How to turn yourself from a guppy into a majestic dolphin?

trying: what it cost youTrying to be funny? This is one of my sore spots watching movies or interacting with people in life…

I hate people when they are trying… trying to please me, trying to prove that they love me, trying to prove that they are already OK… They are trying my patience!

Rant finished… but I do want to talk about trying… forcing… about the smell of sweat and about the inauthenticity of it all.

You resort to trying because you are a twitchy little bastard. Because you want immediate gratification, but nothing worth having is going to give it to you, so you are covering up the fact that you don’t want what is worth having…

You don’t want to do what you CAN do now towards that which is worth having, because you only want to do what you WANT to do. what gives you immediate gratification.

And you refuse to be where you are, work with what you have, do what you can do to get to where you can, ultimately do what you want to do, be, or have.

And thus you give feeble and ineffective attempts. Or maybe just say you did?

I have had a number of conversations over the weekend that revealed a number of examples of this… trying.

All trying is misdirected in a way. What way? In the racket’s way.

What do I mean?

Here is what the rackets want you to do:

It gives you goals that are short term, useless, and it will pretend that they are your most important goals in life.

  1. The goal is to prove that you can’t, that you are a victim, that you can never amount to much… and none of it is your fault. After all how could you when the bastards did whatever they did.You’ll feel bad, mope, play dead, all to prove that you definitely cannot do what there is to do.
  2. Or it becomes your goal to look good, even though you haven’t done a darn thing, or not really. You are avoiding doing the things that ultimately would be the ‘darn things’ that earn you what you really want.
  3. The goal becomes to to win at every step… every sentence… never to allow another person to win, even for a moment. So you jump and protest and justify and explain and force…You consider every person your opponent, your enemy and YOU.WILL.WIN! at all cost…
  4. Your goal becomes to dominate the sh!t out of the conversation, to dominate the person, to twist their arm, and if that doesn’t work, resist resist resist… You force so much that if possible, you don’t even take any breaths while you do that. Yeah, that will take you to what you want… of course… who could doubt it?!
  5. Or alternately your goal is to justify why you don’t want to do or can’t do what there is to do. To explain. To dominate.
  6. Your goal is to remain an effect, never the cause, never to be on the hook, never to own life… to be like a dry leaf in the wind, so no one can call you to account.

Yeah, that is what the racket does…

The Monday Morning Memo is where the expression Twitchy Little Bastard came from. Ray Williams is an ad writer, and as such a businessman. And he draws the line of not doing business with twitchy little bastards.

Because twitchy little bastards never win in life, never win in business.

Unfortunately almost every person on the planet is a twitchy little bastard in one area or all areas.

If you want to get what you want you need to be willing to do what you can do NOW.

That often means coming to a class with me, so you can look and see where you are now, honestly, and to see what it is that you can do with what you’ve got.

It often means working with me on your mindset, on your attitude, on your turned off DNA capacities.

When you don’t want to, when you don’t think you need to, when you are OK the way you are, I know that you are a twitchy little bastard.

And like Roy Williams, I know that you and your life are not going anywhere…

Your short term desire to look good, to be comfortable, to get instant wins, instant dopamine payoffs is stronger than your innate desire to have a life worth living.

I know that even to take one step in the direction of having a life you love and live it powerfully you need to be one in a thousand.

Why? Why do you need to be ‘special’?

Because before you can take even one step, you need to confront yourself and your life. You need to confront that in spite of what you fancy about yourself, or what you want the world to say about you, you are really a fake, a façade, a false front.

You need to confront that you value comfort and safety and pretending more than anything. More than becoming someone who takes the steps towards becoming someone who lives a life worth living.

This is the reason Thoreau said: ‘the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

He observed, astutely, that most people live an empty life. An empty life caused by unfulfilling work, lack of joy, lack of self-expression and misplaced values; money, possessions and accolades by others. He saw that the value we attach to possessions, money and status results in a life of quiet desperation.

I have found in my work that talk is not enough.

I saw that although the methodology is good and strong, it only works when the participant has certain spiritual, DNA capacities active and working.

That what’s missing for the masses is a DNA capacity. The ability to cause oneself, the ability to cause everything that belongs to a person: their actions, their attitude, their speaking.

That capacity never turned on for them. Instead the masses are run by two invisible dynamics that we call ‘identity’ and ‘racket’… They are both invisible. Both fill the empty life with meaningless, useless busyness.

My assignment from Source is to work on a methodology that unstick the stuck evolution, and can move individuals from hapless effect to powerful cause in their own life.

It is becoming obvious to me that none of this work can be done without the DNA adjustment.

But, unfortunately, the DNA adjustment by itself is not enough.

Unless someone actually does the work the gene allows them to do, the adjustment reverses, and the person is back to square one… living a life of justification, a life of quiet desperation.

Over the weekend I spoke in a workshop, in private calls and in the hero program with eight of the people whose DNA was adjusted. Half of them lost their DNA adjustment. An unused activated gene turns off after three days of no use.

How did I notice?

Good question, eh?

They, the ones for the adjustment turned off, after a sentence or two started one of those Twitchy Little Bastard moves. Justify, explain, being somber, hapless, clueless, resistant.

The moves of the kind of person who would live their entire lives in quiet desperation.

Adjusting someone’s DNA is easy for me… Source is doing it, I just call the ‘shot’.

And like waving a magic wand, the person turns from a guppy into a great white shark…

  • Hopefully you are fed up with the small life you have,
  • and you are fed up with being a weak feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy,
  • So maybe you are willing to do the work to keep the genes active, then I’ll open up the cart for you. I’ll do a limited number of DNA adjustments.

Limited number because I want to be able to keep an eye on you. I want to support you however I can, so you can keep your adjustment on. So you learn to become a person instead of a selfish little clod… whatever that word means. OK, I looked it up… it means ‘a lump of clay’…

Get your DNA adjusted
I know Thanksgiving is coming, and it is more important to you than the rest of your life.

I know you are busy. And doing all the meaningless busy things is more important to you than the rest of your life.

So I expect that the limited number I set in the shopping cart will take at least 10 days before the cart closes again.

If you want to be re-adjusted: be my guest. But if you continue doing what you have been doing, you’ll get the same result you have been getting.

Bummer, eh?

PS: I just got an email from Mike Michalowicz, one of my new favorite people. He wouldn’t have to be adjusted… He is one of the thousand people who have these genes on.

He just published a book for children. About what? To teach them to allocate their efforts to what matters, where it matters.

The opposite of this ‘trying’ mentality … Get it for yourself, or get it for a child in your family.

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