Black Friday… plus what is at the root of your misery?

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peeling the onion... what is the core?I am pretty tolerant. In some ways I am really easy going… Except…

My soul correction (34) has a big issue with trusting… and I have a really big problem with trusting if and when you are trying to pull one on me… pull the wool over my eyes, try to fake me out… how many different way shall I use

I cringe. My self-concern kicks is… and as you know…

Self-concern is probably the only reason you are miserable when you are miserable.

And, of course, more or less, you are always concerned for yourself, your self-image, your safety, your money, etc.

Underneath of all the layers of a human, any human, I find two things:

1. fear. Fear FOR survival.
2. fear. Fear FOR significance.

Fear FOR significance is an important fear so it is worth to take a close look.

Because there is hardly anything threatening your survival, at least not immediately. So if you are so busy with self-concern, so busy that you cannot see anything else, if your vision is completely blocked/colored by this concern, then maybe we should buckle down and look at it… don’t you think?

So what is significance and what threatens it?

My hunch is that significance is what others call EGO…

But beyond that or next to that… when we go back into infant age, significance is what you need, what you feel you need to be fed, change your diapers, and touched. So you feel that you are significant enough to be kept.

It seems it is part and parcel with staying alive, being needful, having to depend on others.

Some species give birth to babies that can stand on their feet, but they still need to be fed.

The more need they have to survive, the more they try to form connections where they are significant… where they matter… so they can take their eyes off survival, and actually grow.

When you observe the runt of the litter you’ll see that they don’t grow. And one would think they need food to grow, but it is more complicated than that. The runt, at some point, gives up on life and stops fighting for the nipple… The hope is gone.

How does this work when we look at people and their child genes?

The child genes, the uniquely human genes, are there so you. as a baby, don’t worry about your significance too early, so you trust that your parent will take care of you, instead of screaming all the time.

If the child gene that does this turns off too early, you’ll be a real pain in the rear end, and will DEMAND attention, more than is your due.

Children with multiple younger siblings are like this, I say… The biggest issue with this is that these people will always feel slighted, and will always DO what they can, to force attention, to force significance.

Only awareness and taking responsibility helps in this regard… the DNA adjustment doesn’t directly work on this gene.

More about significance:

Some people, having failed gaining significance personally, want to get some of that significance through their offspring… violating their free will, forcing them to do what they themselves failed to do.

My mother was, in a way, like that. And most Jewish mothers are like that.

Nepotism is one visible sign of trying to gain significance through others…

One of the drawbacks of a high self-concern, the concern for significance is that the person thus afflicted cannot see others and themselves as a person.

If they saw themselves as a person, they would know that there is no need for self-concern.



If you could let go of that self-concern, you would add about 20 useful hours of time to your day, when you can sleep, do things that don’t require others to GIVE YOU a sense of significance, you could feel significant by virtue of doing useful things, at least occasionally.

But when you have self-concern robbing you of that, 24/7, even in your dreams, you can never see anything that you do as significant, your entire world is outward driven. You don’t do and don’t want to do anything that doesn’t buy you significance from other people.

I have clients that that is all they want from me: significance. They tell me what they did… and MY JOB IS TO ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR SIGNIFICANCE.

You cannot be happy to the degree that your self-concern, your concern for significance is operating in your life.

I used to have it 70%, and I was absolutely wretched.

Today I have that concern 1%, and I am happy. I am even fine when a client used me for their self-significance. It is all in a day’s work. Not my problem.

So from now on I will measure in the Starting Point Measurements, instead of yes/no only, I’ll also measure to what degree you are the dog that is wagged by the tail… self-concern, concern for significance.

It is Black Friday…

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