Can you see without words? Can you love without words?

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without word there is no humanHow deep does the rabbit hole go?

Helen Keller didn’t become human until she could connect things in reality with words. Does this mean that Adam and Eve weren’t human until they began naming the flora and the fauna of the garden? Yes.

Humanness is to put word between the thing and conscious awareness…

There is this popular conundrum. What was first, the chicken or the egg?

It is an interesting question, but not a thing depends on the answer. It is a ‘who cares?’ type of navel gazing question, taking the attention off more important things.

Famous Indian (from India) preach to relate to things without saying anything… Like look at a rose or look at a sunset and not name them…

Good luck with that.

Turns out that every species has selective seeing, hearing, feeling…

They only want to see what is relevant to whatever is important to the species.

Humans are not different, the only difference is that humans are a speaking species. They decide with speaking what is relevant to them.

Let me say it again: a Human decides what is relevant to him through speaking, through naming it. No naming and it, the perception, doesn’t become conscious, recognized..

Humans call it subconscious, below conscious, below conscious awareness.

So you see, there is a more interesting question than the chicken and the freakin’ egg.

And that question is:

What was first: the perception or the words?

And then comes another question: what was first: the word or the therefore?

So the stoopid Indian gurus are wrong… misleading… but there is nothing new in that.

There is a better thing to look… the ‘belief’ magicians, who promise you to disappear your beliefs.

Is a belief the word or is the belief the therefore?

Let’s look again what is what?

The word is what signals the conscious awareness to take note of an incoming signal, whether it is visual, auditory, olfactory, sensory, or whatever else is. Perception organs, even if they are extrasensory, like my empathy and clearsensar (sp?) perception.

The therefore is what you say about that.

If you feel itching, then the therefore is the scratching. You are unaware that you said something, but you did.

If you hear three taps on a window, like I did last night, you identify it as three taps on a window, and then stay awake long enough to decide on the therefore…

These are relatively easy to see, I say.

But what about the kinds of behavior (a therefore!) that you don’t want. That you would be willing to shell out money to get rid of?

And we all have them… and we don’t have much if any control over them.

Why? Because they are effect and our access to what the root is is not even investigated.

The stupid scientists in Jurassic Park, the movie, restored the ‘chicken’ from the egg…

Belief-annihilators ‘pull’ or eliminate so-called beliefs, that are all therefores.


polishing an apple won't make it betterI am only saying that unless you get to the root of a behavior you have done apple-polishing… and it doesn’t change the behavior.

The root is NOT a belief… the root is the word that makes the invisible visible, the original perception actually perceived.

There is a guy I have been working with for 8-9 years.

We’ve gone deeper and deeper digging below his attitude/behavior in life. Yesterday we hit pay dirt… meaning, we (I hope) got to his first word and the first therefore.

In my experience, so far, the therefore is largely predictable from the soulcorrection.

Oh, one more important thing: the word and the therefore is ‘born’ in an incident around age three.

Age three comes up in a lot of ways in personal evolution.

It is also the age when the child genes are supposed to turn off…

If you imagine the turning points in a child’s life…

…the first is when they are ejected from the Garden of Eden, the womb… and suddenly they have to work for air, sustenance… and they are not happy about it.

They store away the memory to use it later.

And then at age three, the second ejection, they are now supposed to do for themselves what previously have been done for them.

The child’s reaction to this unfair withdrawal of benefits is what happens in that incident. And their reaction to that was already decided at the first ejection.

  • I am a 34. I was born a preemie… my experience is ‘I didn’t matter’, abandonment.
  • I have three students who are 27. Their experience was being forced out the shoot, and their reaction to that was anger. Resistance. Avoiding domination. Justifying.
  • 32 will feel like an accident, a mistake, and will grieve about it and use it to punish.
  • Some soulcorrections are all about comparison… comparing themselves to challenges, or comparing themselves to others.
  • Then there are the ‘slighted’ soulcorrections.

What am I saying?

I am saying that until you can get to the root word…

…you have no chance to change your therefore. And you have no chance to change your behavior. And you have no chance to have what you want…

31 says about the birth and the incident at age three is that they are not OK, resenting it. Therefore they want to do what they want to do, and not want to do what they are told to do.

Anyway, why did I write this article? Because the roots of your behavior go real deep.

Also there are methods to dig them out.

But… and it is a big ‘but’: without turning off your child genes and turning on your responsibility gene all those methods will create an explanation, but no freedom, no ability to change.

And it seems that even the ‘foresight’ capacity gene needs to be ‘on’ because one of the motivators in change is seeing the future, seeing the future where you’ll keep on doing what you have been doing, and the consequences of that.

