead of being forced.

Here are two testimonials:

  1. I found myself worrying less about money and trust more. Trust what? Just trust…For about a week I had no one call me for my services, but I was able to just trust. I even surprised myself. Then on the seventh day I had three emails, and I effortlessly closed all three deals. They didn’t resist and I didn’t resist.Normally I close three deals from about 20 emails… not effortless at all.
  2. Just wanted to let you know… The phone has started ringing for bookings already and Hubby’s back was much better this morning!! … still want to book an appointment with you..THANK YOU!!

Now, if you have no resources, no items or services to sell, your results will not be as fast as that.

What you should expect is that your resistance to creating something of value to sell will diminish or at least lessen. Eventually you will have something to sell and abundance can come to you.

Why do you need to sell anything?

Because all the money you will ever have will come to you through other people. And people pay for what they want, i.e. if you want what they want, they will buy it from you. Stuff, or services… but either way, they have to buy it and you have to sell it.

WARNING: Forgive the harsh language… If abundance for you is taking what belongs to others and offer nothing in return, please don’t get this activator: this is not for pests, blood suckers, parasites like you. Sorry for the harsh words, I really don’t want you to get the activator. I don’t want you to even be around my site… go away.

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  1. the theory that whole entities have an existence other than as the mere sum of their parts. That changing one part changes the whole… that you can’t do anything to a human being that won’t effect the rest of them… the opposite of wholistic is the narrow approach of coaches, gurus, doctors, education, parents… and the results we are suffering from mightily. In this article I focus on abundance, but the same approach is valid for my other favorite topic: sleepless nights: the inability to sleep.

    All the remedies I see for sleeplessness are the opposite of wholistic: the seller decides what is the problem, and the buyer experiments, one remedy after the other, and none of them work, because the problem is wholistic, mostly around this same tension that keeps wanting abundance as well… attending to that tension, insistence, resistance, more often than not, resolves all issues around not being able to sleep… because even though the method is wholistic, everything has a root cause, and once you cause a shift there, the whole construct, the whole structure shifts as well.

    Wholistic is like picking a lock: unless all the pins in the tumbler align, the lock won’t turn.

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