Vibrational Review: Mastery MindFuse, Sasha Xarrian

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sasha xarrian mastery mindfuse Vibrational Review: Mastery MindFuse, Sasha Xarrian

Personal vibration: 195
Mindfuse: content: 240
Truth value: 250

I met Sasha Xarrian 7-8 years ago at a marketing conference. That was her first look into marketing. She had big hopes to becoming a big guru. I also met her workshop leader son.

They both had big dreams on becoming gurus that teach people about manifesting, and riches, and the like.

I have also bought ebooks from Sasha. I always thought that what she claims she does cannot be taught. She is one of those 4th Plane, summon entities to do your work gurus.

I found an email from her in my email box today, so I thought I’d look at it: it claimed to have a video salesletter.

The product is called Master MindFuse.

As expected, she has discovered that the odd 1 person in each hundred that buy some stuff, experienced something positive, the rest of them, after some placebo effect high period, continue their life of quiet desperation.

The worst thing, I imagine, is that they, the 99%-ers won’t buy anything unless it sound like even a “knucklehead” like them (hey, no insult, I used to be one of them, knuckleheads, 99-percenters, myself) could get something substantial with no work… kind of buying their way in.

Bah humbug.

The method Sasha invented this time is similar to subliminal, except she puts the “brain entrainment” noise as the background.

Brain entrainment, unless it’s scientifically built, like Holosync?, doesn’t do anything and definitely doesn’t do anything permanent. It doesn’t fool your subconscious and it doesn’t let you change your “history” level… so your changes are going to be a blimp on the screen, if that.

She, personally, doesn’t connect to Source, and her personal vibration is under 200, at the time of the writing of this article.

The stuff isn’t selling. I am not surprised.

In another max 10 days someone can get the real deal for one third of what Sasha charges – who would want to spend their money on fake, on something that doesn’t work. Can’t work.

It’s not Sasha’s fault: there is literally nothing on the market that actually changes your belief system, other than the Tangerine Method and the 3rd Phase activators.

If you want to check it out, for free, come to one of the Daily Connection Webinars. It’s a 20-30 minute call and the activator is different every day.

Profound and lasting difference is now available. And the method is not copyrighted… Why? Because it is people’s birthright to get it. Anyone can use it and anyone can incorporate it into their products.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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3 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Mastery MindFuse, Sasha Xarrian”

  1. Some time ago (in April) even Dr. A. Loyd recommended her in his news letter

    Yes, it’d be both useful and interesting for example what's your opinion about The Shift – Neale Donald Walsch i.e. this one:
    Today they have 2nd free teleseminar at 5:30 ET with topic Have Your Own Conversation with God.

    Has someone followed the first one? Read Walsch’s book(s)? I’ll come back soon with more suggestions/questions regarding energy healing modalities/techniques.

  2. Matsa, I went on his first call and it is just talk talk talk. He does not connect. His vibration is low. He is bs.

    Dr Alex's organization recommends others because he makes commission, not because he feels they are good. Dr Alex knows nothing about what goes into those emails. He has left the entire business end of the Healing Codes to business people who go where the money is.

  3. Yeah, I thought something like that, too (although it seems that newsletters are signed by him personally

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