How bad do you want it? Not that bad, I see!

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success indicatorI have a workshop I give occasionally. (What’s missing) In all honesty, I stole it from Landmark, and yet I consider it my own.

In that workshop there is a moment of drama. Drama that opens your eyes wide, and you are mortified by seeing who you are, and how you are.

You see that you are complacent. That you don’t want anything bad enough. That you are willing and able to go through life like floating turd on a body of water… Moved by anything other than what you say, what you want, your own motive power.

Some people experience a sudden moment of shame and use that to take a step, but most people are too resigned to do anything about it.

The spirit is too weak, too wingless in them to even stir.

Yesterday and today I was guided to two videos.

One is by a renown motivational speaker, Eric Thomas. The other is a keynote speech by Tom Bilyeu…

Both are invaluable. I resonated with both. And I rejoiced on Tom Bilyeu’s talk: he is one of the 1000… He is one of the rare specimens who turned on his DNA adjustment himself. And he documents it well in his talk.

Homo Sapiens, the current evolutionary stage of humanity, has an interesting quirk:

We think at every moment that we know everything.

Everything worth knowing in whatever area they have ambition to know enough to climb to the top of that area.

So in the area of self-development, every time a person learns something that strikes them as useful, something that they are willing to run with, they see it as the ultimate solution to their problem, whatever that problem might be.

It is because of the limited perceptive of the human perception… the fact that you can only see an inch above your eyeline and three inches below.

It is actually physical… and to be frank: you are not even looking above that line… god forbid you’d move your neck…

What am I talking about when I talk about ‘height’ and the one inch? I am talking about ‘possibility’.

What is possibility? It is a state of things that you consider possible for you, attainable, with what you can see yourself doing. Not higher.

Now, when you fantasize, you are on your back, looking all the way up to the sky… and because you can see it, now devalue, disregard the 1-inch hike… And in the end you don’t do anything.

Because of the human ability to fantasize, humans consider that they can jump to any height without anything in between, without a process.

And you also consider that people who are already there, they were born there or jumped there or got lucky.

Some people are so ‘no-process’ thinkers, they consider that the 1-inch hike is a jump too.

I have clients like that… they are sure they are doing the right things… but they don’t consider that even that puny 1-inch hike is a process.

Life can only be realized through process.

Some people are lucky: their process is enforced… But most people are not that lucky, they have not put themselves into the position where they need to stick with a process… so they will never grow, they can’t grow.

You cannot grow without a process.

In my Hero program the essence of the program is process. That you put yourself into an environment where process is the essence.

That doesn’t stop most people from ignoring process, and using the hero program to report on what they are doing, never considering that they are supposed to be in a process.

In the last Turning Point workshop (11/30/2021) I took people through every element that is necessary to get to enlightenment, the state where you can see no wrong, anywhere.

And I taught, roughly, a process that if it is repeated, it can take you all the way.

Hm, really? Yeah, really.

But what is a process? Hah… you think you know, don’t you?

A process is a series of actions performed to gradually attain a certain result.

But… and there is a serious but here… The actions need to be exactly what they need to be, and done in the right order.

Academic education is supposed to be a process… And yet, some people, actually many people fall through the cracks… because of attitude, because of mindset, because of missing or faulty context.

So obviously in any process mindset, context, attitude are as important as the actions.

You can’t achieve what you wanted to achieve if the context is counter to that, if the context is disempowering, if the context doesn’t support it, doesn’t put fire in your belly or put fire under your ass.

I learned that process in Landmark. Landmark, more than architecture school, was my alma mater.

In the 26 years I participated, I knew no person who did the process with the mindset, with the context that lit them up. Not one.

The culprit is not the process, but how it is viewed… by the participants, and maybe even the class leaders!

So, in spite of the roughly accurate education, 30% truth value, no one got even 30% up the ladder to the state where they can see no wrong. Not even the founder.