My goal is to teach the method, so people can address their own sticky points, their own behavioral aberrations, and straighten them out.

For that, if you are interested, you have to go through the process several times, yourself. Eventually you’ll be able to watch me doing it with other people, and you’ll be able to take your eyes off yourself… But only eventually.

As long as any aspect of the original ‘word’ is still doing its ugly work on you, your self-concern will only allow you to see the aspects of this work that concern YOU.

This is, maybe, the reason Forum leaders’ training used to take seven years in Landmark. To take them beyond the self-concern.

I am not saying you need to be trained for seven years… but I am saying that until and unless you can get beyond your own stuff… you are still concerned about it, and can’t give any attention to another person’s stuff…

Neither to learn from it, nor to learn to actually assist them yourself.

Everything you’ll say will be Tree of Knowledge

In my 26 years in Landmark, I met only one person who went, once, beyond that.

She was a Landmark seminar leader. She called me once and told me that I was a liar and a gossip. And because there was no concern for herself there, I could hear her, not become defensive (or not much), and the rest is history:

I began owning that I had used speaking to position myself above others… without any concern for them. The result: I catch and correct when I lie, and I gossip much less, but I am now conscious of it and more often than not say: I am gossiping.

You see, the word at my birth and at my trauma at age 3 was that I don’t matter to others.

Therefore… pay attention! T H E R E F O R E it is my job to make them pay attention, to be the best, to put myself upfront, to toot my own horn, or else keep on grieving that no one cares about me, I don’t matter to anyone.

Got it?

If you are interested in the recording of the session where I got all the way to the first ‘word’ with people, you can.

Find your core issue… so you can change your behavior

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Can you see without words? Can you love without words?”

  1. I’m going to comment on this article without having read it.

    I apologize for that if it bothers you. Actually no I don’t.

    Much of your website is devoted to language and being able to express ourselves clearly to each other. I’ve learned from your clear definitions of the words we use and how they affect their effect.

    That’s the essence of the entire situation humanity is in. Yes the entire situation. If you muscle test that as incorrect I’m your 30%.

    I know that you’re doing your best and working your ass off as you always do. Your last three or four articles have not been up to your standards. You say you are not done learning “either.” You need to have a look at what (and when I say look, I mean really see) what that statement means when you say it. I read every week. And I will continue to do so unless you kick me out. I’m not trying to help you do your work. I’m not trying to do anything. You’ll be better off if you listen to what I’m saying. There’s an enormous question there and you need to rewrite it.

  2. I am willing to listen, although and the two things you are saying, or maybe that is one thing, is that “the words we use and how they affect their effect”

    but what is that is not true without looking at the genes? What if that is only true if someone has the responsibility gene working?

    Landmark Education has a technology that is almost perfect, except there are only a thousand people on the planet who can actually use it…

    So why do you think you know something when your vibration is 100? I am not knocking you, but I really ask it. Some supernatural being told you?

  3. Nothing any more supernatural than the source which you consult.

    I don’t know more than you.
    I pose a question to you that I couldn’t answer if I tried.

    Not because you are more advanced than me but because it’s for you to answer. I’m not discrediting anything that you say. I also don’t disagree with it. If you’d rather cut my legs off because I am 100 vibration, ok.

    You work with integrity. I had to work to understand that for a long time after my starting point measurements.

    I’ve been frustrated while reading your work which has helped me in concrete practical life, I AM doing better than I was.

    I’ve looked with the filters of my knowledge and again with intelligence. Concepts which I now understand because of you. We have the same goal Sophie. Which is not personal.

    I know you’re not knocking me. You don’t do that. Please take some time for the question.

    What are you still learning
    how are you still learning it
    how is that possible,
    are you being reminded of something you already knew or are you really learning something new.

    You are at the front of the line. I am wherever you think I am but everything I say to you I say with complete respect & I know you know that because of what you are. Nothing supernatural about it. If you want to talk to me more please email me. I don’t want to upset anything here.

  4. I am learning whatever I write in my articles. It is not something I remember. It is new to me.

    Anyone who says that you get what you need from the inside is misleading and doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

    So no, I didn’t know. Was I supposed to? I knew what I knew, and I am learning what I am learning.

    It is obviously something that matters because my own vibration is going up.

    And even now that I knew what’s been new, it doesn’t help much. At least I am not optimistic.

    No emails… sorry. I am willing to answer, but otherwise this conversation doesn’t do anything for me. I hope it does something for you.

  5. I actually really like your reply “this conversation doesn’t do anything for me” to the sincere person it’s perfect. Point taken. You’re a gem

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