What if without spirit you are just an object?

What if without spirit you are just a thing? An object in a world of objects?

When I first read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, I didn’t know what to think. That was almost 11 years ago.

And today it hit me: he was pitting people with the spirit working in them against people, the masses, who live without the spirit working, the secondhanders, the self-sacrificing, selfless, the do-gooders, and the moochers and the looters.

She meant to wake up the masses… in my humble opinion unsuccessfully.

The spirit cannot be awake, cannot live in those secondhanders, etc.

And, of course, when you look, back when she wrote the book there were more people with spirit than today. Today there are only 70 in the United States and 1000 in the whole world.

The rest, almost eight million, are spiritless. What animates them is something other than the spirit, greed, hate? Take your pick.

When I say spiritless I don’t mean it literally. The spirit is there, entrapped and has no say in the matter of the person’s life.

And like a woman betrayed, the spirit torments you, because entrapped, that is all it can do.

And if you have nice things, or nice teeth, or nice hair… you are still not fully a person… and if you look, no one really treats you as a person, and if you look honestly, you consider no one, you treat no one as a person yourself.

You live in a world of objects, being an object yourself.

The gene to make you have the inner voice, the spirit, the meaning, you need to have the spirit gene active… and you don’t.

And, so far, even when I activate it for people, they don’t know what to do to keep it on, or if they know it, they consider it optional.

If you are one of them: you didn’t understand, you don’t understand the seriousness of the vapidness of your life… You don’t understand that what you want in life is impossible without activating and freeing the spirit within.

Intelligent life doesn’t mean self aware.

But self-aware is an overstatement when it comes to humans. In 11 years of measuring people’s self awareness, I have found a total of seven people who had 10% or above self awareness. The spirit cannot be alive when someone’s self awareness is under 10%.

Responsibility is the dividing line.

Responsibility is a self-awareness phenomenon, where you see what is yours, what is not. And you put your energy into what is yours, and allow the rest.

It’s really simple, but not possible unless you have the gene turned on and practiced.

It is a huge shift from when you had the gene off, like most living humans.

One of the huge shifts I’ve experienced myself seeing another person struggling with making sense of the world… And seeing them as a person you can recognize yourself in.

Based on what I see on Reddit, this phenomenon is as rare as my muscle testing numbers say it is.

In fact I can see that people have more compassion with and for their cats than they have for other people.

What is really compassion?

My definition I learned some 30 years ago: RECOGNIZING yourself in what someone else deals with. And offering a helping hand to help them through it, given that you have already gotten through it, gotten to the other side.

So compassion is not pity. Compassion, as you can see, is only authentic when

1. you recognize the situation, emotional or real, that someone is
2. you have been in that situation and gotten through it
3. you are willing to help the other get through it as well.

  • Most people never get through real challenges.
  • Most people would not recognize something they had in another, because it would require being able to see their situation in self-awareness, which is missing or low in most people
  • And in addition most people are not willing to really help another. They don’t care. caring feels like giving up caring for yourself… and the answer to that at the vibration level people are at is ‘no f…ing way.

Does high IQ mean anything in this regard?

Some aspects of intelligence include, maybe, elements of seeing the immediate consequences of one’s action, but all in all, the answer is: intelligence doesn’t help you when it comes to a gene, especially if that gene is a master gene.

But interestingly the reverse is true: when the master switch of becoming a human, having inner light is thrown on, intelligence (not IQ) becomes possible.

Every activity that requires inner guidance, every activity that requires you to connect to something bigger than yourself requires that the master switch be on…

Example: all the freedom fighters are not fighting for freedom, they are fighting for opinion of what should be instead of what is.

Replace the word ‘freedom’ in that sentence with whatever people fight for, and they will all be true. Including women seemingly fighting for equality, or the right to their bodies. It is all just the surface.

Neither intelligent nor useful. But to see that one would need to have enough self-awareness, and maybe even the intelligence itself is not possible without the master switch being on.

What I am saying is a huge condemnation of humanity… seeing that even the desire is missing for something more ‘human’ existence, for a life that you love and live it powerfully.

Source says through muscle testing: not to give up even though it seems hopeless.

In the book I am reading about aliens and humans ‘Unidentified’, a book I don’t enjoy but learn from, there could be forces stronger than mine that could mass turn on and turn off genes if they so desired, if their self interest would dictate.

It is possible that my work is only developing the science. I can work with that.

The clients who have kept on the capacity do well.

Assuming that it is smooth sailing because you did well for a while is deadly.

I said in another article: the adjustment only stays on if the organism says the energy expenditure to keep the genes on is worth it for the organism. If you live your life in a way that the genes are not needed, not used, then the genes will turn of and the process reverses.

This is one of the reasons I don’t accept someone into my hero program (coaching) unless I can see that what they are up to, what they work towards will need the new genes to stay on.

And when they fall off the ‘wagon’ I re-adjust their DNA… and if I have to do that often, I remove them from the program.

If you are ambitious, and

  • want to create something,
  • a new business,
  • finish a book,
  • finish a dissertation,
  • learn a new skill,
  • something that is lagging and hard,

the hero program may be a good program to get daily guidance in. Especially if you are alone and no one to care about what you do.

It’s a private, in writing program where I check what you say a few times a day, and guide you also in writing.

It starts like a job with a trial period… when we can both decide if it works for you or me.

Payment are weekly, so you can quit any time.

We’ll agree on a format that works best for your project once I am clear about your project and your working style.

The most successful clients use the four daily tasks. Some turn it into a four weekly tasks… and it still works.

the spirit flyingWithout accountability nothing gets done. Without a deadline nothing gets done.

Depending on your trust level, my involvement can be massive. Or just like a spotter in the gym, I can be there saving you from crashing and burning… hurting yourself.

Without a project that needs the master switch on, you won’t be able to keep the switch on. Guaranteed. Unless you are working on something that keeps you on your toes, you are just surviving… spiritlessly…

One-on-one private coaching

PS: Ten of the US people live in New York. Seven in the Seattle area. Many have moved to the Austin TX area… Washington DC

Ten in the southern states including Florida and California. And the ones that live there today weren’t born and educated there… Their culture isn’t the norm there.

In some way unless the going is tough, unless climate threatens your survival (cold) or enemies threaten you at your border, people can live without the human spirit.

It seems that people outside of significant ‘ambition’ areas are floating sh!t on the big ocean, not up to anything really. Not anything that would need you to have the spirit flying in you.

PPS: In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame through an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.

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