Truth repeated is a lie. Why? Because of the mindset, because of the context… the words come from an inauthentic place, where you are literally lying, putting on airs, pretending…

So unless you get the mindset, the context right, all your efforts, meaning your actions in the process will be fake… and you won’t get to enlightenment.

I started the process in 1985. I am not done with it. There is always more ‘East’ to go. Or West. Or Up… there is more to go.

You can only see as far as the next inch. And if you consider it a huge climb, because it is, you better adjust your context, your mindset, and handle it even before you take any action… unless the action is to experiment and test.

My whole modus operandi is to experiment, test, and adjust.

Marines are trained to improvise, adapt and overcome any obstacle in whatever situation they are needed.

When I look I live by that credo. I improvise when I create tests, experiments. I adapt and create a new experiment with the data I receive. And I do it again and again until I get to a method that actually overcomes the obstacle I am interested in scaling… my current 1-inch.

And then I look what the next inch is going to be, and I start with that… improvise, adapt and overcome.

Is it easy? No it isn’t, but it becomes easier once it becomes clearer. Not faster, just easier to bear.

Because the mind wants to jump. And you need to tame that jumping jack mind… or you’ll fail…

And like in any self-respecting board game, you go back to zero. F….ck! yeah, it is.

The reason I’d insist if I could that everyone on this journey is on a daily check-in schedule, like the Hero program, is so I can actually help you correct and correct and correct your misunderstanding, unclarity, your jumping, your wordiness, your lack of empowering context… just like in a gym someone will spot you when you try to lift weights, so you don’t kill yourself in the process.

I love the story of the dude who buys a small bull calf and lifts it every day… the calf grows only a little per day, so the dude’s muscles can adjust to the increased weight easily.

Eventually the calf will become a bull… but no problem, the dudes’ muscles never noticed it.

This is exactly how you scale a mountain… one fragment of an inch at a time.

Really? Really.

But please don’t forget that context is decisive. The dude’s context was: I am growing in step with the calf… or something natural like that. And it was good. It felt good. It was real. So every step of the way he was true to himself, he was true to what he said.

When you look at yourself, you lie all the time. You may not even notice, lying is so habitual that you don’t even notice it.

In the live workshop that is starting tomorrow we’ll identifying all your lies so you can remove them. Without that everything that comes out of your mouth will be a lie… I mean it.

And eventually, when we are done with weeding out all the ways you lie, we’ll start inventing context… and check if we can own them.

If we are boss in that area of life.

We improvise, adapt and overcome…

It is a hard climb. If you are not up to it, you shouldn’t be in the live course. You can just get the recordings… and do what you see you need to do… and observe yourself.

Some will, some won’t.

Such is life.

One more thing: I’ll do the first session twice, so the staggerers can catch up.

Here are the dates…
This coming Saturday, Dec 4, 2021, 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST
December 11, 2021, 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST
Sat, Dec 18, 2021, 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST
Sat, Jan 8, 2022, 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST
Jan 15, 2022, 12:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST

If you quit after the first session… I’ll refund half of your tuition. After the second session there is no more refund.

Learn to create a context
The course starts this coming Saturday, December 4. All sessions are on Saturday noon, my time.

PS: here are the two videos I watched: Eric Thomas and Tom Bilyeu

This is an opportunity to test yourself:

Most of you will get tired of watching, your phone will ping, you’ll get hungry, whatever.

Now you know how bad you want it… Nothing wrong. But you can start to want it more, or you can just make the best of what you’ve got, instead of pretending that you want more. You don’t. Nothing wrong with that. It is an honest way to live… no pretense.

You can start looking at life as a series of turning point… potential turning point, where you either turn or you don’t. It’s a context to see what you are made of. And how badly you want what you say you want.

I wanted it real bad. How about you?

PPS: there is a version of that Eric Thomas talk with amazing visuals… and annoying music. But it is still worth watching, it was for me.


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