The key to happiness, peace of mind, and high vibration is to be like a light bulb

light-bulbThe article about being nice, and smiling gurus brought me a lot of email responses… some disagreeing violently.

A few years ago I read a story about the Buddha… in that story someone came to the bodhi tree where Buddha was teaching his disciples, and insulted the Buddha. His disciples were stunned to watch the Buddha not show any reaction. When the man left, his disciples told the Buddha how amazing it was that he didn’t get upset.

The Buddha (vibration around 400) said (this is the important thing, pay attention!): I got upset, I got angry, but I let go so fast that you didn’t even notice.

Reading this altered my life. Like you, I thought that I was supposed to not feel angry, not be upset, not feel anything other than “positive emotions”, and it was wrong to feel anything else.

But to be alive is to feel everything, and not be stuck with anything.

Let me explain how a high vibration person is. I will use the simile, or analogy of a light bulb.

When you look at a light bulb that is on, you see continuous light. When you watch a movie, you see continuous motion.

Both are trompe l’oeil, a visual illusion: neither of them is true.

The light bulb is powered by alternating current: it is going from high to nothing to high to nothing. Or more precisely, it goes from positive to negative, and it goes through zero in between.

So if you could see it slowly enough (I am sure there are videos to such effect) you would see that the light is on and off, rapidly alternating, in the US, it is 50 Hertz, meaning there 50 full cycles of on and off… positive and negative.

angry-happyYou look at the light bulb, and you only see the visual illusion: the light is on… not even a flicker.

I have already said what I think of your gurus: they are fake, and they are suppressing… and they are miserable because they are inauthentic.

But let me say a few words about myself: I teach. I am interested in finding a way that would cause the evolution of humans into human beings… a tall order, and probably won’t happen in my lifetime if ever.

The biggest enemy of this is the unconsciousness and the false consciousness of people. When you talk someone in prison, talking beautiful dreams won’t alter anything, you need to make them hate their prison before they would do anything. Hate the false consciousness they have assimilated through “culture”.

Do you suppose that you can make someone hate what they have through being nice?

Osho (I think) said that the reason more people aren’t moving towards the Light because people are not miserable enough.

Before people can give any energy to their evolution they need to see the state in which they are.

The truth is not pretty. I often gag from it… But somebody has the break the cycle of pretense, the cycle of lies… and wake you up.

the truth will set you freeThe truth will set you free but first it will piss you off… If it makes you pissed off at me, you are really saying that you are happy to be where you are… screw the truth.

It takes a strong person to climb the tree of life… a huge capacity for being being pissed off, and a huge capacity to take the truth.

Most of you are not strong, most of you fritter your energy to senseless, worthless activity that will never make a difference.

I am willing to talk to millions of people as long as I have any confidence that at least one person will move with what I say.

It’s not you? It’s fine. You don’t have to. You don’t have to anything. I am fine with it… When the time comes, you’ll hear it, you’ll move, you’ll grow, you’ll expand… until then you are not ready…

Some of you are getting ready…. and some of you are ready.

I am doing the work for generations to come.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “The key to happiness, peace of mind, and high vibration is to be like a light bulb”

  1. Sophie, great stuff, so true. Thank you. I used to follow many gurus highly esteeming them. Now, thanks to you, I don’t. I haven’t for several months. I have peace and I am content. I am more myself and I don’t have to pretend and smile and appear to be a fake flower. I can see that the only knowledge is the one I lived thru and experienced myself. I love working on becoming a human being instead of being a nicely decorated puppet controlled by many. I might be moving slow but I am definitely moving and stuff I couldn’t see several months ago I see clearly now. Thank you for waking me up.

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