What makes the butterfly a beautiful butterfly is EFFORT

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the path to butterfly stateWhat makes the butterfly a beautiful butterfly is the EFFORT it takes to break out of the cocoon.

My best selling product is called Effortless Abundance.

The best selling products are gadgets… gadgets that make everything effortless… because you don’t want any effort.

You are, through and through, part of the eight billion. And you are not happy.

If you are one of the one thousand people on Planet Earth who are happy

If you are one of the one thousand people on Planet Earth who are happy, you don’t know that you are happy. You don’t know that you are happy because you don’t live inside the same paradigm of happy as the eight billion people.

You may not know that you are different. But why?

You may feel you are different… but you don’t know why, you don’t know how. Obviously you don’t know the cause, so you can’t teach it.

You don’t know because of a principle that is often repeated, but no one seems to know what the heck it means. The principle is that We Don’t See Things As They Are, We See Them As We Are. This is from the Talmud, and was written 1600 years ago.

The Talmud‘s truth value is 80%… and no matter how many people quoted this principle since, this is the oldest trace in writing.

Why is this knowledge, the knowledge of this principle important to you? Important for understanding what is going on?

Because human ability to see outside of ‘seeing as they are‘ is very limited. Narrow. Your ability, my ability.

I used to complain that people can only see three inches below and about an inch above their eye level… I was looking at intelligence at the time.

When you look at a 1000 person they don’t make sense why they would be happy… they don’t have the trappings of riches, the looks, the comforts, the signs of happiness.

You measure with your own yardstick, and you would be utterly miserable in their situation.

What the 1000 see when they look at you: they can see that you are miserable regardless of what you have, yet cannot see how and why.

The how and the why, the root level, is invisible.

And it also means about the 1000, that when others look at a member of the 1000, they cannot see what is special about him or her… because they only see what they have always seen, themselves.

Even Leo Tolstoy, (who wasn’t one of the 1000) only saw an aspect of that, albeit saw more than mere mortals. He saw that the happy people didn’t have the troubles that troubled most families… but could not put his finger on the real thing… on what they did have that would automatically exclude from their lives what they didn’t have.

If and when you want to distinguish what is at the core of the 1000, you need to do a lot of taking away of the elements ‘normal’ people have. It boils down to, ultimately, just one thing. The deepest layer of the ‘onion’.

Before I cut your cocoon open, I’ll let you flap your wings a little, effort a little, so that maybe, if possible you can become a butterfly.

butterfly emerging animated gifYou do remember that what makes the butterfly a beautiful butterfly is the EFFORT, don’t you?

So let’s see what is distinguishing?

Distinguishing is pointing out everything relevant that isn’t the thing you are trying to distinguish. Distinguishing is a take away type of process. Also called subtractive thinking.

‘When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’ ~ Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, an example of subtractive thinking.

I first heard distinguishing demonstrated in a Landmark class back in August 1985. I sat in the third row of a small classroom on the top of a mountain with 270 degree view of the Mediterranean Sea in Haifa, Israel.

The class leader spoke Hebrew. And although I had been in Israel for three years at the time, this was the first sentence I understood in that class.

He held up a piece of chalk… you know the thing they used to make marks on a blackboard… It was common in the stone ages of 1985… lol. I was 38 years old.

Most of my clients weren’t even born then.

Anyway, he said: here is this chalk. What distinguishes this chalk is the not-chalk around it. If I extended the chalk in every direction, up, down, sideways, the chalk would disappear. When it is all chalk: chalk disappears. It becomes everything/nothing.

I’ve known many thousands of Landmark participants who didn’t get that. For some reason I did, even though it was spoken in a language I wasn’t very good at.

I GOT something, I got everything/nothing, I got distinguishing. In the one sentence on the mountain in Haifa.

Now, what does this have to do with happiness, you ask? Everything!

You see, the culture of homo sapiens, the species that ate from the Tree of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden, lives in the everything/nothing, in ‘it-is-all-chalk’ culture of right and wrong.

