Love: are gurus loving? Did the Buddha really smile?

guru-smilingIs what they say about love and high vibration true? Or is love the way it is represented huey?

The following email exchange happened today:

6:09 am:

Paypal: Hello Shortcuts Inc.,

> This email confirms that you have received a donation of$2.00 USD to measure the vibration of X…

10 am:


I have recently requested a measure of my vibration, just wondering when I will get response?


12:44 pm

On 12 January 2014 12:44, Sophie wrote:

your vibration is 120… you hold it in the tip of your stomach

you may want to try my abundance remedy… not the audio, but the
bottled remedy… that will release a lot of the tension you hold in
your body, that is blocking you, making you impatient, not trusting,

ravi shankar smiling guru1:41 pm

I have been doing alot of raising vibration exercises and meditate at least an hour a day, thats way too low. I do actually not trust you since I saw various critical comments about other psychics on your website and I sense a negative energy coming from you. May be you need to raise your vibrations as it seems lower than mine,

High vibrational people are never negative, never rude and always full of love. You don’t represent that. So, no thanks I won’t be doing any more business with you.

Now, why am I sharing this interaction with you?

Because there are nuggets of gold in it for you. Not for the gentleman in question, but for you, my dear reader.

The main question is: is love, the “never negative, never rude, and always full of love” high vibration?

If you have been a reader of mine for any length of time, you have learned that I say that the main cause of low vibration is pretense, inauthenticity… the tension between the inner state and the outer state. 1

Guru-smilingNow, you may need to be an empath to know, but your so-called loving gurus are miserable, and low vibration. They pretend to be loving, they pretend to be full of love. Mr. T, a guru whose name is dangerous for me to utter or write, is rude and the opposite of positive, yet his vibration is higher than most loving gurus…

Why? Because the way you perceive it, the person entrained by society to think positive, to avoid negative, to smile, to pretend to be happy, think that other people are really happy, and loving… only you are full of crap, full of misery, full of anger, full of negative feelings. But that is far from the truth. They are all unhappy, pretending to be happy. Just like you.

The more you think you should look happy, you should be happy, just like them, the more miserable you become.

You are barking up on the wrong tree.

High vibration feels like freedom to feel what you feel, and not resist anything, good or bad. Not try to maintain good, and avoid or get away from bad. High vibration doesn’t judge as good or bad… High vibration allows. No resistance. High vibration feels like easy. Rolling with the punches. Loving life exactly how it is, hard, easy, happy, sad… life is perfect the way it is.

Smiling, the social grease, the sign that you are positive is a horrible pretense and creates misery inside.

A happy, high vibration person does not smile a lot. A happy, high vibration person has permission to feel anger when they feel it, and express it if that is an expeditious thing to do, i.e. if it makes a difference.

My anger comes and goes, no need to express, unless I am on a coaching call: it gives valuable feedback to participants.

smiling-guruHigh vibration people don’t want others to be nice… who cares if the other person is nice or not?

The hardest thing for anyone to learn is to become themselves, warts and all. To feel what they feel, without judging it or themselves. To look at another person and allow them to be the way they are… good, bad, ugly, stupid, rude… whatever.

It is a lot of work to become you… to layer by layer shed the crud that was built on your real self… all to fix what you saw as wrong about yourself.

This is the work we do in the Path coaching… you’ll be surprised how few people are willing to come to the calls. 50% of the people pay but never come… Why? because they are more comfortable being miserable than becoming free.

Yeah, meditating an hour a day to be at the vibrational level of 120 is much easier.

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  1. The other main cause is the tension between the soul’s desire and your actions, and the third is the level of truth you live on.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Love: are gurus loving? Did the Buddha really smile?”

  1. Sophie,
    You are fearless. I stand in awe. Your teachings have given me a lot of freedom to be. Not license to be an asshole. I’m not evolved enough to be a useful asshole, but one day I will be. Until then, I will continue to work on becoming a human being.

  2. why must one be ‘happy’ or ‘love’ 24/7?? I still dont understand as the gurus says thats the point of life…sometimes I am as ‘happy’ as being ‘not happy’ …and sometimes ‘love’ feels bad, its almost enslaving other person to impose on them what u want from them. I love you, so you better love me back, oh no I am so hurt because you dont love me back enough.

  3. I have read several of your articles today, but this one really resonated with me. My jaws hurt from my pretentious smiling. I am afraid to be seen as negative if I don’t put on the happy front. Interestingly, The smile fools no one since people have been very negative about my “cheerful” disposition. I can’t win! I will make an effort to observe

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