Outside of that tree of good and evil there is reality… reality where there is nothing wrong. Not ever. Not any. None. But not for the eight billion. They can’t see reality. They can only see right and wrong.

The 1000 live in reality. The eight billion live on the tree of knowledge, where everything is either right or wrong… there is not even any mention of reality.

What makes people not happy, not joyous is this right and wrong… the fact that their feet are never on solid ground, never in reality, never in the reality of no right and no wrong.

In reality where things happen and they have no meaning.

Wrong and right are meanings. Added by the addled brain of homo sapiens.

As all wrong and all right and all good and all bad are all meanings.

There are no meanings in reality. All meanings create emotions. Some meanings create smiles, most meanings create frowns.

Even reframing is a homo sapiens activity… the best a homo sapiens can do with what they have… no reality. Only meanings.

In my work with Source turning on and turning off adjustable genes, so far we have found that there are three genes that are set differently in the 1000.

Three genes, the two child genes and the responsibility genes need to be in a certain position for a homo sapiens to even catch a glimpse of reality.

Reality that is empty of meaning. There things, you, just are…

What the inane Indian gurus call ‘pure being’ is only possible in reality. and there it is the normal.

But just like talking about flying isn’t… talking about pure being isn’t either.

When they say ‘pure being’, a trained ear can hear ‘that is good‘… signifying that the speaker is not in reality, they are in meaning-world… occurrence, or personal reality… not reality itself.

The same is true when they talk about all the things they talk about… including oneness, non-duality, and whatever the happy horseshit they talk about making everybody want it… It sounds so delicious…

But that is how you know it is from the meaning-full world…

I have been reading Jerry Seinfeld’s book ‘Is this anything?‘ and I am laughing my ass off. But at the same time I also track that he never thinks good, never thinks bad, never thinks wrong, never thinks right… and that is what makes what he says so darn funny that even after I turn the light off, I am still laughing.

My new favorite bit where he talks about the ‘baby’ climbing in bed between him and his wife, and it’s like a sac of goat, kicking, and being like an oven, hot and kicking.

No meaning. Very very very funny when the meaning is taken away. Probably not funny when the meanings are there… which they are, judging from clients who as kids climbed to their parents bed…

I was beaten as a child. I was beaten until age 24… That is how old I was when I was last beaten by my mother.

I was late to dinner. What my mother didn’t know is that I had to walk the seven miles from my apartment to theirs, because I didn’t have money for the bus fair. What she also didn’t know is that I hadn’t eaten for three days at the time.

But she beat me. And it didn’t mean anything. Luckily she gave me food afterwards, so I was good. I still am.

It didn’t mean anything. And it still doesn’t.

I am one of the one thousand. I was born this way, and yet I had to effort, I had to struggle to completely become on of the 1000.

Since the DNA adjustment back in the middle of September, I have had a handful of clients who have been trying to break out of that cocoon… and become a butterfly.

It’s tricky. When meanings take over, the adjustment turns off… and interestingly reality disappears altogether.

What else disappears with it is a sense of calm, a sense of self, a sense of power.

And the only thing that remains is understanding and meaning.

I haven’t given up. Why? Because even those brief hours, days of living in reality are starting to gently turn those clients to WANT to live in reality.

The contrast between the two states is now obvious. And that creates desire… and hopefully ambition to return to reality when reality disappears.

Now, what can I offer you now that you know all this.

In the The art of living: Create a context for your life will have useful bits for everyone.

No meaning in reality is a context!

The ones that are ready may be transported to reality. The ones that are not ready will get a skill that can transform any situation to better… so you’ll suffer less.

Learn to create a context
The course starts this coming Saturday, December 4. All sessions are on Saturday noon, my time.

I’ll do the first session twice, because it is the foundation. All sessions are recorded and are available for registered students.

Here are the dates…
This coming Saturday, DEC 4, 2021, 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST
DECember 11, 2021, 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST
SAT, DEC 18, 2021, 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST
SAT, JAN 8, 2022, 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST
January 15, 2022, 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST

If you quit after the first session… I’ll refund half of your tuition. After the second session there is no more refund.

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